Chapter 315 The Two Girls Allied

The vast Genesis reservoir stretched out as far as the eye could see, the faint mists swirling in the area enough to make anyone become lost within it.

At a certain location in the Genesis reservoir.

A young man in black slowly walked on the surface of the water, his expression as calm as a deep pool. After a long time, his footsteps suddenly paused as he looked down at the bottomless depths below him.

At a certain deep depth, he could just barely make out the silhouette of an enormous slowly swimming shadow. 

“Have you finally appeared…” The young man in black was naturally the number two amongst the ten great Chosens, Kong Sheng. A flush of excitement surfaced in his black stone like eyes as he gazed at the enormous black shadow in the depths of the reservoir.

The black shadow was obviously the thousand feet aquatic beast he yearned for even in his dreams.

Kong Sheng slowly squatted, closing his eyes as he reached into the ice-cold waters. Powerful Genesis Qi surged out of his body without any reservation at this moment.

Genesis Qi tinged with black light stealthily slipped into the water.

The black light Genesis Qi rapidly began to gather above the head of the enormous shadow, transforming into a black glowing sword. Extremely sharp sword Qi began to converge on the sword.


The sword descended, fast as lightning as it thrust into the thousand feet aquatic beast’s body.


A miserable cry exploded in the water, causing giant thousand feet high waves to rise. Though it had suddenly been attacked, the aquatic beast did not retaliate, but instead hurriedly fled with a swish of its tail, shooting away like a bolt of thunder at a speed no one could hope to match.

The most troublesome part of hunting aquatic beasts in the Genesis reservoir was finding them and chasing them down.

Aquatic beasts were adept at hiding in the reservoir, making them extremely difficult to discover, and it was also nearly impossible to catch up to them if they chose to run.

Kong Sheng’s black stone like eyes were akin to the edge of a blade, easily piercing through the waters and locking onto the giant escaping figure. He did not panic at all, and merely sent out a thought.


A black glowing sword began to form again in the direction the thousand feet aquatic beast was swimming in, pulsing with peerless sword Qi...

The aquatic beast hurriedly changed directions the moment it felt the sword Qi.

This repeated itself several times as the mindless aquatic beast unknowingly began fleeing in the direction Kong Sheng was directing it in...

Kong Sheng walked across the waves, his steps slow and unhurried, but his figure was akin to a phantom, appearing a hundred feet away in a few breaths.

This chase lasted for only a brief period.

A sharp look suddenly appeared in Kong Sheng’s eyes as he shouted, “Ye Ge, close the net!”

In the water some distance to the front, Ye Ge hovered on his Genesis Qi. His gaze fell upon the enormous black shadow that was rapidly approaching, and suddenly flung open his spacious sleeves with a shout, “Boundary, rise!”

Bzz bzz!

The instant his shout was heard, the water within a ten thousand feet radius suddenly began to boil. Countless Genesis Qi rays of light shot out from the water, swiftly connecting to each other as if forming a giant net of light.

Countless runes seemed to flow along the net, continuously absorbing the surrounding Genesis Qi.


The enormous thousand feet water beast arrived, its giant body powerfully slamming into the net, causing it to stretch at an alarming angle. However, the glowing net was extremely tough, ultimately neutralizing the force as it sent the thousand feet aquatic beast catapulting backwards.

The net slowly began to close, like a boundary that had completely trapped the aquatic beast, cutting off all means of escape.

“Success!” Ye Ge landed on the surface of the reservoir with a faint smile. “This big guy can’t escape anymore.”

Kong Sheng gently rubbed his hands together and praised, “As expected of the Chosen of Spirit Rune Peak, such mastery of Genesis Runes is truly unmatched.”

“Leave the killing of the aquatic beast to me.”

A slight smile was revealed on Kong Sheng face as he peered into the deep reservoir waters where the thousand feet aquatic beast was struggling desperately. In his eyes, there was no hope for a trapped aquatic beast.

Its Dragon Genesis Essence crystal was his.


However, just as Kong Sheng was about to enter the waters to slay the thousand feet aquatic beast, the mist in the vicinity suddenly swirled as a wave of frosty Genesis Qi suddenly swept over. Its temperature was so low that even the surface of the sea was frozen over.

The wave of frost headed straight for Kong Sheng.

The sudden attack made him frown as he fiercely swung his sleeve.


Sword Qi poured out of his sleeve, directly shredding apart the water in front of him. The wave of frosty Genessi Qi was also torn to pieces.

Kong Sheng gazed at the mist and slowly said, “Li Qingchan, you already know that you can’t succeed, why must you still put up this useless struggle?”

The mist gradually dissipated as a slender figure walked over on the water. The graceful figure naturally belonged to Li Qingchan.

She chillingly stared at Kong Sheng and flatly said, “It is not so easy to make me give up.”

Ye Ge also helplessly shook his head and said, “Why must you do this senior sister Qingchan. You have no chance at all.”

“I disagree!”

Iciness flitted across Li Qingchan’s eyes as boundless Genesis Qi soared out from the top of her head. The temperature began to plummet as frost that could be seen with the naked eyes spread from under her feet.

Kong Sheng merely chuckled softly and said, “Ye Ge, I’ll have to trouble you to deal with her.”

Ye Ge sighed helplessly as his arms extended from his wide sleeves and slowly met in front of him. In the next instant, a low shout rang out, “Sea prison boundary!”

Rumble! Rumble!

The surface of the reservoir in the vicinity abruptly exploded as giant water pillars dashed into the sky. The pillars linked to each other, creating a prison of water with Li Qingchan at its center.

Li Qingchan frowned as she took a step forward. Powerful Genesis Qi transformed into countless ice arrows that violently shot forward.

Plop! Plop!

However, the attacks merely passed through the water prison, unable to cause any damage to it.

“Senior sister Qingchan, this boundary was prepared in advance as a countermeasure against you. Never mind if you didn’t come, but since you did, this boundary will stop you for long enough for Kong Sheng to slay that thousand feet aquatic beast.”

Ye Ge slowly said, “You should give up once the Dragon Genesis Essence crystal falls into his hands, right?”

Li Qingchan’s pretty face turned slightly frostier. It seems that they still had something up their sleeves even after advising her to withdraw earlier.

These two were very loathsome indeed.

Li Qingchan inhaled deeply, coldly glancing at the slightly smiling Ye Ge before shutting her eyes.

The sight of this made Ye Ge believe that she had given up at last, causing him to breath a soft sigh of relief. It was naturally best that he did not have to fight with Li Qingchan.

“Are you still not going to act? Is this very fun to watch?”

However, before his entire sigh could be released, he suddenly heard Li Qingchan’s voice.

Ye Ge and Kong Sheng were taken aback.

“Is this what a battle between you Chosens look like? It doesn’t seem to be as amazing as I’ve imagined…” While they were stunned, a clear, indifferent and melodious voice echoed from within the mist.

The instant the voice rang out, the three individuals present discovered that the water prison trapping Li Qingchan had suddenly began to boil. At closer inspection, one would realise that lava like runes had appeared on the water pillars at some unknown time, the dreadful heat evaporating the water prison...

“Who?!” Ye Ge’s pupils tightened slightly. Who was this person who could so easily unravel his Genesis Rune boundary!

Ye Ge and Kong Sheng’s gazes looked towards the mists nearby.

The mist rippled as figure slowly walked out. Her gorgeous yet empty looking face was revealed under Ye Ge and Kong Sheng’s gazes.

It was Yaoyao.

She gazed at puzzled Ye Ge and Kong Sheng as she indifferently said,

“Saint Genesis Peak, Zhou Xiaoyao.”

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