Chapter 329 Third Layer Alpha-Origin

The entire place exploded into an earth-shaking uproar the moment the half foot large Dragon Genesis Essence crystal appeared, the expressions on everyone’s faces becoming truly an amazing sight to behold.

Even Chosens like Kong Sheng and Ye Ge were affected.

A seven dragon baptism may not be much of a challenge to them, but the crystal Zhou Yuan had just taken out was clearly from a thousand feet aquatic beast!

As Chosens, no one knew better than them how difficult it was to find such a creature.

Once a thousand feet aquatic beast Dragon Genesis Essence crystal came into their possession, they would be able to use it as a primer of sorts that would raise a seven dragon baptism to the eight dragons level!

“How can he possibly have a thousand feet aquatic beast Dragon Genesis Essence crystal?!” Kong Sheng was unable to stop the words from leaving his mouth. He was no longer able to retain the impassiveness of his handsome face as disbelief flooded his eyes.

Beside him, Ye Ge’s mouth hung slightly open, a strange expression on his face.

For the past half a year, they had painstakingly tracked a thousand feet aquatic beast, only to end up losing it to Li Qingchan. Hence why their astonishment had reached the unmatched heights when they saw a thousand feet aquatic beast crystal appear in the hands of a gold sash disciple.

When had a thousand feet aquatic beast become so easy to find?

From how shocked the two Chosens were, one could naturally imagine how the hearts of the other disciples were akin to churning ocean.

Under the countless stunned gazes, Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath as he hands came together once again, and the half foot large crystal above him shattered with a bang.

Thick and pure Dragon Genesis Essence flowed downwards, pouring onto the ancient stone pillar as it was swiftly absorbed.


A thousand rays of light abruptly exploded from the pillar as all the Genesis Qi in the vicinity began to be sucked over at this moment, forming a seemingly boundless cloud that floated around Zhou Yuan.


At the same time, a thunderous dragon roar was heard once again. Everyone could only watch as another dragon silhouette slowly emerged from the stone pillar and circled around Zhou Yuan’s body.

It was the eighth dragon silhouette!

An eight dragon baptism!

All the disciples could not help but swallow at the sight of the eight dragon silhouettes coiling around Zhou Yuan’s figure. Although they had just seen Li Qingchan’s eight dragon baptism earlier, the former’s eight dragon baptism was even more shocking...

Li Qingchan was a Chosen after all, and many disciples felt it within expectation for her to achieve an eight dragon baptism. But Zhou Yuan… no one would have even dreamt of it!

They had previously been prepared to see the lowest level baptism in history, but in the blink of an eye, Zhou Yuan had sent a big slap across their cheek that nearly knocked them unconscious.

This was an eight dragon baptism!

Before today, it had been something senior brother Chu Qing alone had enjoyed, but now… Zhou Yuan had become the third disciple to obtain this glory.

It was something even the other eight Chosens had never tasted it before.

Moreover, Zhou Yuan had done it as a gold sash disciple, a feat that no one had ever achieved in the Cangxuan Sect’s history. After all, even the almighty Chu Qing had only managed to attain it after becoming a Chosen.

Although there was barely any significance in achieving it earlier or later in the grand scheme of things, it was hard for everyone to get over the shock it brought.

On one of the mountains, Lu Yan dazedly stared at the eight dragon silhouettes circling around Zhou Yuan, the expression on her pretty face rapidly fluctuating. This scene had likewise stirred giant waves in her heart.

Several disciples around her could not help but sigh. “Zhou Yuan is indeed quite the capable individual. Even in the history of our Cangxuan Sect, there has never been a gold sash disciple who has enjoyed an eight dragon baptism.”

“Yeah, even senior brother Chu Qing only accomplished it after becoming a Chosen…”

When she heard this, Lu Yan could not help but icily retort, “It’s only an eight dragon blessing, and doesn’t really mean anything because there’s absolutely no way that he managed to slay a thousand feet aquatic beast with his own strength. He must have gotten it through some other method.”

A thousand feet aquatic beast was an existence that was comparable to a ninth layer Alpha-Origin expert, and even purple sash disciples like them would only flee if they encountered one. How could a second layer Alpha-Origin like Zhou Yuan have possibly killed one?

The other disciples knew she was a die-hard fan of senior brother Chu Qing, and thus merely laughed it off without arguing. However, they understood in their hearts that obtaining an eight dragon baptism was an indicator of one’s ability and luck.

After all, hadn’t Chu Qing also relied on luck to become the first person in their generation to find a thousand feet aquatic beast?

Lu Yan naturally had an inkling of their thoughts from their expression, causing her to become a little frustrated inside. However, she knew that she would not be able to convince them otherwise, and could only cast a slightly peeved gaze at Zhou Yuan’s figure.

“This guy…”

Lu Yan gritted her teeth as her lips pulled outwards. She had to admit that Zhou Yuan’s feat of achieving an eight dragon baptism was still very astonishing.

“No wonder teacher Shen thinks so highly of him…” Zhou Tai sighed in amazement as he gazed upon the eight dragon silhouettes.

Beside him, Zhang Yan and gang still had slack-jawed faces. Zhou Tai’s six dragon baptism had already surpassed the former’s expectations earlier, and he would have never expected Zhou Yuan’s performance to be even more shocking...

At the sight of the eight dragon silhouettes, even Zhang Yan was unable to retort for a time. The only thing he did was resentfully withdraw his gaze.

Zhou Yuan paid no heed to everyone’s shocked gazes, his eyes and face burning with anticipation as he gazed at the eight dragon silhouettes 

“Eight dragon baptism, show me just how amazing you are.”

With a thought, the circling eight dragon silhouettes released a roar, before they charged downwards, bringing along boundless and pure Genesis Qi as they dived into his head.


The moment the first dragon silhouette arrived, Zhou Yuan felt heard a loud rumble in his head as boundless Genesis Qi began to wash over him like silver water, soaking every inch of his flesh and blood.

The Genesis Qi was exceptionally pure, and did not put up any resistance when it entered his body. With a thought from Zhou Yuan, the Genesis Qi began to circulate along his channels like a raging torrent.

Dragon silhouette after silhouette continued to enter his body.

The majestic Genesis Qi seemed to explode in his body, making even his skin dazzle radiantly. Genesis Qi was infused into his flesh, blood and bones, and began removing the impurities bit by bit.

Even more Genesis Qi flooded his Qi Dwelling, ultimately fusing with the Omni Python Qi there. Genesis Qi star after star was noiselessly created at a rate far greater than his usual training.

As Genesis Qi churned inside his Qi Dwelling, the Genesis Qi pressure from Zhou Yuan’s body began its steady climb...

What’s more, the golden Magical Python Scales started to emerge on the surface of his skin, and quietly began to absorb the dragon Qi contained within the Dragon Genesis Essence.

The Magical Python Scales came from the Omni Python Qi, and in a manner of speaking also shared certain ties with the dragon Qi from the Origin Dragon Vein...

As the golden scales absorbed the dragon Qi, they gradually began to change. The scales began to take on a faint azure hue, becoming less similar to the scales of a python, and instead growing to resemble that of a dragon!

While these changes were occurring to the scales, Zhou Yuan’s tightly shut eyes abruptly opened.


He could feel a rumbling noise spread from his Qi Dwelling.

The Genesis Qi pressure from his body seemed to breakthrough a certain bottleneck. 

A smile finally appeared on Zhou Yuan’s face. By borrowing the power of the Genesis Marrow Baptism, his desire was finally fulfilled.

“I’ve finally reached the third layer Alpha-Origin…” 

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