Chapter 314 Cooperation

In the end, Li Qingchan was unable to speak the words from her mouth, her gorgeously pretty face a blend of anger and shame. How could she not know that Yaoyao wanted to make her bow.

However, given her unbending and stubborn character, it was obviously not going to be easy to make her submit.

Hence, just as Li Qingchan was about to break the deal, elder Miao could only step up and smooth things over.

Upon seeing this, Yaoyao did not persist in her request, merely giving an alternate suggestion, “Since that is the case, we want half of that thousand feet aquatic beast’s Dragon Genesis Essence crystal.”

Elder Miao immediately had something to say about this.

However, Li Qingchan was faster. “Deal.”

She rather split the benefits than yield.

In addition, she did not want to owe Yaoyao anything. After all, Zhou Yuan was the cause of the problem, and it had nothing to do with Yaoyao. However, Yaoyao was now the one contributing, and as for Zhou Yuan… from what Li Qingchan could see, he was just someone who purely relied on Yaoyao, and this collaboration had nothing to do with him.

Zhou Yuan’s second layer Alpha-Origin strength basically made him unqualified to be part of this fight.

Hence, splitting half of the Dragon Genesis Essence crystal would make things even with Yaoyao, everyone getting what they needed and no one owing anyone else anything. It would also prevent her from feeling indebted to Yaoyao when they met again.

This was something the prideful Li Qingchan could not accept.

When elder Miao saw how decisively Li Qingchan had responded, she could only somewhat helplessly say, “Lass, half of the Dragon Genesis Essence crystal will not be enough for you to reach an eight dragon baptism.”

Li Qingchan calmly replied, “No matter, we are not losing out either as long as we ensure that Kong Sheng is unable get a lead.”

Elder Miao could only smile bitterly as she shook her head. This lass was really too stubborn, she could clearly enjoy the complete Genesis Dragon Essence crystal if she just opened her mouth.

Yaoyao gently tapped the jade Genesis Rune Brush on her palm as she glanced at Li Qingchan in slight surprise, evidently not expecting her to make such a decision. However, it also made Yaoyao give a slight nod of approval, the dislike she had towards Li Qingchan due to her overbearingness earlier fading somewhat.

Yaoyao offhandedly asked, “Shall we go then?”

Li Qingchan nodded, before her cold as an ice mountain eyes turned towards Zhou Yuan. “He doesn’t need to come along, right?”

Although the matter had been forcibly resolved, Li Qingchan felt somewhat unnatural when she looked at Zhou Yuan. The moment she recalled how he had seen everything, an uncomfortable feeling would fill her entire body.

Humiliation and anger, magnified to the extreme.

Of course, the most important reason was because a second layer Alpha-Origin like Zhou Yuan could not possibly interfere in a battle between Chosens such as Kong Sheng and Ye Ge.

To be blunt, Zhou Yuan would only be a burden if he went.

Zhou Yuan naturally understood Li Qingchan’s thinking, and could only laugh helplessly, not angry that he was being looked down upon. There was indeed a gap between him and the ten great Chosens such Li Qingchan, and it was only logical for him to be treated with contempt.

Since it was the truth, Zhou Yuan would naturally acknowledge it. He was not so narrow-minded that he would resent her because of this.

There was a slight trace of cheekiness in Yaoyao’s eyes as she glanced at him and leisurely said, “Let him follow us. Who knows, he may even turn out to be useful.”

Li Qingchan frowned slightly, clearly unable to comprehend what use a second layer Alpha-Origin disciple would be in such a situation. However, since Yaoyao had spoken, it would not be appropriate for her to object. In any case, they would just make sure Zhou Yuan was far away when they fought. Although he was weak, he was admittedly very quick. At the very least, he had managed to evade her pursuit for quite some time earlier.

Her gaze swept past Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan, somewhat curious about their relationship. It was clearly no ordinary relationship, and went far beyond that of simple friends.

This baffled Li Qingchan even more. Based on her initial impression, Yaoyao was clearly a rather indifferent and aloof individual. If Li Qingchan’s iciness was akin to a mask, Yaoyao’s iciness originated from within. Someone like her was extremely difficult to get close to, what more with someone else of the opposite sex.

Most importantly, Yaoyao’s appearance, aura and Genesis Rune talent made her an object of adoration for numerous disciples even in a place like the Cangxuan Sect.

Hence, numerous extremely talented disciple would surely be smitten by here, and these disciples were definitely even more outstanding than Zhou Yuan, whether it was in the aspect of looks or talent...

In Li Qingchan’s opinion, the two of them lived in completely different worlds, and yet, contrary to all reason or logic, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao had such a close relationship. This really greatly baffled the former.

How had Zhou Yuan obtained the favor of a genius blessed by the heavens such as Yaoyao?

While such thoughts were swirling in her heart, elder Miao spoke up, “Since everything has been settled, you guys should hurry up and act. It will not be appropriate for me to interfere in the subsequent matters.”

According to the rules of the sect, battles in the Genesis reservoir were the affairs of the disciples, and the duty elder was only here to respond to any unexpected events. The main reason she had come here was because she had been alarmed by Li Qingchan’s killing intent, and now that everything had been resolved, elder Miao naturally had to return to patrolling the Genesis reservoir.

Li Qingchan gave a faint nod.

Elder Miao revealed a kind smile to Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan as Genesis Qi rose under her feet. She rose into the air and swiftly disappeared into the horizon.

In the wake of elder Miao’s departure, the atmosphere by the reservoir turned silent again.

Li Qingchan and Yaoyao were both cold and unresponsive. If the other party did not speak, they would not open their mouths either.

After some silence, Zhou Yuan was the first to cave in under the awkward atmosphere. “Senior sister Li, shall we get going? If you know the location, lead the way.”

Li Qingchan shot a look at Zhou Yuan and nodded. Without saying anything, she rose into the air and began flying towards a certain direction.

“This young lady is really very prideful.” Commented Yaoyao as she gently twirled her Genesis Rune Brush while watching Li Qingchan leave.

“No matter how prideful she is, she still can’t beat you.”

Remarked Zhou Yuan in his heart, before peering into the distance. “I’m looking forward to see what a thousand feet aquatic beast is like.”

Someone is already looking down on you. You’d better not bring too much shame to me later on.” Teased Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan chuckled as if he really did not mind at all. “It is indeed true that I am currently unable to interfere in a battle between Chosens. That’s why she wasn’t wrong… of course, no one can tell what the future will hold.”

Towards the end, a certain arrogance was finally revealed in his voice.

With regards to pride, Zhou Yuan did not have less than others. However, pride was pride after all, and he had to acknowledge reality. He knew that there was indeed a gap between him and the ten great Chosens for now, but he also believed in himself. It was only a matter of time for him to catch up to them.

As long as he was given some time, he would show Li Qingchan that there was really nothing amazing about a Chosen.

“Are you planning on slowly making her take notice of you, and ultimately sway the tender heart of a maiden? She’s the number one beauty of the Cangxuan Sect.” Yaoyao grinned.

Zhou Yuan hastily smiled and said, “What number one beauty, what chance does Li Qingchan have now that big sis Yaoyao is also in the Cangxuan Sect!”

“Is that so? You’ve already seen her body after all, aren’t you tempted?” Yaoyao’s tone was tinged with amusement.

Zhou Yuan’s face turned black as he hurriedly changed the topic.

“Let’s get going, we should also find out for ourselves how good those two Chosens are…”

Zhou Yuan’s foot pushed off the ground as golden Genesis Qi whizzed out, carrying two of them into the sky, and swiftly began flying in the direction Li Qingchan had taken earlier.

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