Chapter 325 Eight Dragons Appear Once More

An enormous ancient altar floated in the sky above the Genesis reservoir. Stone pillars stood upon it, covered in ancient patterns that gave off a boundless aura.

Elder Miao was standing in the air above the altar. As the current on-duty elder of Genesis reservoir, she was naturally overseeing the Genesis Marrow Baptism. There were also a few stewards behind her who were in charge of helping  maintain order.

On the numerous mountains surrounding the Genesis reservoir, countless figures were staring at the altar with burning eyes, eagerness filling their faces.

However, there were rules to follow. The higher ranked disciples were naturally going to have their turn first.

As such, a beautiful figure arrived from the air on her Genesis Qi right after the bell was heard. Under countless gazes of admiration, she landed on the giant stone pillar at the very center.

“It’s senior sister Li Qingchan!”

Li Qingchan was currently wearing a flowing white dress that outlined her exquisite figure and perfect curves. Her black hair seemed to dance in the wind, giving her an extraordinary aura that took everyone’s breath away.

However, her pretty face was still cold as ice, like a stern goddess of an icy mountain, an existence that no one dared to approach.

However, this did not affect her popularity. The moment she appeared, the eyes of countless male disciples in the area began to heat up, unconcealed adoration lighting up their faces.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched slightly. If these people were to see how she had chugged jar after jar of alcohol with Yaoyao last night, would the fantasy image of her in their hearts be destroyed?

Atop the stone pillar, Li Qingchan’s expression remained ice-cold, completely ignoring the countless gazes that were looking at her. Her eyes swept across the area, seemingly coming to a stop on a certain mountain peak.

It was where Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were located.

Elder Miao said to Qingchan with a happy face, “Get ready Qingchan.”

Li Qingchan gave a faint nod in response, before seating herself.

With a wave of her hand, numerous Dragon Genesis Essence crystals began flying out from her Universe bag, hovering around her. There were hundreds and hundreds of them, the total reaching an astonishing number.

Numerous disciples could not help but become somewhat excited by the sight, desire filling their eyes. So many Dragon Genesis Essence crystals was definitely enough to achieve a seven dragons baptism.

A baptism of that level was not something ordinary disciples could reach.

Bang! Bang!

The Genesis Qi around Li Qingchan suddenly shuddered as the astronomical number of Dragon Genesis Essence shattered all at once. Liquid like Dragon Genesis Essence fell, continuously dripping onto the stone pillar.

The Dragon Genesis Essence landed on the pillar, flowing along the ancient patterns adorning it...

Everyone watched as rays of light gradually began to emerge from the mottled stone as the surrounding Genesis Qi began to gather, and was absorbed into the pillar.


Dazzling light continued to shoot out from the stone pillar as the faint roar of a dragon echoed.

This lasted for about half an incense stick of time, before the light from the stone pavilion reached its peak. In the end, everyone watched as dragon silhouettes soared out from the mottled stone pillar into the sky, before returning to circle around Li Qingchan.

One… two… in the blink of an eye, there were a total of seven dragon silhouettes!

The Genesis Qi in the entire area seemed to converge towards Li Qingchan, forming a thousand feet wide storm of Genesis Qi...

“As expected, a seven dragons baptism!”

Numerous disciples gazed at the seven dragon silhouettes with desire. This was something they dreamt of obtaining.

However, amongst the uncontrollable disciples of the Cangxuan Sect, only the ten great Chosens were easily able to achieve such a feat. Other disciples, even the chief disciples of each peak, needed some luck to reach it.

“As expected of a Chosen. A seven dragon baptism is so easy for them.” On a certain mountain peak, Zhou Tai eyes were filled with envy and admiration. Each of the ten great Chosens owned a small area in the Genesis reservoir which was rich in aquatic beasts. Unlike other disciples like them who could only painstakingly run all over the place to search.

Zhou Yuan smiled when he heard this. “I feel senior sister Li will not stop at seven dragons this time…”

Zhou Tai was stunned. “Could senior sister Li be attempting an eight dragon baptism? That would require the Dragon Genesis Essence crystal of a thousand feet aquatic beast.”

By the side, Zhang Yan also cast a glance at Zhou Yuan and said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan should not spout such nonsense. You’re still too inexperienced and  it’s also your first time here at the Genesis reservoir. It’s only natural that you do not know how difficult it is to find and slay a thousand feet aquatic beast.”

“The only one to have succeeded over the years is senior brother Chu Qing. All nine of the other Chosens have tried all means and methods but were ultimately unable to achieve an eight dragon baptism.”

His meaning was clear. He was rebuking Zhou Yuan for spouting nonsense, and not understanding the difficulty of an eight dragons baptism.

Zhou Yuan was naturally able to discern the hidden mockery within the former’s words, but mere smiled in response. He ignored Zhang Yan and lifted his head to look in Li Qingchan’s direction.

This attitude gave Zhang Yan the impression that Zhou Yuan understood he was wrong, making the former feel slightly pleased.

However, the pleased look on his face did not last for long, before countless gasps and yelps suddenly shook the area as gaze after gaze looked towards the altar in shock.

Zhang Yan was also affected, hurriedly raising his head to look as the expression on his face soon turned rigid.

Li Qingchan waved her hand as a half foot large Dragon Genesis Essence crystal slowly pulsed with energy. One could just barely make out the silhouette of a dragon within the flowing essence within it.

“That is… that is a thousand feet aquatic beast Dragon Genesis Essence crystal?!” Countless cries of surprise rang out across the area.

No one had expected Li Qingchan to have the Dragon Genesis Essence crystal of a thousand feet aquatic beast. Didn’t this mean that she was going to attempt an eight dragon baptism today?!

This was something that only Chu Qing had achieved in the past.

“Senior sister Li truly amazing. I can’t believe managed to obtain a thousand feet aquatic beast Dragon Genesis Essence crystal without anyone knowing!”

“Didn’t Kong Sheng and Ye Ge also enter the Genesis reservoir previously? They must have gone to compete for the thousand feet aquatic beast. But they’re no longer anywhere to be found, could they have lost to senior sister Li?”

“Heh heh, it seems that everyone has underestimated senior sister Li. Who knows, senior brother Kong Sheng and senior sister Li’s rankings amongst the ten great Chosens might change in the near future.”


The eyes of the numerous whispering disciples were filled with admiration, unable to stop the endless string of praises for Li Qingchan.

Although there were several Sword Cometh Peak disciples that strongly supported Kong Sheng, they were after all too few in number, and their objections were swiftly overwhelmed by the crowd.

Surprise was also revealed on the faces of Lu Yan and the rest. She gazed at Li Qingchan’s figure and mumbled, “I can’t believe that Li Qingchan is so formidable that even Kong Sheng and Ye Ge lost to her.”

Li Qingchan was about to reach an eight dragon baptism, an act that would destroy Chu Qing’s sole dominance over this achievement. As Chu Qing die-hard supporter, Lu Yan naturally felt somewhat regretful, but it was still ultimately an outcome she could accept. After all, Li Qingchan was the third ranked Chosen.

While countless gazes were shocked, Kong Sheng, dressed in black, stood with his hands behind his back on one of the mountain peaks. His face was somewhat frosty as he watched the altar in the sky, while his hands involuntarily clenched.

Beside him, Ye Ge sighed and said, “I did not expect that senior sister Li will ultimately beat us to it.”

Kong Sheng was expressionless. His gaze suddenly turned towards a certain mountain in the distance where Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao’s figures could be seen. As the former gazed at the two of them, his expression could not help but turn a little colder.

If not for the interference of these two, how could the Dragon Genesis Essence crystal have ended up in Li Qingchan’s hands.

Li Qingchan paid no attention to the uproar the appearance of the thousand feet aquatic beast Dragon Genesis Essence crystal had caused. Her hand suddenly clenched as the crystal shattered, the Dragon Genesis Essence within it flowing down onto the stone pillar.


A dazzling radiance immediately exploded.

It was followed by the low roar of a dragon. Everyone watched in excitement as another dragon silhouette emerged from the stone pillar and coiled around Li Qingchan.

Eight dragons!

The entire place exploded into noise!

Li Qingchan’s slightly lifted her eyes, gazing at the eight dragon silhouettes as she sighed faintly. Soon after, she ceased hesitating and took in a deep breath.


Eight dragon silhouettes roared as they began to descend one after another, pouring into Li Qingchan’s head.


Genesis Qi churned around her, forming a seemingly endless mist that gradually enveloped Li Qingchan’s figure.

However, Genesis Qi undulations continued to pulse from it, rippling through the world around her.

After such a long time, an eight dragon baptism had finally appeared again in the sky above the Genesis reservoir.

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