Chapter 313 Mediation

In a certain valley by the reservoir.

Two beautiful figure stood facing each other, the auras surging out from their bodies clashing continuously. It felt as if thunder was rumbling in the background as giant waves rose from the reservoir, crashing into the walls of the surrounding mountains.

Yaoyao and Li Qingchan’s icy gazes clashed, Genesis Runes revolving around one of them, stirring the surrounding Genesis Qi, while Genesis Qi hovered above the other’s head like clouds, giving off a menacing aura.

Zhou Yuan wore a bitter look on his face as he watched. It was clear that neither of the two girls was planning on letting this matter rest. Since that was the case, the only thing to do as to let them vent some of their anger first.

It would probably be best for him to step in only after they had cooled down a little. Although he would likely be beaten up by the both of them, he was the one who started this after all, and hence should be the one to resolve it.

Zhou Yuan nervously watched the two girls as the atmosphere between them grew more and more intense.

At a certain moment, both of their eyes narrowed slightly. An alarming wave of energy burst out from Genesis Qi and Genesis Runes a split second later, both individuals clearly about to go at it for real at any moment.


Right before they were about to attack, a shout sounded across the area like a clap of thunder. Next, Zhou Yuan felt a vast blanket of Genesis Qi descend from the sky, like a giant hand as it completely suppressed both Yaoyao and Li Qingchan’s Genesis Runes and Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan immediately lifted his head, only to see a Genesis Qi cloud descend from the sky. A beautiful woman stood atop it, lotus flower like runes flickering on edge of her long skirt.

 A terrifying Genesis Qi pressure pulsed from her body, causing the reservoir waters to churn violently.

Zhou Yuan was slightly startled by the sight of this beautiful woman. From her Genesis Qi pressure, it was obvious that her identity was not simple at all.

Li Qingchan was also stunned by the sight of the beautiful woman and hastily said, “Elder Miao?”

The woman was one of the elders of their Snow Lotus Peak.

The woman called elder Miao shot a somewhat helpless glance at Li Qingchan, and began to reproach her, “I just so happen to be I’m on duty today at the Genesis reservoir, and was drawn over after feeling your killing intent earlier. What the heck is going on?”

Although there were quite a few scuffles between disciples in the Genesis reservoir, they were not allowed to invoke genuine killing intent. When Li Qingchan had lost her rationality due to anger earlier, the killing intent she gave off was definitely not fake, and had thus alarmed elder Miao as the on duty elder.

Li Qingchan was the most outstanding disciples of this generation from their Snow Lotus Peak, and it would undoubtedly be a huge loss for them if she was punished due to any unfortunate incident here.

As such, elder Miao immediately hurried over the moment she felt Li Qingchan’s killing intent to prevent her from making a mistake due to recklessness. Even if she was a Chosen, killing another disciple would definitely get her punished.

Li Qingchan immediately froze up when she heard the question, gritting her teeth as she hatefully glared at Zhou Yuan. How could she possibly talk about it?

“This, this guy…” She pointed at Zhou Yuan as she stammered for practically half a day, but was ultimately unable to say anything, only growing increasingly angry and embarrassed  as she glared at him.

Elder Miao suspiciously looked towards Zhou Yuan. What exactly had this kid done to anger the normally cold as an ice mountain like Li Qingchan?

Under elder Miao’s gaze, an awkward look emerged on Zhou Yuan’s face as he stepped up and said, “I was indeed the one at fault, but I really did not do it on purpose. I can compensate!”

“Compensate?” Li Qingchan clenched her jaw even harder. How are you going to compensate? Are you going to let me see you in return?

Zhou Yuan awkwardly scratched his head, before retrieving numerous bottles from his Universe bag that were filled with many Dragon Genesis Essence crystals. “Can I use these as compensation?”

They were the fruits of him and Tuntun’s labors from earlier.

“Oh?” Elder Miao could not help but be shocked by the sight of the Dragon Genesis Essence crystals in Zhou Yuan’s hands, because she could sense that some of them were clearly from eight hundred feet aquatic beasts.

But Zhou Yuan was merely at the second layer Alpha-Origin stage, how did he manage to hunt to many formidable aquatic beasts?

She was not the only one. Even Li Qingchan was surprised for a moment, because she clearly understood how difficult it was to hunt aquatic beasts in the reservoir.

Although Zhou Yuan did have quite a substantial amount of Dragon Genesis Essence crystals, they were not worth much in Li Qingchan’s eyes. She owned a personal hunting ground in the reservoir, and could enter any time she wished. Ordinary Dragon Genesis Essence crystals held little allure to her.

Hence, she merely swept a cold glance at Zhou Yuan. Just as she was about to speak, elder Miao suddenly arrived at her side.

Elder Miao advised in a low voice, “Qingchan, although I still do not know what has happened, you will only lose out even more of you insist on continuing.” 

This made Li Qingchan somewhat sullen. She was one of the ten great Chosens after all, but had ended up being completely seen by this bastard, how could she possibly swallow this?

Elder Miao said, “If I’m not wong, that girl should be Zhou Xiaoyao who recently joined the sect. Peak master white brow regards her very highly, and values her even more than Ye Ge. In fact, peaks master white brow has even promised to pass down the position of peak master to her if she comes to Spirit Rune Peak.”

Li Qingchan looked at Yaoyao in amazement. So she was that Zhou Xiaoyao. Her mastery of Genesis Runes was indeed immeasurable. It was no wonder that peak master white brow held her in such high regard.

“With her protecting Zhou Yuan, you won’t be able to achieve anything.”

Li Qingchan gently bit into her red lips, somewhat unwilling to accept this. However, she had to admit that Zhou Xiaoyao was very strong, and would surely have a place amongst the ten great Chosens if she wanted.

Elder Miao chuckled softly and asked, “Wasn’t your initial plans obstructed by Kong Sheng and Ye Ge?”

At the mention of this topic, Li Qingchan felt even more sullen, feeling that everything was going wrong for her. The thousand feet aquatic beast she had her sights on was snatched away by Kong Sheng and Ye Ge, and she had even been interrupted by an intruding Zhou Yuan while she was soaking in her personal hot spring.

“If you can calm down, I will help you mediate.” Said elder Miao.

Li Qingchan’s hands clenched slightly as her expression fluctuated indeterminately. In the end, she reluctantly nodded. She understood that there was no benefit for her to continue kicking up a fuss. After calming down, she knew that she could not possibly murder Zhou Yuan.

Elder Miao breathed a sigh of relief. She was worried that Li Qingchan would chose to be unreasonable and make matters even worse, which would only be disadvantageous towards her.

Hence, she pulled Li Qingchan as they landed in the valley.

She looked towards Yaoyao with a smile and remarked, “No wonder peak master white brow has such a high opinion of you, you are indeed an outstanding talent.”

Yaoyao’s pretty face remained indifferent. She merely glanced behind elder Miao at Li Qingchan, not speaking at all.

Zhou Yuan walked over at this moment and respectfully greeted elder Miao.

“Zhou Yuan, although I do not know why this happened, I believe that you’re not the one who has lost the most, right?” Elder Miao looked towards Zhou Yuan and smiled.

Zhou Yuan’s face was full of awkwardness and embarrassment. He looked towards Li Qingchan, only to see the latter biting into her lips, her bright eyes staring at him like a sword. Of course he wasn’t the one who had lost out the most...

He could only awkwardly nod his head.

“Then are you going to make up for it?” Asked elder Miao.

“All I have are these Dragon Genesis Essence crystals, but they do no meet senior sister Li’s standards.” Zhou Yuan forced a smile. He too did not want to offend Li Qingchan, and it would naturally be best if they could amiably resolve this matter.

Elder Miao waved her hand and said, “Never mind about the Dragon Genesis Essence crystals. I hope that you guys can help out Li Qingchan as compensation, then we can call this matter even, and no one shall ever bring it up again in the future.”

“Help?” Zhou Yuan was taken aback as he looked towards Yaoyao. A puzzled look also flitted across her clear eyes.

Elder Miao nodded and explained with a smile, “Qingchan’s goal is the thousand feet aquatic beast, so I hope to ask for your help.”

Although she was speaking to the two of them, her gaze ultimately paused on Yaoyao’s face, clearly aiming for the latter’s aid.

Yaoyao nonchalantly asked, “Is she unable to deal with a thousand feet aquatic beast?”

Li Qingchan calmly explained, “I can naturally deal with a thousand feet aquatic beast, but am currently obstructed by Kong Shen and Ye Ge’s cooperation.”

“Kong Sheng and Ye Ge?” Zhou Yuan secretly wet his lips. So the two of them were working together to exclude Li Qingchan.

Elder Miao smiled as she nodded. “That’s right. If Yaoyao can help Li Qingchan stop Ye Ge, she will have a chance to compete for the thousand feet aquatic beast.”

By this point, Yaoyao, Li Qingchan and Zhou Yuan were all aware of elder Miao’s intentions.

So she planned on borrowing their power to contend against Kong Sheng and Ye Ge.

Yaoyao’s gaze seemed to sweep toward Li Qingchan.

Li Qingchan was a little unable to shame with the humiliation any further, and somewhat stubborn said, “Elder Miao, I can deal with those two. Moreover, even if I lose this chance, there will still be other opportunities in the future.”

She was not willing to lower her head in front of Yaoyao.

“Both you and Kong Sheng and just that single step from the Divine Dwelling stage. If you yield this chance to Kong Sheng, he will be a step ahead…” Said elder Miao with a solemn expression.

“So I hope that you will not be wilful.”

Li Qingchan’s brows tightly knitted together. In the end, she could only grit her teeth and turn away.

Elder Miao turned towards Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao with a friendly expression and said, “I hope that the two of you can give me face and resolve the conflict you have with Qingchan, while taking this opportunity to turn an enemy into a friend…”

Zhou Yuan let out a bitter laugh. Elder Miao may appear kind and friendly, but she was obviously a formidable person. If they were to reject, based on elder Miao words, they would be disrespecting her as an elder.

Zhou Yuan looked towards Yaoyao and said, “I think you should be the one to decide.”

How could he not know that elder Miao was only concerned about Yaoyao. As for himself, he was at best some kind of accompanying freebie. Thus, he still had to seek Yaoyao’s opinion. If she refused, Zhou Yuan would rather offend Li Qingchan than force Yaoyao to help.

After all, Li Qingchan’s importance was a far cry from Yaoyao’s in his eyes, and he would respect her wishes even if he ended up offending an elder.

Yaoyao fell silent for a brief moment, before gently tapping her jade Genesis Rune Brush on her palm. Her eyes seemed to swirl in thought as the corners of her mouth raised slightly. “We can help… but she has to ask herself.”

Li Qingchan’s eyes immediately widened, her full chest heaving slightly.

Zhou Yuan could not help but place his hand over his eyes.

Big sis, we’ve already reached this stage, can you not cause trouble now!

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