Chapter 307 Helper

In the valley by the shore, Yaoyao raised her arms and stretched as she let out a yawn in response to Zhou Yuan’s wide eyed stare, revealing the perfect curves of her lovely body.

However, Zhou Yuan was not in the mood to admire them at this moment, merely continuing to stare at Yaoyao in bewilderment.

“The aquatic beasts here are born from the dragon Qi emitted from the Origin Dragon Vein. Although they possess no intelligence, they are still able to act according to instinct.” Yaoyao gently swung her fair feet, beads of crystal like water droplets sliding down her legs, dazzling brilliantly under the sunlight.

“The Omni Python Qi on your body has its roots in the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, and in a certain sense also contains dragon Qi. Moreover, its dragon Qi that is closest to the original.”

“That’s why the natural pressure everyone else has to withstand in the Genesis reservoir does not have much of an effect on you.”

“And it is also due to the Omni Python Qi that these aquatic beasts have been chasing you. In their eyes, you are the most delicious of delicacies, and if they manage to eat you, they may even become sentient, allowing them to transform into a true living creature instead of their current existence where they can only act on instinct.”

There was a sliver of amusement in Yaoyao’s eyes as she gazed at Zhou Yuan and continued, “While you want to obtain the Dragon Genesis Essence in their bodies, they too are also thinking about eating all the time.”

Zhou Yuan was stunned for a moment. Although he had an inkling that this was the case, only after hearing Yaoyao’s explanation did he truly understand the reason.

So the Ancestral Dragon Scripture was the culprit.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Said Zhou Yuan in a slightly peeved manner.

Yaoyao was clearly in the know long ago, but had chosen not to inform him. It was obvious that she wanted to watch him make a fool of himself.

Yaoyao placed a hand on the tip of her snow-white chin, her beautiful eyes lowering slightly as she answered, “If I tell you everything, life would be so boring.”

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes as he sat down and said in a slightly depressed manner, “What do I do now, I’ll only draw a horde of aquatic beasts if I enter the Genesis reservoir.”

The key reason was that the aquatic beats he attracted kept growing in numbers and strength. With his current strength, he really could not handle them.

Zhou Yuan let out a deep sigh as he retrieved a bottle filled with Dragon Genesis Essence crystals. These were the spoils of his hard work from earlier, and were likely only enough for him to achieve a four dragons rank Genesis Marrow Baptism.

However, that was obviously not going to satisfy Zhou Yuan.

He was still not a purple sash disciple, and if he lost this chance, it would likely be a long time before he could come to the Genesis reservoir again. Thus, he intended to benefit as much as his could.


While Zhou Yuan was dazedly staring at the glittering Dragon Genesis Essence crystals, a shadow suddenly flashed past. Zhou Yuan suddenly felt his hand become lighter as the bottle disappeared.

Zhou Yuan was stunned, and hurriedly turned his head, only to dumbstruck when he saw Tuntun holding the bottle in its mouth as it poured the contents into its belly, before smacking it lips in satisfaction.


A miserable howl rang out in the valley.

Zhou Yuan charged over, grabbing Tuntun’s neck as he shook it violently and roared, “You bastard, spit it out!”

That was the fruits of his labor! Seeing them swallowed by Tuntun had put him on the verge of exploding!

However, no matter how hard he shook, Tuntun’s lips remained tightly sealed, even leaving bloody scratches on Zhou Yuan’s face with its paws.

An ugly fight ensued between beast and man, filled with bitterness and desperation.

Yaoyao sighed as she placed a hand on her temple. These two were basically idiots.

After fighting for a good chunk of time, Zhou Yuan was finally able to save a thumb-sized Dragon Genesis Essence crystal from Tuntun’s mouth. The price he paid was being covered all over in bloody scratches, every single one Tuntun’s handiwork.


Though Zhou Yuan only managed to snatch back a single crystal, Tuntun was obviously not very happy. After all, allowing something that was already in its mouth to be snatched away was extremely humiliating to it.

“Your grandmother!”

Zhou Yuan could not help but curse as he looked at the single pitiful Dragon Genesis Essence crystal in his hand. Let alone a four dragon baptism, he didn’t even have a one dragon baptism now!


A small pebble hit Zhou Yuan’s forehead.

Yaoyao rolled her eyes at him and said, “No cursing Tuntun.”

A gloating look immediately surfaced in Tuntun’s eyes as it joyfully ran towards Yaoyao.

However, Yaoyao shot it a glare, causing Tuntun to hurriedly come to a stop, whimpering as it lay on the ground.

Zhou Yuan dragged a hand down his face as he moaned, “Looks like I’ll have to head back in.”

It was impossible for him to stop now. He had no choice but to enter the reservoir again to hunt aquatic beasts. The only thing left to find out was how many times he would be chased by them.

Zhou Yuan venomously glared at Tuntun, before standing up to prepare.

“The Dragon Genesis Essence here originates from the Origin Dragon Vein, and is also helpful for Tuntun. That’s why it snatched them away to eat.” Said Yaoyao.

Zhou Yuan was surprised to find out. Truthfully speaking, he was not really angry at Tuntun for snatching away the Dragon Genesis Essence crystals, and was mainly having a playful fight with the latter.

“After I get more of them, I’ll give Tuntun a little.” Zhou Yuan shrugged. Increasing Tuntun’s strength was not a bad thing for him.

Yaoyao thought for a moment, before waving at Tuntun.

Tuntun immediately skipped over to her, before being picked up by Yaoyao and thrown to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan hastily caught it, his eyes wide with confusion as he stared at Tuntun’s small eyes.

“Bring Tuntun with you.” Yaoyao ignored their confusion. “Since it wants a share of the good stuff, let it work for it. With Tuntun following you, you will no longer need to worry about being chased by the aquatic beasts.”

“Tuntun’s strength is enough to guarantee your safety.”

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed. With a powerful helper like Tuntun, the aquatic beasts that wanted to eat him would practically be throwing themselves into his net. All of them would be killed no matter how many came.

“You’d better work hard if you want to eat more of those Dragon Genesis Essence, and I’d better not catch you slacking off.” Zhou Yuan stared at Tuntun. “Whatever we manage to get shall be split like this, eighty percent for me, twenty percent to you.”

He gestured with his fingers.

However, Tuntun was extremely intelligent, immediately understanding what he was saying. It also extended its paws, gesturing that it should get seventy percent while he got thirty.

Zhou Yuan laughed due to anger. This little bastard still dared to bargain with him, did it think that he was some kind of laborer?!

As such, beast and man began to argue again, hands and paws rapidly gesturing one after another.

Yaoyao was beginning to feel an approaching headache due to their quarreling, deciding that she could not watch this any longer. With a casual twist of her hand, a Genesis Qi was flung, turning into snowy light after light that ruthlessly blasted man and beast.

“Half each. Now scram!”

Man and beast immediately fell silent.

Tuntun whimpered twice. Although it could not be bothered with Zhou Yuan, it still jumped onto his shoulder.

Zhou Yuan also pouted a little as he avoided the snowy light, before his excited gaze turned towards the endless Genesis reservoir. With Tuntun’s protection, the aquatic beasts were no longer any threat.

“Chasing me for so long earlier, come and try it again now!” Zhou Yuan sneered, his confidence soaring.


He waved goodbye at Yaoyao, before diving head first into the reservoir again.

Yaoyao massaged her forehead. Peace at last.

Why is it so hard to have a nice, peaceful soak...

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