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The surface of the reservoir broke open.

A figure on golden Genesis Qi shot out, an enormous thousand feet long aquatic beast right on his heels, its greedy eyes glued to Zhou Yuan’s figure.

Behind the thousand feet aquatic beast were numerous other aquatic beasts of various sizes.

On Zhou Yuan’s shoulder, Tuntun barked at the swarm of aquatic beasts behind, as if feeling that being chased was a humiliation, and was clearly itching to rumble with them.

“Don’t be rash!”

Zhou Yuan hurriedly stopped Tuntun. If they did not first trap the thousand feet aquatic beast, even if they ended up defeating it, it could escape into the water, and be nearly impossible to chase.

Although Tuntun was somewhat unhappy that he had been stopped, it eventually quietened down.

Only then did Zhou Yuan breathe a small sigh of relief. With a backward glance towards the pursuing aquatic beasts, the golden Genesis Qi below his feet abruptly sped up.


“There’s still no movement from the Genesis reservoir.” In the stone pavilion atop the cliff, Li Qingchan gazed at the rippleless surface of the water, before turning to Yaoyao in a doubtful manner. The latter had asked her to prepare, but she had yet to detect anything out of the ordinary till now.

However, Yaoyao paid no heed to the former’s doubtful look, and began drawing in the air with her jade Genesis Rune Brush. Rune after rune took shape and flew out, submerging themselves into the water.

Li Qingchan crossed her arms across her chest and grumpily said, “Let me see what kind of nonsense you guys are up to.”


The instant her words sounded, however, berserk undulations suddenly exploded from the reservoir, causing the originally calm water to boil.

This turn of events startled Li Qingchan. Only now did she sense the activity in the depths of the reservoir. As Genesis Qi circulated in her eyes, she saw Zhou Yuan rapidly approaching, a black mass of aquatic beasts right behind him.

“So many?!” Li Qingchan’s expression changed slightly, disbelief in her eyes. Especially when she saw the thousand feet aquatic beast at the front of the pack, causing her usually frosty face to fill with emotion.

“He has actually found a thousand feet aquatic beast?!”

By now, even someone like Li Qingchan was unable to keep her cool. She knew just how difficult it was to find a thousand feet aquatic beast. It had taken them more than half a year to even discover any traces of one.

And yet, Zhou Yuan had managed to discover one after a few short days in the reservoir. How could this not shock her?

“What exactly did he do? Why do these aquatic beasts appear as if they can’t wait to eat him…” Li Qingchan was dumbstruck. She had also seen the crazed appearances of the aquatic beasts.


While she was stunned, the surface of the water broke apart as Zhou Yuan soared into the sky.

“Do it big sis Yaoyao!” Shouted Zhou Yuan.

The water was torn open behind him as the thousand feet aquatic beast and numerous others shot out, their giant mouths lunging at Zhou Yuan along with powerful Genesis Qi undulations.

In the stone pavilion, the Genesis Rune brush in Yaoyao’s hand pointed in the air as ripples seem to spread from its tip.

In the water, countless ancient runes began to glow, erupting into a dazzling radiance a split second later that swiftly began to spread.

In the short span of a dozen breaths, an enormous ball of light had appeared on the surface of the reservoir, half of it submerged in the water.

Inside the ball was the thousand feet aquatic beast.

The ball was covered in runes that continuously absorbed the surrounding Genesis Qi. The seemingly thin film of light was actually extremely sturdy. In addition, the ball was spinning, making the thousand feet aquatic beast ultimately unable to approach its sides to break free...

This was obviously the Genesis Rune boundary Yaoyao had set-up.

It was clearly far more refined than the water prison boundary Ye Ge had set-up previously.

The boundary was no obstruction to Zhou Yuan, allowing him to pass through freely. He stood in the air on his Genesis Qi and looked at the other aquatic beasts that were madly attacking the boundary.

“You can go ahead now, we’ll be handling them to you.” He nudged his shoulder and pointed at the innumerable aquatic beasts.

Tuntun was already at the limits of its patience. It immediately roared the moment it heard Zhou Yuan’s words and transformed into its combat state. It charged into the reservoir, straight into the pack of countless aquatic beasts and began to wreak havoc and destruction.

Zhou Yuan did not pay any further attention to it, his body moving and landing on a cliff.

Yaoyao and Li Qingchan also arrived at the same spot at this moment. The latter’s eyes were tightly glued to Zhou Yuan, as if seeing something inconceivable.

“How did you do it?” Li Qingchan could not help but ask.

A thousand feet aquatic beast was far too rare, while also being almost impossible to find. If not, Chu Qing would not have been the only one to successfully hunt one and obtain an eight dragon baptism after so many years.

However, this problem seemed to be non existent to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan grinned as he shrugged. He was naturally not going to divulge the details to her. After all, if this matter were to spread, the other Chosens would likely turn their attention to him.

Li Qingchan understood that a little inappropriate of her, knowing that this was Zhou Yuan’s secret and this did not probe any further. However, it was hard to stop amazement from appearing in her eyes when she looked towards him.

Zhou Yuan was clearly only an ordinary gold sash disciple, but he was able to repeatedly surpass her expectations. It was as if there were numerous secrets hidden under his youthful face.

She did not know why, but she had a feeling that though Zhou Yuan was currently a gold sash disciple, he would become an influential figure in the Cangxuan Sect in the future. In fact, it may not be long before he too would have a place amongst the ten great Chosens...

While such thoughts swirled in Li Qingchan’s head, Zhou Yuan pointed towards the thousand feet aquatic beast that was now trapped in the giant light screen and said with a smile, “Senior sister Li Qingchan, it’s time for you to hold up your end of the bargain.”

The two had agreed that Zhou Yuan would be in charge of finding the thousand feet aquatic beast, while Li Qingchan would handle the task of slaying it.

“I will naturally fulfill my promise.” Said Li Qingchan.

Although dealing with a thousand feet aquatic beast was not going to be easy, she did not show even the slightest hint of dissatisfaction. Her foot pushed off the ground as a lotus appeared below her feet, carrying her into the air and flying into the light screen.


After she entered, an earth-shaking battle immediately erupted. Even with the boundary, the aftershocks of the fight caused cracks to grow on the nearby mountains.

Zhou Yuan took a quick look, and cast away his worries with a nod, before returning to the stone pavilion with Yaoyao.

Although the thousand feet aquatic beast had strength that could match the ninth layer Alpha-Origin stage, it ultimately had limited ways to attack and could not compete with a Chosen like Li Qingchan. Therefore, there was no need for Zhou Yuan to worry.

Of course, it was definitely not going to be easy either for Li Qingchan to finish off the aquatic beast.

There was a sort of charm to the scene of the two of them sampling alcohol in the stone pavilion as they watched the intense battle in the reservoir.

The earth-shaking battle lasted for an entire incense stick of time.


A figure flew over, landing outside the stone pavilion. That graceful posture could only belong to the frosty Li Qingchan.

A half foot large Dragon Genesis Essence crystal hovered in front of her. Li Qingchan’s complexion was currently a little pale, while the Genesis Qi undulations around her had weakened somewhat, signs that she had just experienced a pretty tough battle.

When she saw Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao leisurely drinking alcohol in the stone pavilion, her hands could not help but clench tightly as a breath of anger rose in her heart, causing her bosom to heave slightly.

While she was desperately fighting in the reservoir, these two were happily watching while drinking here!

“Take it and scram!” Rage churning in her heart, Li Qingchan waved her sleeve and the crystal was ruthlessly flung at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan hastily caught it and said with a smile, “As expected of a Chosen like senior sister Li, even a thousand feet aquatic beast is no problem for you.”

Li Qingchan coldly snorted. “Neither us owes the other anything from now onwards!”

Zhou Yuan knew she was in a bad mood and said, “How about we have a cup or two in celebration of senior sister Li’s eight dragon baptism tomorrow?”

LI Qingchan was immediately going to reject. She was someone who focused on a cultivation and had no interest in drinking.

However, before she could respond, Yaoyao toyed with her cup and lazily said, “With me here, how can she possibly dare to share a drink at the same table?”

“What a joke!”

Li Qingchan’s eyes turned round. She refused to give even an inch in front of Yaoyao, so how could she possibly take this lying down. Li Qingchan immediately walked into the stone pavilion, snatched up the cup on the table and poured it down her throat in a single gulp.


Li Qingchan caughed when the alcohol hit her stomach.

Zhou Yuan was dumbstruck, unable to stop himself from saying, “That’s my cup…”

However, Li Qingchan’s cold gaze swiftly shot over, causing him to swallow the words that were at the tip of his tongue. Even so, Li Qingchan’s gaze somehow appeared both embarrassed and angry.

A flush rose on her pretty fair as jade face.


Li Qingchan slammed the cup onto the table as her icy gaze turned towards Yaoyao.

Yaoyao lips curled slightly, giving a light tap to the table as she said, “Good, you’re finally beginning to resemble a Chosen. However, you dare to sit at the same table as me with so little alcohol capacity?”

With a wave of her hand, jar after jar of alcohol appeared beside her.

The sight of this caused Li Qingchan’s face to turn white, but it was impossible to make her lower her head and admit defeat in front of Yaoyao. The former gritted her teeth and said, “Do you think that I’m afraid of you!?!”

She grabbed one of the jars, breaking its seal as she heroically began to gulp it down.

Yaoyao naturally also took one of the jars, elegantly raising her fair neck slightly as she too began to chug it down.

By the side, Zhou Yuan could not help but be stupefied by the sight of the two now red-faced girls downing the jars in their hands.

If a scene like this were to land in the eyes of the other disciples, their eyes would likely be shocked out of their sockets… Who could have imagined the normally cold as an ice mountain senior sister Li Qingchan to have such a side to her...

He shook his head, paying no more attention to the two girls as he reached a hand to caress his Universe bag. The thousand feet Dragon Genesis Essence crystal was finally in the bag.

A smile grew from the corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth as anticipation flooded his eyes.

The Genesis reservoir will close tomorrow, and the baptism will arrive.

An eight dragon baptism...

I’m really looking forward to it.

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