Chapter 321 Offended

Peace completely returned to the surface of the reservoir in the wake of Kong Sheng and Ye Ge’s departure. Any signs of the earlier battle were also washed away by the water.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes faintly flickered for a moment as he gazed at Kong Sheng’s back. Although Zhou Yuan had not wanted things to become so sour between himself and a Chosen, things had not turned out as he wished.

Moreover, Kong Sheng may have appeared friendly when they talked earlier, but there was a faint trace of superiority in his voice.

It was clear that Kong Sheng looked down on Zhou Yuan somewhat, and if not for the Dragon Genesis Essence crystal, the former would not have ‘lowered’ himself to speak to the latter

One was after all a Chosen, while the other was a mere gold sash disciple.

The disparity in their status was far too great.

However, Zhou Yuan merely laughed it off, not feeling humiliated by this treatment. It was true that Kong Sheng currently had the qualifications to be prideful.

The main reason for this was because Zhou Yuan was weak, but he had time, and believed that Kong Sheng’s attitude will naturally change when Zhou Yuan one day stood amongst the ranks of the Chosens.

To be treated as an equal, one naturally needed to work hard.

Of course, the problem now was that although Zhou Yuan did not mind Kong Sheng’s arrogant attitude, the latter rather minded the fact that Zhou Yuan had rejected the offer...

In Kong Sheng’s eyes, Zhou Yuan likely did not have the right to reject him.

“How troublesome…”

Zhou Yuan helplessly stuck out his lower lip. There was already an agreement between him and Li Qingchan, and would naturally not renegade on it for Kong Sheng or he would only end up offending Li Qingchan for no good reason.

After all, unintentionally trespassing into Li Qingchan’s personal hot spring had already angered her. If he were to also go back on his word, he would likely be banished into the abyss in the heart of the number one beauty of the Cangxuan Sect.

Moreover, Li Qingchan and Kong Sheng were both Chosens, so no matter how one looked at it, Zhou Yuan could not possibly offend Li Qingchan because of Kong Sheng.

Never offend a woman.

Especially one that was so pretty.

While Zhou Yuan was lamenting in his heart, a fragrance suddenly drifted over from the side. He turned his head, to find that Li Qingchan had arrived beside him, a strange look in her usually cold as an ice mountain eyes.

Li Qingchan nonchalantly asked, “You dare to reject even Kong Sheng?”

Zhou Yuan sighed. “If I don’t offend him, I’ll be offending you. Do I have a choice?”

Li Qingchan’s eyebrows raised slightly. “Are you saying that I’m scarier than Kong Sheng in your eyes?”

Zhou Yuan stretched his back and chuckled. “I only feel that it will be much easier to better my relationship with you than him. He doesn’t seem to think much of me, so it likely won’t mean much to him even if I did give him the Dragon Genesis Essence crystal.”

Li Qingchan glanced at Zhou Yuan in astonishment, not expecting him to have such a clear view of the situation. It seems that she had still underestimated him somewhat.

“Since I’ve offended Kong Sheng because of you, you’ll have to support me in future.” Teased Zhou Yuan.

It was suppose to be a joke, but Li Qingchan gave a slight nod in response and earnestly declared, “If he does cause trouble for you, feel free to find me at Snow Lotus Peak.”

Although she was still somewhat unable to get over the fact that Zhou Yuan barged in while she was in the hot spring, Li Qingchan agreed that Zhou Yuan had offended Kong Sheng because of her, and felt responsible for this matter.

“Eh…” Zhou Yuan was taken aback, clearly not expecting such an earnest reply from Li Qingchan.

However, Li Qingchan’s gaze quickly shifted towards Yaoyao and said, “But I feel that with her at your side, Kong Sheng will be pretty powerless to do anything to you.”

Yaoyao lazily said, “From the earlier exchange, the Chosens of Cangxuan Sect are indeed quite disappointing.”

Li Qingchan’s frowned a little. Yaoyao’s words were clearly belittling all of the Chosens, including herself.

Li Qingchan icily said, “Shameless boasting.”

Yaoyao’s clear, empty eyes paused on Li Qingchan’s lovely figure as she said in a slightly interested voice, “Try me if you don’t believe my words.”

“I’ll happily take up that challenge.” Li Qingchan immediately responded. She was a proud person after all.

Since Kong Sheng had already been dealt with, the two girls seemed to be about to butt heads again.

Zhou Yuan’s head ached. How could not see that Yaoyao was intentionally provoking Li Qingchan. Though she was usually rather distant and unfriendly to others, she immediately responded to all of Yaoyao’s provocations.

Afraid that the two girls would come to blows again, Zhou Yuan hastily threw the Dragon Genesis Essence crystal to Li Qingchan.

Li Qingchan hurriedly caught it, glaring at Zhou Yuan as she said, “According to our agreement, you two should get half of the crystal.”

As she spoke, she moved to cut it open.

However, Zhou Yuan waved his hand to step her as he said, “The amount of Dragon Genesis Essence I currently have is enough for me to achieve a seven dragons baptism, I believe you should be in the same situation, right?”

Although Li Qingchan was aware that Zhou Yuan had quite a number of Dragon Genesis Essence crystals, she could not help but be somewhat shocked when she heard he could reach a seven dragons baptism. After all, she clearly understood just how difficult it was to gather these crystals. In the entire Cangxuan Sect, only Chosens like her who owned territory in the Genesis reservoir would be able to achieve a seven dragons baptism.

And yet, a mere gold sash disciple had also achieved this.

Even if he had a helper at his side that did not lose to a Chosen like Yaoyao, without his own personal territory, finding so many aquatic beasts in this vast reservoir was incredibly difficult.

While confusion flashed in her head, Li Qingchan nodded.

“Since both of us are already at the seven dragons baptism, the thousand feet aquatic beast Dragon Genesis Essence crystal will enable either one of us to reach the eight dragons baptism. But if split, it will only be akin to a useless ornament that will result in neither of us reaching eight dragons.” Explained Zhou Yuan with a smile.

Li Qingchan naturally already understood this. Her eyes flowed in thought, not batting an eyelid as she secretly wondered if Zhou Yuan was trying to come up with some kind of excuse for him to take the entire crystal.

“What are your intentions?”

Zhou Yuan chuckled. “You can have the entire Dragon Genesis Essence crystal.”

Surprised immediately appeared on Li Qingchan’s face. Soon after, she warily stared at Zhou Yuan and asked, “So generous?”

The Dragon Genesis Essence crystal of a thousand feet aquatic beast was something that even the ten great Chosens would fight over. Was Zhou Yuan really willing to give it to her? Did he have some kind of ulterior motive?

Zhou Yuan could not help but laugh bitterly in response. “Of course I’m not giving it to you for free. My condition is that you give us permission to enter your territory in the Genesis reservoir where I will find a second thousand feet aquatic beast. When it's found, you will be responsible for slaying it.”

Half a thousand feet aquatic beast Dragon Genesis Essence crystal was indeed incapable of allowing Zhou Yuan to reach an eight dragon baptism. Hence, why not give it to Li Qingchan in return for a favor.”

It was said the Chosens personal territory was abundant with aquatic beasts. Since Zhou Yuan had the ability to search in the reservoir for prolonged periods, he could attempt to find a second thousand feet aquatic beast.

In the Genesis reservoir, he had even more of an advantage than these Chosens.

Therefore, just because the Chosens failed to find any did not mean that he would not succeed.

Li Qingchan’s mouth opened slightly and closed in succession, clearly not expecting Zhou Yuan to propose such conditions. She was clearly the one who was taking advantage.

“Thousand feet aquatic beasts hide themselves in the deepest parts of the reservoir. If they were so easily found, Kong Sheng would not have tried so hard to snatch it from me.”

“I will deal with how to find it.” Zhou Yuan waved his hand.

“Will you accept my suggestion?”

The iciness in Li Qingchan's eyes had receded substantially. After a brief hesitation, she eventually gritted her teeth and said, “Deal. However, I dislike taking advantage of you. Even if you fail to find a second thousand feet aquatic beast, I will continue to help you search until we find one!”

“Take it as repayment for your thousand feet aquatic beast Dragon Genesis Essence crystal.”

Zhou Yuan glanced at her in surprise, unable to stop himself from chuckling. Although Li Qingchan was very cold and proud, she understood how to repay kindness with grace.

“Alright then.” Hence, he nodded with a grin.

Li Qingchan breathed a small sigh of relief as her gaze swept across Zhou Yuan. This guy did not seem as loathsome as before.

In addition, now that she had pretty much thrown away her prejudice, she was now seeing Zhou Yuan a completely different light. The many things that happened today were enough proof that this new inner mountain disciple seemed to be pretty extraordinary.

Whether it was modifying Ye Ge’s Genesis Rune boundary to slay the thousand feet aquatic beast, or the confidence to face Kong Sheng without bowing.

“This guy…”

Li Qingchan’s pursed her lips slightly, some bewilderment in her eyes.

“Is he really able to find another thousand feet aquatic beast?”

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