Chapter 319 Modifying the Genesis Rune Boundary

“This Genesis Rune boundary…”

In the depths of the Genesis reservoir, Zhou Yuan gazed at the water net boundary that was trapping the thousand feet aquatic beast as his eyes flickered in thought. It was not like there was no way to deal with this creature.

However, Zhou Yuan did not plan on facing it directly. Given his current strength, it was impossible for him to be the thousand feet aquatic beast’s match even though it was already heavily injured.

“I can make use of this Genesis Rune boundary.” Zhou Yuan seemed to contemplate something.

In a certain manner of speaking, the Genesis Rune boundary before had the potential to deal a tremendous blow to the thousand feet aquatic beast, but it currently only functioned to trap the creature, and lacked any form of offense.

If not, the thousand feet aquatic beast wouldn’t be having such a good time, with more than enough energy to spare towards attempting to destroy the boundary.

“If I make a slight modification to this boundary and give it offensive capabilities, I should be able to make that aquatic beast suffer a little.” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself.

However, if his words were heard by Genesis Rune experts, all of them would likely burst out into laughter.

A Genesis Rune boundary was akin to a machine, every part working in unison. A slight tweak would likely cause the entire machine to fall apart.

Of course, this did not mean that a Genesis Rune boundary could not be modified, but to do so would require an in depth knowledge of every tiny detail of the boundary, such that one would be able to clearly sense the flowing Genesis Qi within.

It was a feat that even Ye Ge was not confident of doing.

“Others may not be able to… but I could give it a try?” Zhou Yuan softly chuckled as an ancient rune surfaced in the depths of his pupils. It was obviously the Decoder Saint Rune.

The moment it appeared, the appearance of the Genesis Rune boundary before Zhou Yuan changed, the patterns and movement of the Genesis Qi within it becoming unbelievably clear in his eyes.

In a few brief moments, he understood how the Genesis Rune boundary operated.

“Amazing. This boundary is constructed from eighteen grade 4 Genesis Runes, over eighty grade 3 runes and several hundred lower grade ones…” Zhou Yuan sighed in admiration. A grade 4 boundary was a wonder indeed. Who knew how long Ye Ge had taken to prepare it.

After observing for some time, several ideas began to pop up in his head.

Before he could do anything, however, it must be noted that this Genesis Rune boundary was set-up by Ye Ge and contained traces of his Spirit power. For Zhou Yuan to make any changes, he would first have to remove the former’s Spirit power.

But if this was detected by Ye Ge, a single thought was all it would take for him to destroy the boundary, making all of Zhou Yuan’s plans go up in smoke.

Hence, he needed to think of a way to stop Ye Ge from sensing the boundary.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a while, before lifting his head. Genesis Qi wrapped around his voice again as was transmitted through the water, heading straight into the ears of Yaoyao, who seemed to be somewhat interested in her Genesis Rune battle with Ye Ge.

“Big sis Yaoyao, could you disrupt that guy’s Spirit senses for a moment.”

The Genesis Rune brush in Yaoyao’s hand paused briefly as she swept a glance towards the depths of the reservoir. Soon after, the corners of her mouth raised slightly for a moment as if already knowing what Zhou Yuan was planning.

“Not bad, you’ve learnt how to use your head at last.” Mumbled Yaoyao to herself in a low vocie.

Spirit light suddenly dazzled between her brows as a Spirit wave unfurled, noiselessly sweeping towards Ye Ge.

It was a Spirit attack.

Ye Ge immediately sensed it, causing his heart to shiver. A Spirit attack may not appear as impressive as a blast of Genesis Qi, but it was far more dangerous. If one was careless, one’s Spirit may end up being scattered, making one akin to a piece of meat on the chopping board.

Hence, he immediately spread his Spirit power, creating a thick Spirit shield in front of him.


A faint sound was heard as the invisible wave arrived. If any living being was caught in its radius, its Spirit would likely be scattered.

Even with the Spirit shield, Ye Ge’s Spirit was briefly dazed by the attack, making his reactions somewhat slower.

“To think that her Spirit is so powerful!”

Ye Ge’s expression grew increasingly grave. From the earlier attack, Yaoyao’s Spirit felt akin to the Genesis reservoir below his feet, immeasurable and without end.

His Spirit pulled back as he began to gather all of his power, no longer able to spare any attention to the Genesis Rune boundary in the depths of the reservoir.

Meanwhile, a smile appeared on Zhou Yuan’s face in the depths of the reservoir. With the Decoder Saint Rune, he could see Ye Ge’s Spirit power in the Genesis Rune boundary slowly weaken.

This meant that Ye Ge’s control over it was waning.

“I can do it now!”

Zhou Yuan rubbed his hands together, before grabbing the Heavenly Yuan Brush. The Decoder Saint Rune in his pupils slowly began to revolve as a mysterious aura spread. The tip of his brush slowly descended, touching the boundary.


When the two came into contact, the boundary began to ripple the Genesis Qi within it stirring slightly.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged as the tip of the brush swiftly began to move. The Spirit between his brows flickered as Spirit power flowed out from the brush tip.

A complicated rune gradually took shape. The moment it was complete, the brush tip pushed, sending the rune into the boundary.

The boundary immediately began to shake violently as if on the verge of collapsing.

However, Zhou Yuan swiftly took control of the Genesis Rune, fusing it into the boundary little by little by following the circulation of Genesis Qi to neutralize the rejection from the boundary.

After his initial success, Zhou Yuan began to work once again as rune after rune was continuously sent into the boundary.

“Water to Toughness Rune!”

“Golden Jade Rune!”

“Reflection Armor Rune!”

“Metal Wall Rune!”


None of the runes activated after being fused into the boundary, patiently waiting for the moment they would strike.

When the final rune was sent in, Zhou Yuan finally breathed a sigh of relief. He massaged the spot between his brows, smiling as he gazed at the interior of the boundary. The thousand feet aquatic beast roared once again, as its titanic body ferociously charged at the boundary. Berserk Genesis Qi gathered at the tip of its head, the force of the charge so great that even a mountain would be blasted to pieces.

If nothing was done, this charge would destroy the boundary.

However, Zhou Yuan did not move to stop the beast, but instead let out a soft chuckle as he watched.

The water in the reservoir was violently torn apart by the force.


In the blink of an eye, the thousand feet aquatic beast was just about to hurl itself at the net, its instincts telling it that the water net boundary would definitely be broken this time.

Right before impact, however, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit shook and the runes that had been fused into the boundary suddenly activated at this moment.

The entire Genesis Rune boundary began to shudder violently.

One could only watch as the net gradually disappeared, a screen of water taking its place.

The water screen gave off a golden jade like luster, multiple layers of light flickering upon it, transforming it into an indestructible water wall!


The thousand feet aquatic beast ruthlessly slammed into the water wall, a loud earth-shattering noise ringing across the area. A terrifying shockwave devastated the surroundings, towering giant waves rising in the waters within a several ten thousand feet radius.


The Genesis Rune boundary finally reached its limit at this moment, and shattered.

The powerful shockwave flung Zhou Yuan away, the Magical Python Scales on his body continuously shattering. From this, one could tell just how destructive the shockwave was.

This activity immediately to the surface.

The participants of the two battlefields were immediately alarmed as they swiftly created distance from their opponents, bewilderment in their eyes as they looked down.

The first thing they saw was the shattered Genesis Rune boundary.

Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan’s expressions changed slightly.

“The Genesis Rune boundary is broken… that thousand feet aquatic beast has escaped!” Kong Sheng’s  expression was quite ugly. This meant that he would be returning without achieving anything this time.

Li Qingchan was also stunned for a moment, before letting out a sigh. Neither side had won in the end.

“The one you placed your hopes on doesn’t seem to have much ability. Junior sister Qingchan, don’t bring such a person to any future clashes of this level, because he will only end up making a fool of himself.” Said Kong Sheng, his tone filled with iciness and mockery.

Li Qingchan frowned, paying no heed to his words.

The Genesis Qi undulations around her gradually withdrew. Since the thousand feet aquatic beast had already escaped, there was no need to fight any further. It seems that both herself and Kong Sheng would be returning empty handed this time.

Li Qingchan glanced at the depths of the reservoir, finding Zhou Yuan, who was still miserably tumbling in the water after being blasted away by the shockwave earlier. She sighed in her heart as she laughed at herself.

He was ultimately only a second layer Alpha-Origin, placing her hopes in him had indeed been a rather baffling act.

While she was sighing inside, calm gradually returned to the water in the depths of the reservoir.

Li Qingchan’s eyes nonchalantly swept past, her eyes abruptly widening a moment later as disbelief began flooding her pretty face.

At the site of the Genesis Rune boundary explosion, the thousand feet aquatic beast was indeed nowhere to be seen, but there was a half foot large Dragon Genesis Essence crystal peacefully floating in the water.

Li Qingchan could not help but cover her mouth, a raging storm churning in her heart.

That thousand feet aquatic beast… had been killed?!

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