Chapter 310 Out of the Water into Disaster


Reservoir water heaved and churned as waves of berserk Genesis Qi pulsed violently. It was as if something had torn through the water in a ten thousand feet radius, leaving a giant gaping hole that immediately began filling from the surrounding water, creating a giant whirlpool.

Zhou Yuan stood far away, watching the imminent battle with interest.

It was going to be a clash between Tuntun and the eight hundred feet aquatic beast.

Normally speaking, an aquatic beast that had reached such lengths would be an object of extreme terror to even seventh layer Alpha-Origin disciples, disciples that were basically qualified to contest for the chief disciple seat.

However, an aquatic beast with such strength was currently an exceedingly sorry state, because it had encountered an existence even more terrifying than itself today...

Tuntun was nowhere near as big as the eight hundred feet beast, but the aquatic beast was thoroughly suppressed at every clash, barely able to put up any resistance. Moreover, it was obvious that Tuntun was toying with it.

“The little guy is quite something.”

Praised Zhou Yuan with a click of his tongue. The outcome of the fight was already clear from the get-go.

In the end, it turned out exactly as expected. Tuntun was done playing after several minutes, and black light appeared with a slash of its claw.


Five giant claws tore through the water, shooting straight into the dark depths at the bottom of the reservoir.

The eight hundred feet aquatic beast was violently ripped to shreds.

Zhou Yuan drifted over and waved his sleeve, causing a head-sized Dragon Genesis Essence crystal to slowly rise up in the water. Golden liquid flowed within it, the thickness far beyond any of the Dragon Genesis Essence from before, making Zhou Yuan stare at it with desire.

He very carefully kept the Dragon Genesis Essence Crystal as he said to Tuntun, “I’ll keep it first, we’ll split it later.”

Tuntun did not raise any objections. It had already eaten too much Dragon Genesis Essence today.

Zhou Yuan stretched his back, a little tired after so much hunting. “Let’s find a place to reorganize and rest for a while before we continue.”

Tuntun snorted disdainfully, as if saying that Zhou Yuan was really useless.

Zhou Yuan paid no attention to it. He randomly chose a direction and began zooming away on his Genesis Qi.


A certain location in the Genesis reservoir.

Several towering mountains partitioned the surface of the reservoir, creating a lush valley. Near the top of the valley, a bamboo house was barely discernible through the mists.

Li Qingchan stood on a cliff nearby, her gaze somewhat cold as she peered into the distance. It should be about time for Kong Sheng and Ye Ge to find the thousand feet aquatic beast.

“Those two bastards!” Mumbled Li Qingchan to herself.

“Senior sister Qingchan, are you really not going to contest for the thousand feet aquatic beast?” Behind her were several pretty female disciples who were also from the Snow Lotus Peak.

This district belonged to Li Qingchan, and other disciples could only enter with her permission.

Some of the female disciples were quite close to Li Qingchan, and had obviously found out about the matter regarding Kong Sheng and Ye Ge’s cooperation from her.

Li Qingchan’s pretty face was calm as she replied, “Since I can’t win, why should I force myself.”

If there was only Kong Sheng, she would at least be able to put up a fight, but when Ye Ge was added in, there was really nothing she could achieve. As such, there was no need to be stubborn.

Though she was admittedly still a little unwilling to accept this outcome.

“Ye Ge is so loathsome, we never had any quarrel with him.” Remarked one of the female disciples.

“A loss is a loss. It just means that I was not as prepared as Kong Sheng.” Li Qingchan shook her head, not willing to speak any further on the topic. “You guys should make use of this time to search for Dragon Genesis Essence.”

The female disciples exchanged a look, before nodding as they withdrew.

Now that it was peaceful again, Li Qingchan lifted her head and sighed. Her slender fingers clenched into fists, clearly still slightly upset inside. After all, she had been preparing for a long time.

With a gently push, her figure seemed to float down the cliff, landing beside a hot spring within the valley. This place was off limits to everyone else but herself, and even the Snow Lotus Peak disciples she had allowed into the valley could not enter.

Li Qingchan gently undid the sash on her waist, causing the white skirt to slip down to the ground. Under the faint sunlight, an exquisite figure in inner garments was revealed.

A neck as slender as a swan leading to a set of elegant collarbones and two towering soft mounds. Her tiny slender waist made one unable to resist wrapping an arm around it, while her long legs were astonishingly sleek and slim. Even another girl would find her heart beating a little harder at the sight of such an amazing figure.

The erotic sight made the entire valley appear brighter.

Li Qingchan gently stepped into the hot spring, soaking her body in its warm waters. Her red lips rose slightly in delight, as her usually frosty face softened.


A body glowing with youthfulness was masked only by the light reflection off the water. Li Qingchan’s fine black hair sprawled across the surface of the spring as she leaned against its sides, her lovely body completely relaxed.

Li Qingchan slowly said, “Kong Sheng, Ye Ge… I’ll make sure to settle this debt with you guys in the future.”

Her eyes slowly closed, enjoying every moment of comfort.

The valley was exceptionally silent and peaceful, only the sound of the flowing breeze to be heard.

In the hot spring, the goddess seemed to fall into a deep sleep, painting the gorgeous sight of a sleeping beauty that could cause the downfall of nations.


The silence lasted for a long time, until a certain moment came where the surface of the spring seemed to ripple for an instant.

Li Qingchan’s long eyelashes trembled faintly as she somewhat lazily opened her eyes. Likely because she had just woken up, her response was much slower than usual as she dazedly stared at the ripples on the water in front of her.


The ripples grew bigger and bigger, before the water surface was suddenly torn open as a figure jumped out.

“Phew… I’m out at least!”

A voice sounded as the figure wiped away the water on its face, before beginning to scan its surroundings, while a little creature lazily lay on its shoulder.

It was obviously Zhou Yuan and Tuntun.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze curiously swept around, but immediately froze a split second later as his eyes gradually widened.

He had caught sight of the gorgeous figure in the spring.

The gazes of the two met, both somewhat dazed.

Li Qingchan was stunned, unable to stop herself from rubbing her eyes. The scene before was so shocking that she was unable to process it for the moment.

It was also at this moment that Zhou Yuan saw her beautiful face.

It was as if a bomb had gone off his head, instantly numbing his scalp.

Li Qingchan!

Not even in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that after travelling in the reservoir for a good half the day, he would encounter Li Qingchan soaking in the hot spring here!

What kind of luck was this?!

Luck that would be the death of him!

“God damnit…” Zhou Yuan’s voice was already trembling.

He had just sensed an alarmingly icy aura spread from Li Qingchan’s body at this moment. This was genuine killing intent.

Zhou Yuan suddenly felt pain from his ear the moment he was engulfed by the icy aura. Tuntun had given him a vicious nip, jolting him back to his senses.

He immediately submerged without the slightest shred of hesitation as a terrified shout rang out, “I’m blind, I can’t see anything!”

He fled the moment he popped back into the water, not even daring to glance backwards.

Zhou Yuan’s escape fully awakened Li Qingchan, her face turning so cold that frost was nearly about to form as her body trembled with rage. She never imagined that someone would suddenly appear like disaster from the sky when she was soaking in the hot spring. Her teeth clattered loudly as she beckoned with a hand, causing her skirt to fly from the edge of the spring and wrap around her body.


In the next instant, terrifying Genesis Qi exploded from her body without any reservation.


Her figure shot forth, the water before her forcefully ripped apart by her terrifying Genesis Qi as she dived in like a bolt of thunder, churning with killing intent as she made a beeline for the frantically fleeing Zhou Yuan.

“Die you pervert!”

A voice so cold that it penetrated all the way into the bone pierced through the water, booming right on Zhou Yuan’s heels.

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