Chapter 320 Success

The intense battle on the surface of the reservoir quietly came to an end, and peace returned to the area.

While Li Qingchan stared at the depths of the Genesis reservoir in disbelief, Kong Sheng also seemed to sense something, and immediately cast his gaze downwards, before he pupils abruptly shrank.

He too had seen the dazzling Dragon Genesis Essence crystal.

The sight of the crystal violently shook the heart of even someone like Kong Sheng as he could not help but say, “How is this possible?!”

How had the thousand feet aquatic beast suddenly died!

Zhou Yuan was merely a second layer Alpha-Origin practitioner, an existence akin to ant before the thousand feet aquatic beast even if he were to risk his life against it.

So how had the thousand feet aquatic beast died?

In the face of such a scene, Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan could only look at each other, unable to comprehend.

While the two Chosens were dumbstruck, in the depths of the reservoir, Zhou Yuan shot forward and kept the half foot large Dragon Genesis Essence crystal into his Universe bag in one swift motion.

“What a stupid fellow…”

Said Zhou Yuan as clicked his tongue. In a manner of speaking the thousand aquatic beast had been killed by its own charge.

It had used its full power to slam into the water wall, but what it did not know was that it was no longer the soft water net from before. Under Zhou Yuan’s modification, the boundary had changed characteristic, becoming an extremely tough and solid wall.

Water to Toughness Rune, Golden Jade Rune, Reflection Armor Rune...

These runes had bestowed the characteristics of toughness and sturdiness to the water wall, and had even given it the power of reflection. The stronger the aquatic beast’s charge, the greater the backlash it would suffer.

Of course, Zhou Yuan’s modifications had gathered up all of the Genesis Rune boundary’s power, and it would have been destroyed regardless of whether it managed to stop the thousand feet aquatic beast.

As such, the aquatic beast had concentrated all of its power into that one final charge, shattering the boundary while also killing itself...

Zhou Yuan patted his Universe bag in satisfaction. It had not taken him much effort this time, because the main contributor was the Genesis Rune boundary set-up by Ye Ge.

Without the power of the boundary, Zhou Yuan would have likely failed to slay the thousand feet aquatic beast even if he did use up every iota of his power. There was just far too great of a gap between them.

Zhou Yuan began rising towards the surface, encountering the Sword Cometh Peak disciples along the way. All of them were wailing like ghosts as they were being chased around by Tuntun, each one a sorry, bloody sight with fearful eyes.

Zhou Yuan shook his head at this scene. It was fortunate that Tuntun understood it was allowed to kill. If not, all of the disciples would be corpses by now.

“Tuntun, let’s go.”

Zhou Yuan called out to it.

Upon hearing Zhou Yuan’s call, Tuntun somewhat reluctantly turned around, its body rapidly shrinking to the size of a tiny dog as it landed on Zhou Yuan’s shoulder.

Zhou Yuan glanced at the Sword Cometh Peak disciples. There was no longer any trace of the arrogance from before. Each one was in an extremely pitiful state, gazes filled with terror when they looked towards him.

They had clearly been thoroughly oppressed by Tuntun earlier.

Zhou Yuan smiled at them, before moving again. His body rapidly ascended and eventually broke out of the water, landing on the surface of the reservoir.

The surface was quite calm and peaceful. Zhou Yuan gazed at Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan, who had been staring at him from the beginning, and asked, “Hehe, is everyone done fighting?”

Li Qingchan’s gaze was tinged with amazement as she stared at Zhou Yuan, unable to stop herself from asking, “You killed the aquatic beast?”

Zhou Yuan chuckled. “Actually, it killed itself.”

The corners of Li Qingchan’s mouth twitched slightly. How could a thousand feet aquatic beast that could match a ninth layer Alpha-Origin have killed itself?

“You changed my Genesis Rune boundary?!” It was at this moment that a voice sounded from behind Zhou Yuan. He turned around, only to find Ye Ge approaching on the water, his gaze tightly fixed onto Zhou Yuan.

Yaoyao also slowly walked over, making it apparent that their battle was likewise over.

Ye Ge glanced at Yaoyao, strong wariness flitting across his eyes. In their duel earlier, he now finally understood just how immeasurable she was. No matter how he attacked with Genesis Runes, Yaoyao had been able to counter in an even fiercer manner, easily destroying all of his attacks.

It was obvious who was the superior one between them.

After dozens of exchanges, even Ye Ge had to admit it no matter how reluctant he was. Yaoyao mastery over Genesis Runes far surpassed his imagination.

Since he already knew what the outcome would be, Ye Ge stopped attacking. Yaoyao was clearly just toying with him, and it would not be very tactful of him to continue.

As Ye Ge approached, his gaze locked onto Zhou Yuan. Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan may not know what had happened, but the former had faintly sensed a strange disturbance from the Genesis Rune boundary he had set-up at the depths of the reservoir.

When all these observations were pieced together, he was almost certain that Zhou Yuan had modified his Genesis Rune boundary, and then used it to slay the thousand feet aquatic beast.

“Changed your Genesis Rune boundary?!” Li Qingchan and Kong Sheng were stunned, bewilderment in their eyes as they looked towards Zhou Yuan.

Althoug they were not proficient in Genesis Runes, they did have a rough understanding of it. Hence, they clearly understood just how difficult it was to modify a Genesis Rune boundary.

It required an extremely detailed understanding of the Genesis Rune boundary.

But how long had Zhou Yuan been in contact with that Genesis Rune boundary?

Li Qingchan’s mouth hung slightly open. Due to the matter from before, she did have some bias towards Zhou Yuan. Yaoyao’s protectiveness in particular had made the former view him as a person that could only depend on a woman.

However, it new seemed as if she had been wrong about him?

Zhou Yuan merely smiled in response to the trio’s puzzled gazes, not bothering to explain anything as he retrieved the half foot large Dragon Genesis Essence crystal from his Universe bag.

The moment it appeared, Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan’s gazes immediately shot over.

Kong Sheng looked at Zhou Yuan, a smile emerging on his rugged face as he said, “Junior brother, if you give that item to me, I can make a promise that will surely interest you.”

Li Qingchan shot a cold look at Kong Sheng. “Kong Sheng, have you not given up yet?”

“Everything has a price, as long as one is willing to pay.” Kong Sheng smiled slightly. His gaze shifted towards Zhou Yuan as he slowly said, “You should be junior brother Zhou Yuan of Saint Genesis Peak, am I right?”

“If you give it to me, I will let you become the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak.”

Li Qingchan coldly snorted. “Kong Sheng, every chief disciple made from facing countless challenges and adversity. You do not have the qualifications to give it.”

Kong Sheng smiled. “I may not have the qualifications, but I can make junior brother Yuan Hong step aside.”

Surprise flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. It was indeed true that Yuan Hong was currently the greatest contender for the seat of chief disciple. If Kong Sheng could make him step aside, elder Shen’s group would have a really good chance.

Normally speaking, it was an offer that tempted one’s heart.

Kong Sheng’s smile grew even wider when he saw Zhou Yuan’s appearance. “How about it junior brother Zhou Yuan?”

Zhou Yuan seemed to fall into thought for a moment, before he smiled and said, “Your offer is indeed a little tempting…”

He grinned as he looked towards the frosty face of Li Qingchan. “What do you think senior sister Li?”

Li Qingchan shot him a cold look as she sneered, “I cannot offer the same.”

She could clearly feel that Zhou Yuan had been tempted, and was intentionally asking her for an even better offer. When she ultimately rejected him, he could void their previous agreement with a clear conscience, and then proceed to complete the deal with Kong Sheng.

Although such actions were quite shameless, Li Qingchan was a proud woman, and refused to try and threaten him with their previous agreement. In her opinion, it would instead make her appear weak.

Now, she could only take it that she had collaborated with the wrong person, though she had never once thought much of Zhou Yuan.

“So unfriendly, no fun at all.”

Zhou Yuan shrugged helplessly before smiling at Kong Sheng. “Senior brother Kong Sheng, although your offer is very tempting, I have to apologize, because I’ve already promised this Dragon Genesis Essence crystal to senior sister Li.”

Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan were stunned.

The smile on Kong Sheng’s face turned slightly rigid as he softly said, “You’re… rejecting me?”

He stared a Zhou Yuan, a faint sensation of danger spreading his smile.

In the Cangxuan Sect, a gold sash disciple actually dared to reject his offer?

However, Zhou Yuan seemed to be unable to detect the dangerous sensation, merely smiling as he nodded with an apologetic face. “I’m really sorry.”

“Won’t give it some consideration?” Kong Sheng smiled again, his black stone like eyes narrowing slightly.

Zhou Yuan shook his head as if put in a difficult spot.


Kong Sheng chuckled softly, shaking his finger twice at Zhou Yuan as he said, “You are quite interesting…”

“Zhou Yuan, right…”

He deeply looked at Zhou Yuan, the expression in his eyes unreadable.

“Alright, I’ll remember it…”

With a swish of his sleeve, he turned around and walked away on the water.

Ye Ge also shot another glance at Zhou Yuan, clearly quite surprised that he would not give Kong Sheng face. This kid was really akin to an ignorant calf that was unafraid of a tiger.

However, he did not say anything in the end. After cupping his fists together towards Yaoyao, he also left.

On the surface of the reservoir, Zhou Yuan looked in the direction Kong Sheng had left him and shrugged.

“I seem to have offended someone…”

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