Chapter 311 Chased Again

The misty waters of the reservoir were silent as usual.


The silence was suddenly broken. One could only watch as an ethereal figure zoomed past, the Golden Genesis Qi at his feet propelling him forward as he desperately fled at a speed so fast that he was basically cutting through the water.

This figure was naturally Zhou Yuan.

His complexion was currently rather pale, while his scalp was still numb from before. The sight from earlier had really been a huge shock to him.

He never expected that he would encounter Li Qingchan soaking in a hot spring at the random spot he chose to surface for a rest!

The killing intent spewing from that woman’s gaze earlier was practically on the verge of materializing in reality.

“I’m finished!” Zhou Yuan could not stop grieving at his situation.


The water behind him was suddenly ripped apart. Zhou Yuan looked back, only to be horrified by the sight Li Qingchan rapidly breaking through the water, frightening Genesis Qi whizzing around her body.

From the chilling aura of murder around her, it was obvious that she would not let this go.

Even while separated by a substantial amount of water, Zhou Yuan could still feel Li Qingchan’s murderous gaze lock onto him from afar.

It was a gaze that made a chill fill Zhou Yuan’s entire body, causing him to frantically circulate his Genesis Qi, pushing his speed to the limit as he made his crazed escape.

However, no matter how much he accelerated, Li Qingchan remained close on his heels, killing intent angrily churning around her.

“Senior sister Li, it wasn’t intentional! I didn’t know there would be someone on the surface!” Wrapped in Genesis Qi, Zhou Yuan’s voice was transmitted towards Li Qingchan in an attempt to calm her.

However, Li Qingchan ignored his words, her only response the intensifying murder in her eyes. With a grasp of her hand, Genesis Qi rose, transforming into countless lotus petals whose edges flickered with an eerily cold light.

Swish swish!

The blade like petals shot forth, aimed at Zhou Yuan’s vitals.

The icy sensation at this back alarmed Zhou Yuan, and he immediately began pushing his Ethereal Form to its peak. At the same time, Magical Python Scales swiftly covered his body as he desperately dodged left and right, narrowly avoiding the Genesis Qi petals.

Even though he had not been hit, the force from the petals that sliced past had drawn several light cuts on his skin.

“She’s crazy!”

Zhou Yuan’s complexion turned green with fear. Li Qingchan had shown no mercy, and had clearly already lost some of her rationality.

This also told Zhou Yuan that it was impossible to reason with her.

The best thing to do for now was to escape, and at the very minimum wait for Li Qingchan to calm down first before trying to talk. If she caught him, Zhou Yuan had the sinking feeling that he would be killed on the spot...

On Zhou Yuan’s shoulder, Tuntun watched with a gloating expression, clearly showing no intentions of helping.

With regards to Tuntun, all Zhou Yuan could do was send it a vicious, flesh-cutting glare as he accelerated again.

As such, a chase played out in the waters of the reservoir, both pursuer and the pursued giving it their all. The disturbance gave rise to giant waves, and the duo would occasionally encounter other disciples along the way. However, all of the disciples would hurriedly get out of the way at the sight of the murderous-looking Li Qingchan, astonishment on their faces as they watched the two go.

“Eh? Isn’t that senior sister Li Qingchan?”

“Who is she chasing?”

“I don’t recognize him… but from the looks of it, senior sister Qingchan is very angry. What did he do to offend her?”

“He deserves it. I can’t believe that he dared to anger senior sister Qingchan. He’d better hope he doesn’t meet me or I will catch him and bring him before senior sister Qingchan to atone for his crimes!”

“Hehe, with senior sister Qingchan personally in pursuit, there’s no way that he’s going to escape.”


Though Zhou Yuan encountered many disciples along the way, what made him despair was that not a single one had any intentions of helping him, instead casting unkind gazes at him.

“All of them are bastards!” Zhou Yuan cursed inside.

Behind him, Li Qingchan’s face was a little surprised as she gazed at Zhou Yuan’s figure. She had realised that even after chasing for so long, she was still unable to catch up to him.

This was somewhat inconceivable to her.

She could sense that Zhou Yuan was merely at the second layer Alpha-Origin, someone whom she could basically squash with a single palm. However, why was she unable to catch up?

Moreover, travelling in the Genesis reservoir was extremely taxing on one’s Genesis Qi. Ordinarily speaking, a second layer disciple should have run out of steam long ago, and yet Zhou Yuan seemed to have plenty of Genesis Qi left.

“No matter who you are, I will not easily let you off today!” Li Qingchan’s face was covered in frost. This was the first time she had experienced something like this. The mere thought that everything had been seen by this bastard who had suddenly appeared made rage and embarrassment surge in his heart, nearly destroying whatever rationality she had left.

Iciness flashed in her eyes as she locked onto Zhou Yuan’s figure.

Her hand abruptly formed a seal, and vigorous Genesis Qi immediately swept out. It swiftly gathered together, forming a half foot tall snow lotus.

The snow lotus was vivid and lifelike, ancient patterns adorning each of its petals. An intense cold spread from it, instantly freezing the surrounding water.

“Heaven Genesis technique, Snow Lotus Sealing technique!”

She showed no mercy, directly activating an alarmingly powerful Heaven Genesis technique.


The snow lotus trembled faintly. In the next instant, it transformed into a flash of white as it shot forth, freezing the surrounding waters wherever it passed...

A torrential wave of coldness swept forth, causing Zhou Yuan’s expression to change drastically. His speed was affected, gradually slowing down.

He looked back as his pupils abruptly shrank.

The incoming snow lotus was too alarmingly quick, making it basically impossible for him to dodge.

The piercing chill from it made him feel life threatening danger. If he was hit, there was no doubt that he would be instantly frozen.

Zhou Yuan looked towards his shoulder at Tuntun, who was clearly enjoying itself, as he said through gritted teeth, “If you keep watching, our collaboration will be over!”

Tuntun unhappily snorted twice, as if saying that you were clearly the one who drew this trouble, why did it have to clean up after!

“Less nonsense, quick!” Bellowed Zhou Yuan.

The corners of Tuntun’s mouth curled downwards in disapproval, but it still stood up on its legs. After all, it could not possibly just idly watch Zhou Yuan be slaughtered...

It turned around, looking towards the incoming ice snow lotus as its mouth suddenly opened. Mysterious black light rapidly converged, ultimately condensing into a ball of incomparable darkness that was sent shooting out.


The black ball and snow lotus smashed into each other, but no noise sounded from their collision. The chilling aura turned sluggish, before ultimately vanishing along with the balck ball.

Behind them, Li Qingchan was shocked by this sight, this turn of events clearly out of her expectations. How could she have expected her attack to be negated by the little creature on Zhou Yuan’s shoulder.

Zhou Yuan took advantage of this opportunity to accelerate and flee for his life, scuttling out of Li Qingchan’s sights.

Li Qingchan’s eyes grew even colder as she watched him run away.

“Do you think that this will allow you to escape?”

Genesis Qi exploded beneath her feet as her figure also cut through the water, relentlessly giving chase.


At a certain valley by the reservoir.


The water was suddenly torn open as Zhou Yuan’s figure miserably jumped out. He looked towards the faintly misty beach and hissed, “Big sis Yaoyao, save me!”

However, his face immediately turned rigid the moment these words left his mouth.

He had seen Yaoyao with half of her fair, lovely shoulder revealed on the beach, just so happening to be in the process of removing her clothes for a soak in the reservoir.

Zhou Yuan’s face twitched madly. What was it with him and soaking today?!

While Zhou Yuan was stunned, Yaoyao’s indifferent gaze swept over as the clothes that were about to be fully removed were swiftly worn again. Her bare feet began to walk along the rocks on the beach, the wet clothes on her body outlining a set of soul stirring curves.

“Zhou Yuan…”

Yaoyao gently reached out a hand as a Genesis Rune scroll appeared within it. She looked at Zhou Yuan and said in a soft voice, “I feel that you’ve become quite bold recently, right?”

Zhou Yuan’s face was filled with grief.

Was it because he killed too many aquatic beasts earlier? Why was he so unlucky! This was retribution, wasn’t it?


While Zhou Yuan was still submerged in his intense sorrow, the water behind him was abruptly torn open as a pillar of water shot into the sky. At the same time, a stream of berserk Genesis Qi shot out, viciously striking at Zhou Yuan.

“Die pervert!” An ice cold voice sounded. Li Qingchan had obviously caught up at last.

This sudden turn of events stunned Yaoyao. However, she soon frowned when she sensed the power behind the Genesis Qi that was aimed at Zhou Yuan. An attack of this level was not within Zhou Yuan’s threshold. Who exactly was this ruthless person?

With a jerk of her hand, the Genesis Rune scroll immediately began to burn as berserk Genesis Qi erupted.

Genesis Qi whizzed out like a roaring black water dragon, smashing into the stream of Genesis Qi that was shooting towards Zhou Yuan, causing an alarming storm of energy to sweep outwards...

Waves ten thousand feet high rose as Yaoyao indifferently looked towards the pretty figure that had attacked, while a cold voice followed,

“He’s mine, and you don’t have the right to touch him.”

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