Chapter 318 A Way


In the depths of the Genesis reservoir, giant water pillar after pillar interweaved, forming a giant net that trapped the thousand feet aquatic beast. It desperately struggled, its enormous body repeatedly slamming into the water net, making it bend at alarming angles.

Zhou Yuan stood just outside the net, a grave expression on his face as he watched the struggling beast.

Fortunately, the grade 4 Genesis Rune boundary Ye Ge had clearly spent a tremendous amount of effort to set-up was quite effective, and was able to withstand the repeated charges of the thousand feet aquatic beast. 

“It’s a top tier grade 4 Genesis Rune boundary after all.” Zhou Yuan sighed in amazement.

One must know that a grade 4 Genesis Rune boundary and a grade 4 Genesis Rune were on completely different scales.

A Genesis Rune boundary was not merely made from a single Genesis Rune but numerous connected runes of various grades, making it extremely complex. If one compared a Genesis Rune to a cog, a Genesis Rune boundary would be akin to complete clock.

Hence, drawing a Genesis Rune may be relatively simple, while constructing a Genesis Rune boundary was very difficult.

What’s more, this Genesis Rune boundary of Ye Ge’s was top tier even amongst other grade 4 boundaries. Zhou Yuan estimated that even someone with the strength of the ninth layer Alpha-Origin would be trapped by it.

It was clear that Ye Ge had put in a lot of effort into trapping this thousand feet aquatic beast.

“But although this boundary is amazing, it’s only a matter of time before it gets broken by that aquatic beast.” Zhou Yuan fell into thought as he gazed upon the aquatic beast that madly charged into the net time and time again. With a grasp of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared and swiftly transformed into its martial form.


With a jolt of his arm, the snow-white hairs at the brush tip thrust forward like a stream of white. A sharp aura pulsed at the brush tip, deadly without equal.

The snow-white hairs pierced the thousand feet aquatic beast, however, it was basically ineffective on the aquatic beast’s behemoth of a body.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, his hands forming a seal as he shouted,  “Nine Dragons Canon, eighth dragon!”


Eight beast shaped Genesis Qi dashed out from the top of his head, roaring as they gathered above him. They formed a line, head to tail as they charged into the net and smashed into the aquatic beast’s body.

Berserk undulations devastated the surroundings, making the water churn violently.

However, when the waters returned to calmness again, Zhou Yuan’s brows tightly knitted together. The eight dragons he had sent out had barely inflicted any damage to the thousand feet aquatic beast.

However, it made sense when he thought about it. Although the aquatic beast was already in a seriously injured state, it was a powerful existence that could match a ninth layer Alpha-Origin expert.

Zhou Yuan on the other hand would at best be able to face a fifth layer Alpha-Origin opponent.


After being attacked by Zhou Yuan again, the thousand feet aquatic beast thrashed about agitatedly. It made a crazed charged at the net again, ramming into it again and again.

Under its mad thrashing, ripples began to appear on the water net boundary.

The net was evidently about to reach its limit.

“Is Silver Shadow the only option?” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself with a frown. The thousand feet aquatic beast had been gravely injured by Kong Sheng earlier, decreasing its battle power to seventh layer. If Zhou Yuan activated Silver Shadow, he should be able to put up a fight.

However, Silver Shadow was his hidden trump card and many would likely detect it if it was used. He would rather not use Silver Shadow unless he had no other choice.

As such, he muttered to himself as he stared at the water net.


Meanwhile, on the surface.


Kong Sheng stood atop the water as the black sword in his hand slashed downwards, creating a hundred feet long black sword Qi that blew away the lotus flower jade blades that were shooting towards him.

Giant gaping wounds seemed to be torn open on the surface of the water, only gradually being filled up again after some time.

Kong Sheng was expressionless as he shot a look downwards and said with a grin, “Li Qingchan, the aquatic beast is about to break free of the water net. That brat you’re counting on seems to be quite helpless.”

Li Qingchan frowned slightly. She had naturally also sensed the activity below, and Zhou Yuan did seem powerless from the looks of it.

However, there was nothing much she could do either. She did become a little hopeful earlier due to Yaoyao’s confident appearance, but it seemed that her hope was not realistic at all.

At the end of the day, Zhou Yuan was merely a second layer Alpha-Origin expert, and did not possess the qualifications to appear in a clash like this.

Disappointment flitted across her eyes, though it did not reveal itself on her face.

Kong Sheng smiled faintly and said, “If the aquatic beast is allowed to break free and escapes into the depths of the reservoir, both of us will return empty handed today… junior sister Qingchan, if you can let me have it, I will remember this debt.”

His tone was filled with earnesty towards the end.

However, Li Qingchan’s face remained impassive, not moved at all by his proposal. It was obvious that his collaboration with Ye Ge had already angered her. How could she possibly allow Kong Sheng to get away with it so easily.

She rather neither of them obtain it than let Kong Sheng have his way.

Li Qingchan glanced down as she gently bit into her red lips. Of course, she was still hoping for a miracle to happen deep in her heart.

What if Zhou Yuan discovered a way to deal with the thousand feet aquatic beast?

Kong Sheng grew somewhat angry due to Li Qingchan’s lack of response. “It seems that you’ve not give up yet. Are you really placing your hopes into that second layer Alpha-Origin brat?”

“Junior sister Qingchan, when did you become so naive…”

Li Qingchan ignored him, her powerful Genesis Qi sweeping outwards as her attacks grew increasingly ferocious.

In the depths of the Genesis reservoir.

Zhou Yuan was still floating in the same place as before, deep in thought and a slight glimmer in his eyes as he gazed at the Genesis Rune boundary before him.

“Hey, can you do it or not? If you can’t just set the aquatic beast free so neither side will get it!” While Zhou Yuan was thinking, a cold voice suddenly pierced through the water, wrapped by Genesis Qi as it precisely entered his ears. 

Zhou Yuan’s expression rippled slightly as he lifted his head. The one who had transmitted this message to him was Li Qingchan.

She had likely sensed his lack of activity and decisively urged him to release the aquatic beast.

Zhou Yuan chuckled, before he also sent his voice upwards, wrapped in Genesis Qi, “Senior sister Li, don’t ask a man whether he can do it or not in the future, because that is the most humiliating question for any man.”

On the surface, anger and embarrassment interweaved on Li Qingchan’s pretty face, her jaw clenching so hard that she nearly shattered her teeth.


“Let’s how your sharp tongue will help you deal with that aquatic beast!”

Zhou Yuan laughed again in the depths of the reservoir, as if seeing Li Qingchan’s embarrassed and angry appearance. However, he soon cast away these useless thoughts, an unreadable look in his eyes as he turned towards the Genesis Rune boundary again, his fingers lightly tapping the back of his other hand.

“It’s not like there’s no way to deal with this aquatic beast…”

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