Chapter 312 Face-off Between the Two Girls


The black water dragon collided with the stream of Genesis Qi that gave off a piercing chill, causing a wave of berserk Genesis Qi to sweep outwards. Giant waves rose from the surface of the reservoir, before crashing into the walls of the valley, making the entire place tremble.

Li Qingchan stood in the air above the water, powerful Genesis Qi surging out from her body to block the aftershocks of the clash.

Her brows knitted together slightly as she raised her pretty face and looked in Yaoyao’s direction. The power the latter had displayed earlier had somewhat shaken the former’s heart.

When Li Qingchan finally got a clear view of Yaoyao, she could not help but be stunned. The latter’s appearance and aura had taken away the breath of even someone like herself. This was not Li Qingchan being narcissistic. Over the years, she had grown to clearly understand how beautiful she was, though she was normally not very fond of the title of Cangxuan Sect’s number one beauty that the numerous disciples in the sect had given her.

However, it could not be denied that there was no girl who did not care about appearance.

And now that she had seen Yaoyao, even Li Qingchan could not help but be slightly stunned.

Yaoyao’s appearance and aura was not the least bit inferior to her own, and as a woman, Li Qingchan could even more keenly sense the mysteriousness from Yaoyao’s body.

Both of them were the distant, aloof and indifferent type.

However, Li Qingchan’s indifference was because there were too many people who adored her beauty. All it took was a little nudge, and any male would basically be bowing his head and grovelling at her feet. However, this not only drew the critical opinions of others, but also attracted trouble to herself.

Over the years, there had been no lack of disciples of the opposite sex that had once been quite close to her, only to end up drawing the envy of other disciples and being excluded.

As this continued to occur, Li Qingchan began to withdraw into herself, hiding her feelings and becoming as cold as an ice mountain. She kept her distance with members of the opposite sex, because it would be best for everyone.

Though Yaoyao also appeared indifferent, Li Qingchan could sense that they were different. Yaoyao’s indifference was not due to any person, but seemed to be on an even higher level that originated from her Spirit and bloodline.

Such a feeling was akin to the indifference a man felt towards an ant, because the two were on completely different levels, and hence no need to show any emotion.

Like how a passing person would not care whether an ant would be crushed under his or her foot.

It was this very aura of indifference that made Yaoyao appear increasingly mysterious.

“When did such an individual appear in the Cangxuan Sect?” Remarked Li Qingchan in amazement inside as her gaze focused on Yaoyao.

However, she too was no ordinary person, and quickly banished such thoughts. Her eyes were suffused with iciness as she turned towards the nearby Zhou Yuan and coldly said with a face covered in frost, “You intend to protect this pervert?”

“Pervert?” Yaoyao’s eyebrows raised slightly as she cast a glance at Zhou Yuan.

She did not know what Zhou Yuan had done to be addressed in such a manner.

Zhou Yuan hastily began to explain, “Senior sister Li, I’ve tried to explain before. I was only trying to find a place to rest on the surface, and did not know that you would be there… you should understand how misty the reservoir is. I have no way of knowing the situation above.”

While he was speaking, Zhou Yuan lowered his head in shame, concentrating really hard not to let himself recall the scene from before. He was afraid he would have a nosebleed if he did not control his thoughts, and if that happened, this woman would surely never forgive him even after he died.

Even though he tried to explain, Li Qingchan had no intentions of letting this matter rest. Her frosty face stared daggers at Zhou Yuan, while her teeth loudly grinded together.

“Stop trying to make up excuses you pervert!” Li Qingchan’s gaze shot towards Zhou Yuan like an arrow as she icily said, “Follow me to the disciplinary hall on the charge of trespassing on a Chosen’s personal territory!”

She was originally going to say he had peeked at her while she was soaking in the hot spring, but how could she possibly reveal this matter!

Zhou Yuan hurriedly shook his head. If he went to the disciplinary hall, things would surely end badly for him, especially given Li Qingchan’s status. When that happened, suffering would be inevitable.

“Whether you go or not is not up to you!” Li Qingchan’s tone was ice-cold. With a jerk of her white sleeve, deadly and icy Genesis Qi unfurled, transforming into a snow dragon that roared as it charged towards Zhou Yuan.


However, the moment the snow dragon began its charge, thunder clouds gathered in the sky above as bolts of lightning descended with violence, blasting the snow dragon one after another.

Yaoyao stood on the beach, indifference in her pupils as she looked at Li Qingchan while a Genesis Rune scroll turned to ashes in her hand.

Yaoyao nonchalantly said, “Whether he goes or not, is not up to you either.”

From the earlier exchange between the two, she already had a faint idea of what had transpired. However, she understood what kind of person Zhou Yuan was, and knew that his character was not despicable. She was certain that he would not be so shameless as to intentionally try to peek at another.

Though the girl before her was pretty, her attacks had been extremely vicious, and Yaoyao was naturally not going to stand by the sidelines and allow the former to take Zhou Yuan away.

“Humph, do you think that I’m afraid of you?! From how you keep taking his side, you two must be in cahoots! I’ll capture the both of you and send you to the disciplinary hall.” Yaoyao’s repeated obstruction had began to anger Li Qingchan. No one had ever dared to treat her in such a manner ever since she became one of the Chosens.

Girls, especially beautiful ones, would often times subconsciously compare themselves. Hence, Li Qingchan was very unwilling to concede anything in front of Yaoyao.

“Then we’ll see if you’re capable enough.” Yaoyao remained indifferent, but was clearly strongly opposed to the former, not prepared to give even an inch.

For a time, the two faced each other with icy gazes, and even the air around seemed to freeze.

Li Qingchan icily stared at Yaoyao, a slight trace of graveness surging in the depths of her eyes. Although Yaoyao’s Genesis Qi undulations were weak, the Spirit power accumulating between her brows was an indication of its power. Moreover, her mastery over Genesis Runes felt quite immeasurable.

This unreasonably pretty girl was clearly going to be an extremely troublesome opponent. Li Qingchan had a feeling that if it was purely Genesis Rune mastery, even Ye Ge was not better.

When had such a monster appeared in the Cangxuan Sect? Given the girl’s strength, she should be qualified to vie for a spot in the ten great Chosens.

Numerous thoughts swirled in her head, but were ultimately brought under control by Li Qingchan. No matter how strong this girl was, the former was not going to let this matter rest so easily.

Li Qingchan was after all an extremely proud person. After suffering such a huge loss of modesty, if she was unable to even capture the culprit and allowed him to be saved by someone else, it would undoubtedly be a disgrace.

Therefore, she needed to capture Zhou Yuan no matter the cost.


Poweful Genesis Qi began to erupt from Li Qingchan’s body at this moment, instantly freezing the water under her feet as a storm of ice and snow gathered on her hand.

The temperature plummeted, so low that even snow started to appear.

An indescribable pressure spread from Li Qingchan’s slender body.

It was obvious that Li Qingchan was no longer going to hold anything back.

Yaoyao’s eyes narrowed for an instant as the Spirit light between her brows began to shake. A green jade Genesis Rune Brush appeared in her hand as ancient glowing runes began to appear around her body, revolving around her.

Although she had no Genesis Qi, anyone could feel a heart palpitating aura brewing.

Two girls faced each other, one standing in the air over the reservoir, while the other stood on the rocks on the beach.

Hostility swirled like a storm between them.

Zhou Yuan’s scalp turned numb at this sight. He did not know how huge of a commotion would be caused if the two were to fight, but it would be terrible for him no matter who ended up injured.

At such a time, he could only pluck up his courage and try to stop them.

Hence, Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth as he took a step forward and said in a stern voice, “Both of you stop!”

However, his imposing shout merely drew Yaoyao and Li Qingchan’s piercingly icy gazes as their cold voices followed, 


Zhou Yuan’s presence was instantly frozen, the expression on his face turning rigid, before he let out an awkward laugh under their frosty gazes, raising both his hands high in the air as he repeated stepped backwards.

“Hehe, you two can have your fun…”

There was nothing he could do. One he could not afford to offend, the other he could not beat.

On his shoulder, Tuntun disdainfully looked towards Zhou Yuan as if questioning, ‘are you really a man?’

Zhou Yuan merely returned the look, ‘You can go ahead and try.’

Tuntun snorted, as if saying ‘I’m not the one who caused this.’

Zhou Yuan ignored it, merely anxiously watching the increasingly hostile atmosphere between the two girls. This is really, really bad.

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