Chapter 328 The Meaning of Shock

Around the Genesis reservoir, countless gazes were cast over in amusement, ultimately converging on a certain peak where Zhou Yuan was currently standing.

According to the rules of the sect, only purple sash disciples had the qualifications to enter the Genesis reservoir to find Dragon Genesis Essence, and subsequently complete the baptism.

Zhou Yuan was only a gold sash disciple, but as the most recent champion of the peak selection ceremony, they had made an exception for him this once, and bestowed upon him the opportunity to participate in the current Genesis Marrow Baptism, an exception that most purple sash disciples did not really mind.

Because all of them clearly understood that entering the reservoir was the easy part. The true challenge lay in hunting the aquatic beasts inside, and obtaining Genesis Dragon Essence...

Numerous purple sash disciples had worked hard for the past ten days, and the majority of them had only managed to achieve four dragon baptisms. So what could a new disciples such as Zhou Yuan possibly accomplish in the Genesis reservoir?

It was likely that he may not have even gathered ten crystals. If so, even a two dragon baptism might be a little difficult...

Although it was not easy to hunt aquatic beasts, majority of the purple sash disciples were still able to achieve four dragon baptisms, and were very unlikely to end up with two dragon or three dragon baptisms. After all, every purple sash disciple had the strength of the sixth layer Alpha-Origin, and would not do any worse than a four dragon baptism no matter how bad they were.

Hence, when they imagined the possibility of a pitiful two dragon baptism from Zhou Yuan, they could not help but secretly snigger inside.

As seasoned disciples, they were naturally more than happy to see well-behaved new inner mountain disciples that did not challenge their dignity. Thus, if the individual known as number one amongst the new disciples were to perform badly, it would undoubtedly cause the other new disciples to behave a little better...

Numerous disciples watched with such thoughts in mind as Zhou Yuan stepped forward with a calm expression. Under the countless watching gazes, he landed on one of the ancient stone pillars on the baptism altar.

He could naturally feel the numerous gazes on him which were clearly waiting to be entertained. Although these disciples did not have any ill will towards him, they were obviously not supportive of him either.

He ignored the gazes of the crowd. The opinions of others did not matter to him after all, especially when what he needed was right about to be his.

“Go ahead start, and no need to feel stressed. It’s your first time here at the Genesis reservoir after all, and you will still have many chances in the future when you become a purple sash disciple.” Elder Miao looked towards Zhou Yuan. The former’s words were quite kind, perhaps because he had lent his aid to Li Qingchan.

Even so, Zhou Yuan could still tell that elder Miao did not believe he would achieve much.

His second layer Alpha-Origin stage strength was just far too glaring to everyone.

To travel with as one pleased in the Genesis reservoir, one’s strength needed to at least reach the sixth layer Alpha-Origin stage.

Zhou Yuan did not say anything in response, merely smiling with a nod. The only thing that would convince everyone was facts, and he would likely be treated as a joke no matter what he said.

As such, he patted the Universe bag at his waist with a cool expression.


In the next instant, Dragon Genesis Essence crystal after crystal flew out along with an explosion of light, while the surrounding Genesis Qi began to be drawn towards him...

As more and more Dragon Genesis Essence crystals gathered above Zhou Yuan’s head, the laughter in the area stealthily began to fade away, while the expressions of many disciples turned more and more rigid.

Zhou Yuan remained oblivious to them. With a jerk of his sleeve, hundreds of crystals swirled above him like a river of crystals.

The scope was not the least bit inferior to Li Qingchan from before.

Moreover, every crystal had been meticulously selected, making it an even more impressive sight!

The world around was deathly silent.

“How, how can this be… how can he have so many Dragon Genesis Essence crystals?!” The silence was finally broken by the trembling voice a disciple that was filled with disbelief.

No one knew the answer. All of them vigorously rubbed their eyes, as if the scene before them was some kind of illusion.

Bang! Bang!

In the silence, Zhou Yuan’s hands came together and all of the crystals above him exploded. Dragon Genesis Essence fell, landing on the stone pillar.

The surrounding Genesis Qi began to whizzed over, seemingly creating a thin mist.


As the runes on the pillar lit up, the familiar roar of a dragon rang out once again.

Next, everyone watched in astonishment as dragon silhouette after silhouette burst out from the pillar, circling around Zhou Yuan.

One… three… five… seven!

There were seven dragon silhouettes, a sight that made every disciple present inhale deeply.

A seven dragon baptism!

Back on the mountain Zhou Yuan had come from, several of his fellow disciples were stupefied, and even Zhang Yan had a blank look on his face.

“How is this possible?!” He croaked in a trembling voice. The scene before his eyes had truly shaken him to the core. No one would have even dreamt of Zhou Yuan achieving a seven dragon baptism!

How many aquatic beasts had he slayed in the Genesis reservoir?!

How had he done it?!

In contrast with Zhang Yan’s ugly expression, a slightly stunned smile was revealed on Zhou Tai face, evidently happy for this junior brother of his.

On another peak far away, Li Qingchan’s eyes seemed to ripple faintly. Although she had anticipated this long ago, she could not help but sigh when she saw it for real.

This guy was indeed quite capable.

“Interesting, achieving a seven dragon baptism after his first time in the Genesis reservoir. Looks like having someone else’s help really makes a difference.” Kong Sheng’s expression was indifferent as he gazed at the seven dragon silhouettes around Zhou Yuan.

A seven dragon baptism may shock the others, but it was ordinary to Chosens like them.

Moreover, he was not surprised at all, because he knew that Zhou Yuan had the powerful Yaoyao at his side, an individual who was not the least bit weaker than a Chosen. When one also took into account Li Qingchan’s help, a seven dragon baptism was not odd at all.

Ye Ge also nodded. He did not really have any complaints about Zhou Yuan, but did feel that he had received Yaoyao and Li Qingchan’s aid.

On another mountain, Lu Yan’s expression fluctuated rapidly as she stared at the seven dragon silhouettes, the disciples around her equally dumbstruck, and clearly substantially shocked.

Lu Yan could not help but mumble, “How did he obtain these Dragon Genesis Essence crystals?”

The strength of the second layer Alpha-Origin was obviously incapable of slaying so many aquatic beasts.

The other looked to each other, but no one had an answer.

Lu Yan’s face had turned a little red. Who could have expected Zhou Yuan to reach a seven dragon baptism in the blink of an eye, making her feel shame for her earlier gloating. 

She was still somewhat unable to accept the facts, and stubbornly said, “But even a seven dragon baptism is far from being able to compare to senior brother Chu Qing.”

The moment the words left her mouth, everyone saw Zhou Yuan seeme to ponder for a brief moment, before the Universe bag at his waist flashed.

A split second later, a half foot large crystal had appeared above his head.


The instant it appeared, the numerous disciples in the vicinity could not longer hold themselves back from gasping, “Thousand feet aquatic beast?!”

This time, even the nonchalantly watching Kong Sheng and Ye Ge trembled as disbelief flowed out in their eyes.

“How can this be?!”

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