Chapter 326 Helping One Another

Clouds gathered in the sky above the Genesis reservoir.

Within the clouds, a seemingly endless amount of Genesis Qi continued to converge, as the booming roar of a dragon thundered, stirring the surrounding sky. It was an extremely spectacular sight.

Countless disciples watched this scene in envy and amazement. An eight dragon baptism… was something that was truly a little too far to them.

“Is this an eight dragon baptism? It’s magnificent indeed.” Zhou Yuan’s expression was also tinged with surprise as he watched. He could feel the tremendous amount of Genesis Qi contained within the clouds.

By the side, Zhou Tai nodded with a sigh. “I’ve heard that senior sister Li has reached the ninth layer Alpha-Origin stage long ago, and is currently accumulating Genesis Qi to eventually attack the Divine Dwelling stage. This eight dragon baptism will substantially supplement her foundational stockpile.”

Zhou Yuan gave a faint nod in response. By now, he was already aware that one needed to accumulate a gargantuan amount of Genesis Qi in order to ascend from the Alpha-Origin stage into the Divine Dwelling stage. The Divine Dwelling was the evolution of the Qi Dwelling, and since the Qi Dwelling was categorised into several ranks such as gold, purple, green and colorless, the Divine Dwelling naturally had its own classification.

The rank of a Divine Dwelling was decided by the Genesis Qi foundational stockpile one accumulated during the Alpha-Origin stage.

To be direct, the more Genesis Qi stars in one’s Qi Dwelling, the higher one’s Divine Dwelling rank would be, because it represented the quality and quantity of one’s Genesis Qi...

The more the Genesis Qi and the purer it was, the better the evolved Divine Dwelling.

Therefore, one’s Genesis Qi was the most important at the end of the day.

The Genesis Marrow Baptism could refine one’s Genesis Qi and expand one’s Qi Dwelling, making it an indispensable tool for improving one’s foundations. This was why even Chosens like Li Qingchan were extremely passionate about the Genesis Marrow Baptism.


Under countless envious gazes, the phenomenon above the altar lasted for an entire incense stick of time, before gradually fading.

When the clouds dispersed, everyone saw the lovely and proud figure standing on the stone pillar again, the aura spreading from her body even stronger than before.

It was clear that she had benefited greatly from the eight dragons baptism.

On a certain mountain peak, Kong Sheng’s impassive face twitched faintly when he saw this.

“Congratulations senior sister!”

Several of the Snow Lotus Peak disciples in the vicinity shouted their congratulations. Most of them were pretty girls, the sound of their clear voices immediately drawing numerous disciples over to also show their support, making the place quite bustling for a time.

However, Li Qingchan retained her ice mountain like appearance, merely giving a faint nod to these female disciples while ignoring the others.

Elder Miao looked at Li Qingchan in satisfaction. She could be said to be the face of their Snow Lotus Peak, and was their only Chosen for now. Though they had several other outstanding disciples, all of them were still a little lacking. Hence, elder Miao was more than happy to see Li Qingchan further strengthen her foundations.

Elder Miao was aware that Li Qingchan did not enjoy being under such attention and immediately said, “Qingchan, you are free to leave since your baptism is done.”

Li Qingchan fell silent for a brief moment, before cupping her fists together towards elder Miao. The former’s figure then flew off, but did not leave straight away, but instead landed on one of the mountains with many Snow Lotus Peak disciples.

Elder Miao was a little astonished. In the past, Li Qingchan had left immediately after her baptism was over, so why had she stayed behind today?

Though she was confused, elder Miao soon withdrew her thoughts as he gaze swept across the area once again, “Next, the purple sash disciples from the various peaks should begin to prepare themselves.”

Her words immediately caused the entire place to boil. After all, the purple sash disciples were actually the main participants in this event, but due to the rules, they had to wait till the Chosen level disciples baptisms were over before it came to their turn.

Things were even worse for Zhou Yuan. He had to wait till all of the purple sash disciples were finished before he could finally have a go...

However, he was not too anxious for his turn and decided to properly observe first.

Therefore, when numerous disciples from the mountains in the vicinity began to rise into the air and fly towards the altar, Zhou Yuan remained where his stood, interest filling his gaze.

Zhou Tai had to go participate too, and left some words of consolation for Zhou Yuan, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, we’ll be heading over first. Wait here for a while, your turn will be next.”

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded. As the first disciple under teacher Shen, Zhou Tai was a magnanimous individual that truly had the air of a big brother disciple.

Zhang Yan seemed to be unable to stand the sight of Zhou Tai taking care of Zhou Yuan. With a soft chuckle, the former said in a mocking manner, “Senior brother Zhou Tai, you really are too good of a person… but you should probably pay more attention to your own situation. You’ve been doing worse than me every Genesis Marrow Baptism, and at this rate, it will likely not be long before someone else takes over your position.” 

A few disciples that were close to Zhang Yan also laughed gloatingly. “The position of first disciples does suit senior brother Zhang Yan a little better.”

Anger appeared on Zhou Tai’s face. However, he was quite popular amongst the other disciples and several of them were unable to idly standby and immediately spoke up for him.

Disdain was revealed on Zhang Yan’s face. He merely waved his hand without responding as he led his posse off towards the baptism altar.

Although Zhou Tai was still a little miffed, he still spoke up to try and pacify the other disciples.

As Zhou Yuan watch, he suddenly asked, “Senior brother Zhou Tai, how many dragons can you reach this time?”

Zhou Tai chuckled bitterly and answered, “It’s going to be the same old four dragon baptism… I tried my best in the Genesis reservoir, but only managed to obtain a few dozen Dragon Genesis Essence crystals.”

He sighed as he shook his head. He knew that Zhang Yan should be achieving a five dragon baptism again.

Zhou Yuan fell silent for a moment, before pulling a confused Zhou Tai to the side.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan?”

Zhou Yuan smiled and patted his Universe bag. Several rather large Dragon Genesis Essence crystals instantly appeared in his hands, before he pushed them towards Zhou Tai and said, “Senior brother Zhou Tai, I’ve been wanting to thank you for your guidance and care for some time. Please take this as a little gift from me as your junior brother disciple.”

Zhou Tai was dumbstruck as he stared at the shining crystals. Every crystal was even larger than his hand, and were clearly from large aquatic beasts.

“This… this…”

Zhou Tai was a little overwhelmed, causing him to be dazed for a time. It took awhile for him to return to his senses as he hastily declined, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, this is too much…”

He pushed them towards Zhou Yuan. “With these crystals, you will definitely shine dazzlingly during this baptism. Giving them to me will be a waste. I am far less talented than you after all.”

However, Zhou Yuan refused all of the former’s reasoning. “If senior brother Zhou Tai does not want them, just throw them away.”

Zhou Tai hurriedly received them in a flustered manner, a bitter smile filling his face. In the end, he could only accept the gift.

“Thank you junior brother Zhou Yuan.” He looked towards Zhou Yuan with gratitude.

He had been giving advice and guidance to Zhou Yuan mostly because it was his duty as the first disciple. Moreover, teacher Shen thought very highly of Zhou Yuan, allowing Zhou Tai to understand that Zhou Yuan may perhaps become the central pillar of their faction, causing him to show extra care and concern for the former.

Zhou Tai never expected he would obtain such a return for his care.

Zhou Yuan grinned and waved his hand, “You should get going senior brother Zhou Tai.”

Zhou Tai nodded, before turning around to call out to several other disciples. Genesis Qi rose under their feet, bringing them towards the baptism altar. There was no longer a dispirited look on his face. Instead, it was filled with anticipation.

Zhou Yuan gazed at their figures, before turning to look at Zhang Yan as an icy smile emerged on his lips.

How could he not know that Zhang Yan was making things difficult for him at every juncture, and was likely jealous of the way teacher Shen treated him. Compared to the generous and sincere first disciple Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan was clearly too petty and narrow-hearted.

Zhou Yuan was not someone without a temper. Since you want to make things difficult for me, don’t blame me for doing something that you certainly won’t be happy about...

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