Chapter 308 Perfect Teamwork

In the mist filled waters of the reservoir.

Zhou Yuan zoomed past on his golden Genesis Qi, rapidly cutting through the water. Tuntun lay on his shoulder, its eyes lazily scanning their surroundings.

Zhou Yuan was brimming with confidence again, no longer worried about having to flee from the aquatic beasts.

“When we encounter them later, I’ll try to take them on first. If there’s any aquatic beast I can’t handle, it’ll be your turn.” The culture form Heavenly Yuan Brush nimbly spun between Zhou Yuan’s figures as he grinned.

Tuntun looked at him disdainfully. Acting so dignified, you’re clearly just leaving the tough bones for me.

“They’ve come so quickly.”

Zhou Yuan did not bicker with Tuntun, raising his head instead as he looked to the front with slightly narrowed eyes. The waters there were rippling as enormous aquatic beast after beast began to appear.

Those translucent eyes were overflowing with greed and desire.

*Stomach grumble*!

Bubbles rose from the mouths of the aquatic beasts. In the next instant, the reservoir waters were ripped apart as their titanic bodies madly charged towards Zhou Yuan.

“Just a group of two hundred feet aquatic beasts.” Zhou Yuan icily chuckled as golden Genesis Qi rose from his body, and completely wrapped around him.


His figure also shot forward, the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand rapidly expanding as its snow-white brush hairs pulsed dangerously, transforming into countless after images that surrounded the numerous aquatic beasts.

Thud! Thud!

The water rippled violently, blown away by the powerful force as an empty space was created.

Zhou Yuan charged into the herd of aquatic beasts, his attacks deadly and powerful, every thrust of the brush piercing an aquatic beast.

The battle was over in a few minutes, all that remained were golden Dragon Genesis Essence crystals floating in the water. Half of them were swept up into his sleeves, while he tossed the other half towards Tuntun.

Tuntun opened its mouth, gulping down all of them as a satisfied look surfaced in its eyes.

While man and beast enjoyed their harvest, Zhou Yuan’s expression changed, catching sight of giant aquatic beasts swarming towards them from all directions.

The dozen beasts leading the pack had all reached lengths of five hundred feet.

This was even more than the horde that had chased him previously.

This time, however, Zhou Yuan did not flee in panic, instead patting Tuntun on his shoulder as he said, “Hey, now that you’ve eaten, it's time to work.”

On his shoulder, Tuntun seemed to yawn lazily as its gaze swept across the giant aquatic beasts that were enclosing around them, before jumping off and standing in front of Zhou Yuan.

The water around it gradually began to boil.

A terrifying Genesis Qi undulation slowly spread from its body.

Its tiny body began to grow little by little, transforming from a little dog-like creature into a mysterious and ferocious beast wearing golden scale armor.

When Tuntun took on this form, the aquatic beasts around them froze for a moment, as if being suppressed. Although they were not Genesis Beasts but existences born from dragon Qi, they were still unable to avoid the pressure.

It was akin to the unease felt by a lower life form in the face of a superior being.

The dozen five hundred feet aquatic beasts grew a little restless and hesitant, but in the end, their eyes still locked onto Zhou Yuan’s body. The Genesis Qi from the latter held a fatal attraction to them.

The desire won over the unease and pressure they felt from Tuntun.

*Stomach Rumble*!

In the next moment, the numerous aquatic beasts roared as their shadows loomed. The berserk Genesis Qi bursting out from their bodies causing giant waves to form.

Tuntun watched them charge over as its front paw lightly stepped forward in the water. Its huge mouth opened, mysterious black light flowing within it.

Strands of black began to converge, ultimately taking the shape of a half foot wide black ball.

Not a single glimmer of light could be seen on the black ball, and any light that shined on it seemed to immediately be devoured, making it an extremely bizarre sight that gave one an exceedingly dangerous sensation.


Tuntun’s head suddenly swung as the half foot wide black ball was sent hurtling towards the dozen or so five hundred feet long aquatic beasts.


The ball was extremely quick, and seemed to pierce through space itself, appearing in the center of the dozen five hundred feet aquatic beasts. Next, it began to spin as a terrifying suction force exploded.

The water around was immediately poured into it, creating a giant whirlpool with the black ball at its center.

The dozen aquatic beasts were caught in the range of the frightening suction force. They struggled frantically as Genesis Qi surged out, but were unable to free themselves. All they could do was watch helplessly as they were pulled closer and closer to the ball, before ultimately touching it...


At the instant of contact, wails of despair exploded from the aquatic beasts as their enormous bodies began to shrink at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, ultimately transforming into a flash of light as they were sucked into the black ball, wiped clean from existence by its pure darkness...

In the short span of a few breaths, a dozen aquatic beasts comparable to fifth layer Alpha-Origin experts had vanished, leaving only a dozen fist-sized Dragon Genesis Essence crystals floating in the water around the black ball.

Zhou Yuan was dumbstruck as he watched this scene.

Who could have imagined that a dozen fifth layer Alpha-Origin aquatic beasts would be so easily exterminated...

Just how much strength did one need to achieve this feat?

Zhou Yuan gave an odd look to the shrinking Tuntun. Just what kind of Genesis Beast was this little fellow. To think that it would be so powerful.

Tuntun sensed Zhou Yuan’s stunned gaze, causing a pleased look to rise in its eyes. It leaped onto his shoulder and extended a paw, pointing towards the floating Dragon Genesis Essence crystals, clearly indicating for him to go collect their battle spoils.

Zhou Yuan shrugged and swam forward, his eyes burning with excitement as he kept the dozen fist-sized Dragon Genesis Essence crystals.

Just these dozen crystals alone should be enough for him to reach the five dragon baptism.

If it was before, Zhou Yuan would perhaps be satisfied by this. But now that he had a strong aide in Tuntun, the five dragon rank was no longer able to sate his appetite.

Zhou Yuan wet his lips and grinned, “Good boy Tuntun. The two of us truly are perfect partners.”

However, Tuntun merely shot him a disdainful look, as if saying that it was the one doing all the work, while his job was merely to tidy up after.

Its pupils swivelled in thought, before it suddenly extended a paw and gestured that they should split the goods forty to sixty. It was actually planning to change the previous agreement, and wanted to have a sixty percent share.

Zhou Yuan was exasperated. Little bastard, you dare to take advantage of me?

He tossed and caught the Dragon Genesis Essence crystals in his hand as he smiled, “Don’t think that you should have the bigger share because you’re a better fighter. Without me, these aquatic beasts would be concealing themselves in the reservoir, making it nearly impossible for you to find them. Do you really think it will be so easy to kill an entire group of them then?”

Tuntun was stunned, before somewhat dejectedly laying down on Zhou Yuan’s shoulder. It seems that Zhou Yuan contribution was not small.

Hence, it could only whimper twice, acknowledging the fifty-fifty agreement.

“Little guy, do you think that I have no way to deal with you.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips curled upwards when he saw this, before continuing to speed forward on his golden Genesis Qi.

As he gazed at the misty waters, an ambitious fire burned in his eyes. With Tuntun’s help, he felt that he may be able to try for six dragons, or even a seven dragons baptism...

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