Chapter 327 Six Dragons Zhou Tai

Ancient stone pillars stood on the baptism altar that was currently a beehive of activity, numerous figures landing on the pillars one after another.

After they landed on the altar, they impatiently began to retrieve their hard earned Dragon Genesis Essence crystals. The sounds of shattering crystals filled the area as the Dragon Genesis Essence flowed out and soaked into the ancient stone pillars...


Genesis Qi began to gather once again. Although none of them alone could match the impressive display by Li Qingchan earlier, they were an exceptionally spectacular sight together.


Loud roars filled the area as dragon silhouette after silhouette streamed out of the ancient stone pillars, and began circling around the numerous disciples atop them.

On the many mountains by the edge of the Genesis reservoir, countless disciples observed with curious eyes, gasps of amazement sounding from time to time.

Over all, most of the purple sash disciples only managed to achieve four dragon baptisms, and only a few of the more outstanding ones reached five dragon baptisms.

As for the six dragon level, a quick scan revealed a mere five!

While not a single seven dragons baptism could be seen!

After all, a seven dragon baptism was considered the mark of a Chosen, and was naturally a feat that ordinary disciples had great difficulty achieving.

On one of the stone pillars, Zhang Yan opened his eyes. Five dragon silhouettes circled around him, showing that he had reached a five dragon baptism.

This was a result that Zhang Yan felt rather satisfied with, because a five dragon baptism was already enough to prove that he was quite remarkable even amongst all the purple sash disciples in the entire Cangxuan Sect.

At the very least, he was undoubtedly more outstanding than the Zhou Tai, who was forever stuck at a four dragon baptism.

“After this baptism is over, I should be able to surpass Zhou Tai. It may perhaps be time for him to vacate his position as the first disciple.” Zhang Yan let out an icy chuckle. He was envious of Zhou Yuan due to the high expectations teacher Shen had of the former, while viewing Zhou Tai as an obstacle, and was constantly preparing to replace him.

Once Zhang Yan became the first disciple, even more disciples would view him as their leader. When that happened, if teacher Shen still decided to be overly supportive of Zhou Yuan, Zhang Yan would only have to object and garner support from numerous disciples. He believed that even teacher Shen would not choose to go against the majority.

While Zhang Yan was feeling pleased with himself, he suddenly felt a disturbance around him, seeing gaze after gaze turning towards the same direction.

He also raised his head, only to be stunned by the sight of six dragon silhouettes circling around a figure on a nearby stone pillar.

Six dragon baptism?

Envy flowed out in Zhang Yan’s eyes. A six dragon baptism was one of the dreams he had. Unfortunately, it had evaded his reach each time, because it required far too many Genesis Dragon Essence crystals.

“Normally speaking, only the chief disciples of each peak are able to reach a six dragon baptism. I wonder which peak this person belongs to.” Zhang Yan frowned, because he suddenly felt the figure to be quite familiar.

The six dragon silhouettes circling around the figure suddenly descended as they tunnelled into his head. Moments later, the figure opened his eyes and turned around, coincidentally meeting Zhang Yan’s gaze.

Zhang Yan’s pupils abruptly shrank as disbelief flooded his face.

“Zhou Tai?!”

“How can this be!”

He could not stop these words from leaving his mouth as his face turned ashen. He had never thought much of this eldest senior brother disciple of his. The latter was not as talented as himself and was also lacking in ambition, someone who tried to be on good terms with everyone else. Hence, Zhang Yan never really respected the former, the only thoughts he had was to replace this senior brother’s position once he grew stronger.

Over the years, Zhou Tai was only ever able to achieve a four dragon baptism each time, a result that always fell short of Zhang Yan’s own. Hence why he never imagined that Zhou Tai would actually reach a six dragon baptism this time.

One must know that basically only the chief disciples of each peak would achieve a six dragon baptism, people that even someone as capable as Zhang Yan felt he had no hopes of catching up to.

But how? How had Zhou Tai done it?!

Zhang Yan’s expression fluctuated indeterminately, his heart filled with anger, fear and alarm.

“How lucky was he in the Genesis reservoir?!” Zhang Yan gritted his teeth, a dark look in his eyes.

While Zhang Yan’s emotions were churning, many other disciples in the vicinity also discovered the six dragon silhouettes around Zhou Tai, and immediately gasped in surprise.

A six dragon baptism was just far too rare amongst the purple sash disciples, and was usually only reserved for those few chief disciples, a group that Zhou Tai was obviously not part of.

As such, they began to ask around, and soon found out his identity,

Astonishment filled their faces when they discovered Zhou Tai was from Shen Taiyuan’s faction of Saint Genesis Peak. After all, Saint Genesis Peak had basically reached rock bottom in the Cangxuan Sect, and no one really paid any attention to them. But now, Zhou Tai had basically become an overnight sensation. What kind of amazing luck did he have in the Genesis reservoir?

No matter what, Zhou Tai’s name was sure to spread today. When the other disciples in the Cangxuan Sect mentioned him in the future, they would know that there was a disciple under Shen Taiyuan of Saint Genesis Peak that achieved a six dragon baptism.

The baptism altar was abuzz with excitement, majority of the disciples wearing a satisfied look on their faces. It was clear that this baptism had allowed them to progress in their cultivation.

Elder Miao stood in the air. Upon seeing that everyone was done, she waved her hand and said, “Leave if you’re done.”

The numerous disciples hastily rose to their feet, and began leaving in succession after cupping their fists together towards her.

The baptism altar soon became empty again.

Zhou Tai returned with an excited look on his face, as several disciples approached to congratulate him.

“Humph, I did not expect senior brother Zhou Tai to be good at concealing your capabilities. I wonder how managed to obtain so many Dragon Genesis Essence crystals in the Genesis reservoir.” Zhang Yan’s expression was somewhat ugly as he returned. Zhou Tai truly performed splendidly this time, and drew numerous gazes towards him even till now. This made Zhang Yan rather jealous, and his words rather biting.

Zhou Tai knew that Zhang Yan was clearly unhappy, but could not be bothered with the latter. The former merely looked towards Zhou Yuan with a smile of gratitude.

Zhou Yuan returned the gesture with a smile of his own. Those Dragon Genesis Essence crystals had been his leftovers, and were of little use to himself. In contrast, they were extremely beneficial to Zhou Tai.

Zhang Yan grew even angrier when he realised he was being ignored by Zhou Tai. He followed the latter’s gaze and saw Zhou Yuan, causing him to smile superficially as he said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, it’s your turn next.”

“It wasn’t easy for senior brother Zhou Yuan to gain a little prestige for us, so don’t go throwing it all away later.”

Zhang Yan almost certain that Zhou Yuan had a hard time hunting even a single aquatic beast in the Genesis reservoir, and would at best achieve a three dragon baptism...

A baptism of that level was basically a waste of Dragon Genesis Essence.

Zhou Yuan mere swept a glance at Zhang Yan and chuckled softly.

At this moment, elder Miao spoke once again, “The purple sash disciples’ baptism is done, next…”

She paused, feeling somewhat ridiculous. The baptism should be over at this juncture, but there was an additional Zhou Yuan this time. As the only gold sash disciple to enter the Genesis reservoir, he was the last to have his turn.

She looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “It’s your turn, Zhou Yuan.”

Every gaze in the area converged towards this very spot, most of them filled with amusement. After all, what could a gold sash disciple possibly achieve in the Genesis reservoir?

On one of the mountains, Li Qingchan’s eyes opened, a sliver of interest within them as she looked towards the youthful figure far away.

Kong Sheng’s eyes were cold and indifferent. The corners of his lips curled slightly, clearly not the least bit concerned about Zhou Yuan.

In a location near Zhou Yuan and gang, Lu Yan smiled as she cast her gaze over, her voice somewhat gloating.

“Looks like we’ll be seeing the lowest level baptism in history…”

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