Chapter 322 Bait

A certain area in the Genesis reservoir.

Giant mountains akin to pillars that held up the heavens separated the reservoir, forming a lush green valley. The valley was enveloped in mist, making it appear clean and untouched.

In a stone pavilion atop one of the cliffs.

Yaoyao sat on a mat, holding a jade pot in her hand as she poured herself a drink, painting a perfect picture of leisure and relaxation.

Her fine black hair gracefully hung from her head, a faint blush on her glossy skin due to the alcohol, adding a few points more to her already perfect face. Several of the female disciples in the vicinity of the pavilion could not help but sneak a glance, their eyes filled with amazement. This was probably the first time they had seen someone who was not the least bit inferior to Li Qingchan in terms of looks.

Opposite Yaoyao sat Li Qingchan sat with a straight posture. Her clothes wrapped around her alluring curves, displaying her enchanting figure. She swept a glance at the mist covered waters in the distance and said, “You’re quite relaxed. The Genesis reservoir will close tomorrow, but there’s still no signs of a thousand feet aquatic beast.”

This was Li Qingchan’s personal territory, which she had brought Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao to after coming to an agreement back then.

Zhou Yuan spent the subsequent days searching for any signs of a thousand feet aquatic beast in the Genesis reservoir. However, there had been no results after several days.

The ten day limit was just around the corner, and if Zhou Yuan was still unable to find a thousand feet aquatic beast, his Genesis Marrow Baptism would be stuck at the seven dragons level.

Although a seven dragons baptism was already a dream for many disciples, with the exception of the ten Chosens, Zhou Yuan’s ambitions were not so small. If not, he would not be working so hard to find a thousand feet aquatic beast.

“It’s his choice. He bears the responsibility regardless of success or failure.” Yaoyao’s voice was clear and pleasant to the ear. She glanced at Li Qingchan and unhurriedly said, “You on the other hand has received such a huge favor from him, but have not given him much help.”

Li Qingchan calmly replied, “I’ve promised to help him find it in the future if he fails this time, and I won’t stop until I return him a thousand feet Dragon Genesis Essence crystal.”

Yaoyao gently swirled the cup in her hand as she said in a drawn out manner, “I’m just worried that someone will conveniently forget about it after obtaining an eight dragons baptism.”

“Thoughts of a lowly person!” Li Qingchan coldly snorted.

Outside the stone pavilion, the other female disciples were secretly alarmed by the seemingly calm yet gunpowder laced exchange of words between the two girls. Who exactly was this unbelievably pretty girl. It was hard to believe that she dared to speak in such a manner to eldest senior sister.

Moreover, from eldest senior sister’s appearance, she seemed to be quite wary of this beautiful girl.


While the two girls were bickering, a figure zoomed past the depths of the Genesis reservoir on golden Genesis Qi, heading towards the deeper parts.

It was Zhou Yuan.

“The Genesis reservoir is closing tomorrow. If I’m still unable to find a thousand feet aquatic beast, I will be stuck with a seven dragons baptism.” Zhou Yuan’s gaze faintly flickered in thought as he continued to search in the reservoir.

Although a seven dragon baptism was already very stunning, since he had a chance to bring it a step further, he would naturally chase after perfection.

After all, he was still not a purple sash disciple, and it would be a long time before he got the opportunity to enter the Genesis reservoir again.

“Looks like it’s not going to work out unless I take drastic measures.”

Zhou Yuan frowned as he contemplated something, before tapping Tuntun on his shoulder. “Ordinary methods aren’t going to draw out a thousand feet aquatic beast. I plan on taking the role of bait, but it would surely attract a tremendous number of aquatic beasts. Can you help protect me?”

Tuntun snorted in a pleased manner, before slowly extending a claw, indicating a split of eight to two.

It was asking for an eighty percent share of the Dragon Genesis Essence crystals.

Zhou Yuan clenched his jaw as he glared at the exploitative little creature, but ultimately nodded his head in agreement. He no longer needed any ordinary Dragon Genesis Essence crystals. Only a thousand feet Dragon Genesis Essence crystal will work as a primer of sorts to raise him to the eight dragons level.

After coming to an agreement, Zhou Yuan crossed his legs and sat down in the water. With a deep breath, a resolved look flashed in his eyes as the Omni Python Qi in his Qi Dwelling erupted without reservation at this moment.


The low rumble of a dragon roar echoed, causing the water to ripple violently. Golden Genesis Qi whizzed out from the top of Zhou Yuan’s head, like a several hundred feet tall golden pillar of light that pierced the reservoir.

An enormous golden python was faintly discernible within the golden pillar, faint dragon claws appearing near its belly, while golden lumps rose on its head, like growing dragon horns.

The Omni Python Qi unfurled, causing a huge disturbance in the depths of the reservoir.

The waters churned violently as titanic translucent figures began to arrive from all over, swiftly enclosing around the area Zhou Yuan was located.

Their numbers were extremely astonishing.

Zhou Yuan had been suppressing his Genesis Qi in the reservoir ever since learning that it would attract aquatic beasts, so as to prevent drawing unnecessary attention. But now, he had no choice but to go all out in order to play his part as bait.

However, it would put him in a perilous situation. He would surely be seriously injured if Tuntun failed to protect him.

For the sake of the thousand feet aquatic beast, he could only risk it on this gamble.

*Stomach rumbling*!

The reservoir waters rippled as countless aquatic beasts surged towards him, giant eyes filled with greed and desire as they locked onto Zhou Yuan.


Tuntun jumped off Zhou Yuan’s shoulder as its body rapidly began to grow. It transformed into its imposing battle form as berserk Genesis Qi swept outwards like a storm.

A terrifying pressure accompanied it, like the king of beasts.

The pressure unfurled, suppressing the countless aquatic beasts. They stirred restlessly, not dare to advance for a time.

However, as larger and larger aquatic beasts appeared, the desire for Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi gradually won over their fear towards Tuntun. In the end, one of the enormous aquatic beasts roared as they swarmed towards the two.


Anger flashed in Tuntun’s eyes, as if feeling its kingly dignity was being challenged. With a roar, its large mouth opened as black balls shot out one after another.

Suction force spread wherever the black balls passed, destroying aquatic beast after beast.

The battle erupted, berserk blast after blast of Genesis Qi shaking the depths of the Genesis reservoir.


In the stone pavilion atop the cliff.

Yaoyao’s hand suddenly paused, her clear eyes looking towards the reservoir. Her crescent moon like eyebrows raised slightly as she mumbled to herself, “How reckless of him.”

Li Qingchan looked towards the former and curiously asked,  “What is it?”

Yaoyao put down the jade pot, elegantly raising her cups to her lips to take a small sip, before she nonchalantly said, “Get ready.”

Li Qingchan was taken aback, and hurriedly asked, “What do you mean? Has Zhou Yuan found a thousand feet aquatic beast?”

There was some disbelief in her voice. After all, she clearly understood just how difficult it was to find one. Even till now, she was under the impression that Zhou Yuan was trying to show off and would not really be able to find a thousand feet aquatic beast.

However, Yaoyao did not reply, merely lightly tapping her cup with her long slender fingers, causing faint but clear sounds to be emitted.


In the depths of the reservoir.

The battle was exceptionally brutal. Tuntun guarded the area within a few dozen feet of Zhou Yuan, its body transforming into numerous after images as it tore through all of the aquatic beasts that entered this zone.

As for Zhou Yuan, he silently sat in the center of the battlefield without moving.

Until a certain moment.

He suddenly opened his eyes and looked towards a certain direction where an enormous thousand feet long object was cutting through the water, its giant shadow looming as it rapidly approached.

It was a thousand feet aquatic beast at full power!

Zhou Yuan immediately stood up and shouted, “Tuntun, we’re leaving!”

There was no hesitation whatsoever as he turned around and shot away.

To slay the thousand feet aquatic beast, he would first have to trap it, because no one would be able to stop it from escaping.

Tuntun immediately followed, its body shrinking as it hopped onto his shoulder.

Man and beast swiftly fled.

Behind them, the thousand feet aquatic beast roared, its greedy eyes locking onto Zhou Yuan. Though its body was huge, it relentless gave chase at an astonishing speed.

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