Chapter 316 Occupied

“Saint Genesis Peak, Zhou Xiaoyao?”

Kong Sheng and Ye Ge stared in confusion at Yaoyao’s figure. The former’s brows were furrowed. He had clearly never heard of such an individual. Moreover… Saint Genesis Peak? Wasn’t that the peak that had practically hit rock bottom? When did such an amazing person appear from there?

In contrast with Kong Sheng’s bewilderment, Ye Ge’s eyes flickered as a look of understanding flashed in his eyes.

Ye Ge’s wide sleeves fluttered in the wind as he looked towards Yaoyao and slowly said, “So you are the Zhou Xiaoyao teacher White regards so highly that he’s even willing to pass the position of peak master to you…”

Amazement flitted across Kong Sheng’s black stone like eyes when he heard this. He recalled vaguely hearing about this matter before, but did not put much thought into it. But from the looks of it, it seemed to be true.

To think that the girl before them, whose looks and presence were not the least bit inferior, and maybe even surpassed Li Qingchan, possessed talent in Genesis Runes that amazed even peak master Bai Mei.

Kong Sheng frowned. If this was true, things were going to be a little troublesome today.

The other members of the ten great Chosens were either out on missions or in closed cultivation, leaving only the three of them free to participate in the current Genesis Marrow Baptism. Hence why he had collaborated with Ye Ge to stop Li Qingchan.

However, he never expected that even without the other Chosens, Li Qingchan was still somehow able to find a seemingly equally troublesome helper...

From how Yaoyao had broken the Genesis Rune boundary Ye Ge had spent so long preparing, her strength was clearly in no way inferior to Chosens like them.

Kong Sheng looked at Yaoyao, and suddenly chuckled as a warm smile appeared on his sharp and handsome face. “Junior sister, this matter is between us and junior sister Li Qingchan, and there is no need for you to interfere. If junior sister Li Qingchan has promised you anything, we can also come to an agreement.”

One had to admit that Kong Sheng was indeed a charming individual. He was only only handsome but also had quite a presence. Thus, there were many female disciples in the sect that adored him greatly.

If it was any other ordinary girl in Yaoyao’s place, it would be very difficult for them to resist his charms.

Unfortunately, it was Yaoyao he had encountered. In the face of his charming elegance, not even the slightest change appeared on the latter’s beautiful face.

There was only indifference in Yaoyao’s eyes as she looked towards Kong Sheng, and said in a calm and clear voice,  “Don’t waste your breath. If you want this thousand feet aquatic beast’s Dragon Genesis Essence crystal, it would be best for you go ahead and start the fight.”

Yaoyao’s directness made the smile on Kong Sheng’s face turn slightly rigid, feeling a little awkward.

Li Qingchan stepped forward at this moment, powerful Genesis Qi hovering in the sky above her head like a giant storm of snow and ice. She coldly looked at Kong Sheng and said, “Kong Sheng, there’s no need for you little tricks. You should just go ahead and show me how much your Underworld Demon Sword Qi has improved.”

Kong Sheng frowned as he replied, “Li Qingchan, neither of us will benefit from fighting, and that aquatic beast may even end up escaping.”

“May I suggest giving in to me this one time, and I’ll owe you a favor.”

Li Qingchan chuckled coldly. “Why not you give in to me instead, and I’ll owe you a favor?”

While the two of them faced each other, neither willing to back down an inch, Yaoyao suddenly spoke up, “Relax, there is naturally someone who will be dealing with that thousand feet aquatic beast.”

Kong Sheng and Ye Ge was slightly alarmed. Did Li Qingchan’s group have another formidable helper?

Li Qingchan seemed to realise something, her pretty face immediately turning somewhat unnatural.

Yaoyao ignored all of them, merely tilting her head slightly towards the back as she said, “What’s a man like you doing all the way at the back? We’ll let you deal with that aquatic beast.”

Kong Sheng and Ye Ge’s sharp gazes were immediately cast over, with the intent of finding out who exactly it was. Did so many capable individuals really appear in the Cangxuan Sect with nearly no one noticing?

Their gazes were aimed at the mist behind girls, from which the sound of feet walking across the water could be heard. Next, they saw a young figure emerge.

The moment they caught sight of him and felt the Genesis Qi undulations from his body, the expressions on their faces could not help but turn rather rigid.

“Second layer Alpha-Origin stage?” Kong Sheng and Ye Ge exchanged a look, seeing the twitching corners of the other party’s eyes.

Such strength was basically the lowest tier existence in the inner mountains. Where had Yaoyao found the courage to let him deal with a thousand feet aquatic beast? Even though it had already been seriously injured by Kong Sheng earlier, it was still not something a second layer Alpha-Origin disciples could face.

Li Qingchan could not help but cover her forehead with a hand as if feeling a little humiliated. She did not know why Yaoyao was sending Zhou Yuan… given his strength, he did not even have the qualifications to reveal himself in a battle like this. Forcibly sticking him in would only be inviting shame to them.

Zhou Yuan helplessly shrugged in response to the strange gazes from the three of them, while Tuntun yawned lazily on his shoulder.

Yaoyao continued to ignore the rest as she said to Zhou Yuan, “You guys shouldn’t have a problem with the big fellow down there, right?”

“We’ll give it a try.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. Although it was a thousand feet aquatic beast, he had Tuntun’s help. Tuntun was obviously going to be the main force, while he acted as support.

Without further ado, he submerged into the water, slowly approaching the area where the aquatic beast had been trapped.

Li Qingchan immediately looked towards Yaoyao, and could not help but ask, “Are you really planning on letting him go? Isn’t that just sending him to his death?”

“Didn’t you want to murder him earlier? Wouldn’t it go along with your wishes if he dies?” Yaoyao merely smiled faintly.

Li Qingchan froze momentarily, before gritting her teeth. “I will naturally find a chance to deal with him myself. There’s no need to feed him to an aquatic beast.”

“Don’t worry.” Yaoyao could not be bothered to explain.

While they were talking, Kong Sheng and Ye Ge watched in confusion as Zhou Yuan entered the water. They could not understand why Yaoyao would dare to let him challenge the thousand feet aquatic beast.

This was no different from sending him to his death.

Kong Sheng’s gaze flickered in thought. Regardless of whether it was Yaoyao or Zhou Yuan, neither displayed much hesitation, especially the latter.

“There must be something strange about him. He cannot be allowed near the aquatic beast.” Kong Sheng was prudent by nature, and ultimately decided not to ignore Zhou Yuan just because he was a second layer Alpha-Origin. The former immediately wave his sleeve, causing a flash of black sword Qi to soar into the sky and explode, resulting in a faint but piercing sword cry to echo.

He looked towards Li Qingchang with a faint smile. “I’ve also instructed several Sword Cometh Peak disciples to station themselves nearby. Although they’re useless against you, it is still better to be prepared just in case.”

Not long after he said this, a dozen flashes of Genesis Qi arrived from some distance away. They were obviously disciples from the Sword Cometh Peak, and each one was pretty strong, the majority purple sash disciples.

“Senior brother Kong Sheng!” They greeted Kong Sheng from far away.

Kong Sheng nodded and pointed towards the water. “Go and capture that person.”

“Understood!” The dozen or so disciples looked downwards, finding Zhou Yuan’s figure, their expressions extremely relaxed. After all, they had sensed that Zhou Yuan was merely a second layer Alpha-Origin, and any one of them here could easily deal with him.


The dozen figures shot forth at the same time, creating an encirclement that began to close around Zhou Yuan.

Only then did Kong Sheng nod in approval, his face regaining its calm as he looked towards Li Qingchan. “Since you insist on ruining things for me, neither of us shall even dream about obtaining that Dragon Genesis Essence crystal today.”

Black Genesis Qi aburptly exploded from his body, deadly and sinisterly cold.

At the same time, Ye Ge also looked towards Yaoyao, his wide sleeves swaying slightly as he said in an interested voice, “Junior sister, truth be told, I’m a little unable to accept how teacher Bai thinks so highly of you…”

“Since we just so happened to meet today, show me what exactly is so amazing about your Genesis Rune mastery.”

Yaoyao’s pretty face remained impassive, merely giving a slight nod.


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