Chapter 309 Battle of the Chosens

Mists drifted over the endless Genesis reservoir.

A figure in white descended from the sky, landing on one of the towering peaks that rose from the waters. Her pupils scanned the surroundings, as if searching for something.

A breeze blew past, lifting a skirt adorned with lotus patterns while also revealing a set of enchanting curves.

It was obviously Li Qingchan.

Her eyes widened slightly all of a sudden as a cold voice rang out, “What is the great Chosen of the Spirit Rune Peak sneaking about for?”

As her voice spread, the mist behind her began to dissipate as a young man in daoist robes walked over on the water. It was number nine of the ten great Chosens, Ye Ge.

He gazed at Li Qingchan, somewhat helplessly scratching his head and said, “Senior sister Qingchan truly has sharp senses.”

Li Qingchan shot a look at him, faint iciness swirling in her pupils as she said with an expressionless face, “Ye Ge, why are you following me?”

Ye Ge chuckled and replied, “Senior sister Qingchan, I merely want to discuss something with you…”

Li Qingchan flatly asked, “What is it?”

“Could you give up on the thousand feet aquatic beast this time?” Le Ge smiled awkwardly.

Li Qingchan’s eyes narrowed slightly as the icy aura around her grew colder and colder, so cold that even the surrounding air began to freeze.

She frostily stared at Ye Ge. “Ye Ge, do you feel that you have the qualifications to say such words to me?”

Her goal was that very thousand feet aquatic beast. If she succeeded in hunting it, she would be able to obtain an eight dragons baptism, which would undoubtedly raise her strength.

In response to Li Qingchan’s icy gaze, Ye Ge took two steps back as he spread out his hands and said, “Senior sister Qingchan, my words alone definitely won’t be enough to stop you… but I’ve only come here for one reason, to return a favor.”

Li Qingchan’s brows furrowed. She soon understood, causing her pretty face to turn frostier as she confirmed, “Kong Sheng?”

The appearance of the thousand feet aquatic beast had been very timely, coinciding nicely with the period where the other Chosens were either away on missions or stuck in secluded cultivation. She, Kong Sheng and Ye Ge were the only three Chosens available in the entire sect, making it less competitive than usual. Especially since Chu Qing would not give up on such a good opportunity if he were here.

After all, thousand feet aquatic beasts usually hid themselves in the depths of the Genesis reservoir, and even Chosens like them would be hard pressed to find any.

Now that signs of a thousand feet aquatic beast had appeared, Chosens like them would naturally take action.

Ye Ge shrugged helplessly. The truth was that he did not want to involve himself in a matter like this, but he did owe Kong Sheng a favor, making it impossible for him to reject.

Li Qingchan’s pretty face turned frostier and frostier, hostility rising in her eyes as she stared at Ye Ge. Since he wanted to help Kong Sheng, she may as well get rid of him here.

However, the moment this thought rose in her heart, she sensed formidable sword Qi rise from the mist in the distance, like a hiding dragon that already had her in its sights.

“Kong Sheng!”

Li Qingchan’s face turned towards the sword Qi, frost practically spewing from her eyes. Kong Sheng was obviously nearby, ready to stop her from dispatching his ally.

“Senior sister Qingchan, I hope that you can give this chance to Kong Sheng. There will be another opportunity next time.” Urged Ye Ge.

Fury flashed in Li Qingchan’s eyes. She had originally believed Ye Ge to be after the thousand foot aquatic beast too, and not a helper invited by Kong Sheng. Moreover, none of the Chosens she had better relations with were currently present.

Given her strength, she would be equally matched with Kong Sheng, but if another one of the ten Chosens such as Ye Ge was added into the mix, her defeat was guaranteed.

Though the ten Chosens were ranked according to strength, there was not a huge gap between them.

Hence, she would indeed have no chance if Kong Sheng and Ye Ge were to join hands.

However, she was really unwilling to give up like this.

Li Qingchan’s expression fluctuated indeterminately as the icy aura around her grew sharper and colder.

Ye Ge hurriedly retreated several steps. With a wave of his sleeve, the space around him began to distort as the complicated runes on his clothes glowed, ready to activate at any moment.

In the depths of the mist, sword Qi grew sharper and sharper as the faint buzz of a sword echoed.

A grand battle between Chosens was on the verge of erupting.

When the hostility in the air reached its peak, however, the Genesis Qi undulations from Li Qingchan’s body suddenly weakened. Her face was ice-cold as she shot a glance at Ye Ge and the sword Qi in the mist, before letting out an icy snort and turning to leave.

“Kong Sheng, Ye Ge, I will not forget this!”

She had ultimately chosen to do the rational thing and give up.

After all, if she were to take on the two of them alone, the one who would suffer in the end was her.

Ye Ge breathed a sigh of relief as he watched Li Qingchan leave. She was after all very popular in the sect, and there were quite a few amongst the ten Chosens who adored her. If they really ended up fighting here, there would surely be trouble in the future.

However, from the looks of it, they had still offended her.

Ye Ge let out a bitter laugh before turning towards the mist. “I’ve returned my debt, the two of no longer owe each other anything.”

The cry of a sword sounded in the depths of the mist, as if responding to Ye Ge.



A herd of enormous aquatic beasts hissed in the reservoir as berserk undulations unfurled, creating enormous waves.

At this current moment, two glowing figures were shooting through the pack, aquatic beast after beast exploding wherever they passed...

The two glowing figures were naturally Zhou Yuan and Tuntun.

Ever since Tuntun had joined him, Zhou Yuan no longer had anything to fear. He boldly advanced, drawing numerous aquatic beasts to them. However, the ultimate outcome that awaited all of the aquatic beasts was being turned into Dragon Genesis Essence crystals, before being split between Zhou Yuan and Tuntun...

The intense battle was over in a short few minutes

Zhou Yuan swiftly swept the battlefield, collecting another few dozen Dragon Genesis Essence crystals that were of pretty high quality.

“Not bad.”

Zhou Yuan was full of praise. He already had more than enough Dragon Genesis Essence crystals to achieve a six dragon baptism, but it was still not sufficient to reach seven dragons. According to senior brother Zhou Tai, a seven dragon baptism was no longer an issue of number. Instead, the Dragon Genesis Essence crystal of a seven hundred feet aquatic beast was required as a primer of sorts.

In the face of such an entity, most of the purple sash disciples could only retreat.

However, this was not really a problem for Zhou Yuan, because there was an existence at this side that was even more terrifying than the seventh layer Alpha-Origin...

“But it’s not easy to find a seven hundred feet aquatic beast. We’ve yet to meet a single one…” Mumbled Zhou Yuan.

While he was mumbling, the battle mode Tuntun beside him suddenly released a low growl.

Zhou Yuan abruptly lowered his head in alarm, looking towards the deep darkness of the Genesis reservoir.

The waters there suddenly began to churn, as if a giant wave was rapidly approaching. Next, Zhou Yuan saw a titan of an aquatic beast slowly rise from the darkness.

Its size had exceeded seven hundred feet, reaching a total of eight hundred feet!

Zhou Yuan could not help but swallow as he gazed upon the giant creature, before slowly backing away as he said with a solemn face, “Tuntun, go and get it!”

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