Chapter 317 Two Girls VS Two Chosens

On the glittering surface of the reservoir, four figures stood facing each other.

Kong Sheng glanced at the water below, before withdrawing his gaze. The dozen Sword Cometh Peak disciples will teach that second layer Alpha-Origin disciple how ignorant he was.

His gaze looked towards Li Qingchan as his expression gradually turned solemn, an icy light flashing in his eyes.

Li Qingchan’s actions had made things become uncertain again, and even someone like Kong Sheng with strong mental fortitude was beginning to grow angry inside.

Kong Sheng’s hands slowly closed as black Genesis Qi converged towards his palm, gradually transforming into a long black sword.

Its was quite a bewitching yet ghastly sight, appearing as if it was made from black bones, while faint but piercing howls seemed to echo from its body, making the Genesis Qi in one’s body grow irritated.

This sword was known as the Black Demon Sword, and was a genuine low grade Heaven Genesis Weapon. It was crafted from the bones of a grade 6 Black Demon Crocodile, and boasted immeasurable power.

Kong Sheng himself had already stepped into the ninth layer Alpha-Origin stage long ago, and only a single step separated him from the Divine Dwelling stage. With a Heaven Genesis Weapon in his hand, the presence he gave off made the originally calm waters around them begin to churn violently as towering waves rose.

Black Genesis Qi dashed straight into the sky like a sword, giving off a terrifying presence.

“It’s been some time since I last fought with junior sister Qingchan. I too am quite interested to know if your Mysterious Lotus Qi has grown more refined.” Said Kong Sheng in a flat voice.

Li Qingchan knew that Kong Sheng had been angered, and was going to use his real power. However, she was not afraid. Her hands came together as snow-white Genesis Qi whizzed out, transforming into an icy jade lotus below her feet.

This icy jade lotus was called the Mysterious Jade Lotus and was also a low grade Heaven Genesis Weapon.

Li Qingchan gently tapped the lotus with her foot. The Mysterious Jade Lotus began to tremble as its petals fell off, akin to icy jade blades as they revolved around Li Qingchan.

No one could see their shadows when the jade blades moved, only the scars left behind in space itself were visible, weapons so deadly that one scalp would turn numb at this sight.

In a battle between two Chosens, neither individual dared to be careless.

Their gazes clashed, iciness surging between them. A split second later, both figures shot forth as powerful Genesis Qi abruptly tore up the water within a ten thousand feet radius.


In contrast to the earth-shaking duel between Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan, Yaoyao and Ye Ge’s battlefield appeared rather peaceful. Neither party was adept at wielding Genesis Qi, but their Spirits shuddered between their brows, emanating Spirit energy that likewise shook one to the very core.

Ye Ge’s Genesis Rune Brush was striped black and white. A faint smile appeared on his handsome face as he gazed at Yaoyao. He suddenly jerked his wrist, the tip of the brush lightning quick as it danced through the air.

“Grade 4 Genesis Rune, Flame Dragon Wheel!”

A complicated Genesis Rune emerged the moment his brush descended, causing the surrounding Genesis Qi to be sucked towards it. The temperature rapidly rose as a dozen feet wide wheel of fire was created at the center of the rune.

Atop the wheel was a flame dragon that let out a low hiss.

The water beneath their feet began to bubble and boil.


Ye Ge’s sleeve swung confidently as the flame dragon wheel shot forward, ripping apart the surface of the water below as it made a beeline for Yaoyao at an alarming speed.

Ye Ge’s astonishing proficiency in Genesis Runes was immediately revealed the moment he attacked, a grade 4 Genesis Rune drawn and completed in a brief period of a dozen breaths. He was indeed worthy of being the Chosen of Spirit Rune Peak.


However, when the flame dragon wheel was several dozen feet from Yaoyao, the surface of the water suddenly broke open as an enormous water dragon emerged. With a roar, it swallowed the flaming wheel in a single gulp.

“Grade 4 Genesis Rune, Devouring Water Dragon!” Yaoyao’s nonchalant voice echoed as she lightly tapped her jade Genesis Rune Brush in the air.


The water around Ye Ge suddenly broke apart at this moment as four roaring water dragons emerged. They dashed towards him from four directions, their mouths opening wide as they ferociously attempted to take a bite out of him.

“Drawing four Genesis Runes in an instant…”

Ye Ge’s pupils shrank slightly. An ordinary Devouring Water Dragon rune would only create one water dragon, but four had appeared at the same time. This meant that Yaoyao had drawn four grade 4 Genesis Runes in the water a split second earlier.

How much Spirit control was required in order to achieve such a feat?

“Zhou Xiaoyao is indeed remarkable.”

A grave look appeared on Ye Ge’s face. Soon after, dazzling rays of light began to shine from his daoist robe as complicated rune after rune slowly appeared, enveloping him like a giant golden bell.


The roaring water dragons smashed into the giant bell, causing a loud ‘dong’ to resound across the area, the powerful sound wave causing ten thousand feet high waves to rise around him.


While the earth-shaking battle was occurring above the surface, the depths of the Genesis reservoir seemed considerably calm in comparison.

Zhou Yuan’s figure swiftly shot past, heading straight for the trapped thousand feet aquatic beast deep in the water.

However, his figure suddenly came to a half after a few dozen breaths, frowning slightly as he looked up. The surface of the water was torn apart as a dozen figures shot downwards on their deadly sword Qi.

They were the Sword Cometh Peak disciples Kong Sheng had summoned.

Most of them were extremely powerful purple sash disciples that were not the least bit inferior to the likes of Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan. Hence, the look in their eyes resembled that of a cat looking at a mouse when they gazed at Zhou Yuan.

“Brat, you really aren’t tactful at all. How can a second layer Alpha-Origin like you have the qualifications to meddle in senior brother Kong Sheng’s affairs?”

“Scram or else there will be suffering.”

The other Sword Cometh Peak disciples roared with laughter.

Zhou Yuan could not help but grin as he patted Tuntun on his shoulder and said, “I’ll be depending on you.”

The other party had numbers advantage, and was indeed a powerful force. If it was just him alone, it would be very unlikely for him to pass.

Tuntun understood that time was of the essence, directly transforming into a flash of light as it shot forward. It abruptly began to grow, transforming into its sinister looking battle mode.


Berserk Genesis Qi undulations swept out wards like a storm.

The Sword Cometh Peak disciples’ expressions changed drastically, terror flashing in their eyes as they shouted, “This beast is formidable, attack together!”

They had felt the pressure from Tuntun’s body, telling them that it was obviously no ordinary Genesis Beast.

Swish swoosh!

Deadly sword Qi exploded from the bodies of the disciples, seemingly covering the entire area as they blasted at Tuntun.

Clang clang clang!

However, the sword Qi was easily blocked by the dark golden scale armor on Tuntun’s body. With a roar, Tuntun charged into the group, causing chaos and mayhem for a time.

The previously high and mighty Sword Cometh Peak disciples were now miserably fleeing in all directions.

Zhou Yuan softly chuckled as he watched the chaos. Without delaying any further, his figure moved, rapidly descending deeper into the reservoir. He eventually arrived at the location where the thousand feet aquatic beast was trapped.

“So this is a thousand feet aquatic beast.” Zhou Yuan could not help but wet his lips at the sight of the enormous creature trapped inside the Genesis Rune boundary. Even though it was gravely injured, the pressure it gave off was extremely intense.

This was nothing like any of the aquatic beasts Zhou Yuan had encountered before.

“If I manage to obtain the Dragon Genesis Essence crystal in its body, this trip to the Genesis reservoir will be perfect.” Zhou Yuan licked his lips, intense desire flitting across his eyes.

However, he soon began to frown, feeling somewhat awkward.

The thousand feet aquatic beast was already right before his eyes...

But Tuntun was busy now, so how was he going to slay this thousand feet aquatic beast by himself?

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