Chapter 306 Chased


Golden Genesis Qi appeared at the bottom of the reservoir like an angry python, tearing through the water as menacing hundred feet aquatic beast after beast was instantly ripped to pieces.

Zhou Yuan wielded the Heavenly Yuan Brush. With a jerk of its tip, the snow-white hairs scattered, transforming into white strings that tangled around several aquatic beasts’ bodies, before suddenly tightening, causing them to burst apart.

The water churned violently due to the aftershocks from the battle like a giant whirlpool, while Zhou Yuan stood at its center, killing aquatic beast after beast.

After a few dozen minutes, the waters gradually returned to calmness.

Zhou Yuan stood there, and waved his sleeve as dozens of golden Dragon Genesis Essence crystals flew towards him and were caught by his hand.

All of the aquatics beasts that had surrounded him earlier were about a hundred feet in length. Although there had been many of them, each one was at most equivalent to a first layer Alpha-Origin, and thus naturally did not pose much of a threat towards Zhou Yuan.

Hence, after a brief display of his abilities, all of them were slaughtered, gifting Zhou Yuan Dragon Genesis Essence crystal after crystal.

Zhou Yuan kept the crystals, but his brows were still tightly furrowed. The crazed and desperate way the aquatic beasts had attacked him earlier was definitely not normal. From what Zhou Tai had told him, the two biggest problems he had to deal with in the Genesis reservoir were the high consumption of Genesis Qi due to the pressure in the water, and the extreme difficulty in finding these aquatic beasts due to their skill in hiding. However, from what he could see, none of the aquatic beasts had any intention of concealing themselves, delivering themselves straight to his front door instead...

This was inconsistent with what Zhou Tai had told him.

“But it seems to be a good thing? If these aquatic beasts did not voluntarily send themselves to me, it would have taken me at least an entire day to hunt so many of them.”

Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself.

At the very least, his harvest was pretty good so far.

Thus, he only pondered over this matter for a little, before once again rapidly propelling himself through the water with his Genesis Qi. This time, however, his hand was tightly clenched around the Heavenly Yuan Brush, and his expression more vigilant than before.

After travelling for quite some time without detecting any activity at all, Zhou Yuan began to relax a little. It may have been a coincidence earlier that he just so happened to chance across a group of aquatic beasts, right?


However, before Zhou Yuan could fully convince himself, his expression suddenly trembled. The Genesis Qi in his body began to circulate, covering it as his eyes gazed towards the front.

The waters there were rippling as dozens of giant aquatic beasts began to surface. The two beasts leading this group had reached a length of over three hundred feet, while the rest were approximate two hundred feet long.

These were comparable to the third layer Alpha-Origin.

At this current moment, these aquatic beasts’ eyes were likewise filled with greed as they locked onto Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan sighed softly, no longer any doubt in his heart. This was no coincidence. There seemed to be something on him that was drawing these aquatic beasts.

“What exactly is it?” Zhou Yuan pondered.

*Stomach grumble*!

The aquatic beasts before him clearly were not going to give him any time to think. They released a peculiar cry as their enormous bodies seemed to cut through the water, charging straight at Zhou Yuan.

“Million Whale Rune!”

A giant black brush that glowed a dazzling gold was powerfully swung downwards as the faint silhouette of an ancient whale appeared. With dreadful power, it smashed into the head of the three hundred feet aquatic beast at the front of the pack.


The brush landed as a wave of Genesis Qi exploded, making the waters within a thousand feet churn violently.

As for the aquatic beast that was comparable to a third layer Alpha-Origin expert, it was instantly blown apart.

Zhou Yuan’s body gradually etherealised, transforming into a blurry shadow as he shot forward. Aquatic beast after beast exploded without any resistance.

The battle was swiftly over. With Zhou Yuan’s current strength, he was able to directly face even a fifth layer Alpha-Origin opponent. These merely third layer equivalent aquatic beasts were naturally unable to stop him.

After the battle was over, Zhou Yuan collected the Dragon Genesis Essence crystals. The water rippled with a swing of his Heavenly Yuan Brush, as he let out an icy chuckle and said, “I won’t turn away any of the Dragon Genesis Essence sent straight to my doorstep. I’m itching to see just how many you guys will be gifting me!”

The moment his voice faded, Zhou Yuan’s figure swiftly shot forth again, brimming with motivation.

He was done with mulling over the issue. It did not matter why these aquatic beasts were coming for him, especially since his goal was Dragon Genesis Essence. The more that came, the better it would be for him!

As such, Zhou Yuan encountered another five waves of aquatic beasts in the next hour. The battles that erupted were extremely intense, Zhou Yuan going at it with his full power, causing the waters around to churn violently as all the aquatic beasts that appeared were slayed. It could be said to be a full and bountiful harvest, a look of excitement revealing itself on his face as he hunted.

“Nine Dragons Canon, fifth dragon!”

Five Genesis Qi beasts roared as they pounced, ripping a nearly four hundred feet aquatic beast to pieces. A fist-sized Dragon Genesis Essence crystal rose from its remains, and was grabbed by Zhou Yuan.

“Who else?!”

Zhou Yuan let out a hearty laugh. He had gradually grown more and more thrilled as he continued to hunt, because the aquatic beasts were donating a tremendous amount of Dragon Genesis Essence crystals. According to his estimation, the number of crystals he had currently collected would already be able to achieve a four dragons rank baptism.

And it had been accomplished in only two hours.

With such a haul, Zhou Yuan was now quite excited indeed.

Worked into a killing frenzy, Zhou Yuan gripped the Heavenly Yuan Brush, its tip pulsing sharply as he boldly declared, “No matter how many of you come, I’ll kill you all!” 

However, the instant his voice sounded, the waters to his front began to violently ripple as five hundred feet aquatic beast after beast rapidly approached at an alarming speed.

There were a total of eight of these five hundred feet aquatic beasts, along with dozens of four hundred feet beasts and even more shorter ones.

A line-up like this immediately made the bold look on Zhou Yuan’s face turn rigid. If there was only one five hundred aquatic beast, Zhou Yuan would naturally be confident of slaying it, but eight at the same time together with so many others… even a sixth layer Alpha-Origin disciple would have to retreat.

Green and white interlaced on Zhou Yuan’s face. He gazed at the incoming swarm, and ultimately gritted his teeth and said, “You win!”

Next, he kept the Heavenly Yuan Brush and fled.

He was no fool. Given the scale of this group, all of his Genesis Qi would likely be exhausted even if he somehow managed to win after a bitter struggle, and using up all of one’s Genesis Qi in the reservoir was clearly not a smart decision.

*Stomach Rumbles*!

Bubbles were emitted from the giant mouths of numerous aquatic beasts as they violently jerked their bodies, rapidly cutting through the water, their figures turning into blurred shadows as they zipped towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s body etherealised, his speed as quick as lightning, while cursing inside as he shot a glance back at the doggedly chasing pack. He had not expected to draw out so many of them.

The only thing he could do now was to shake them off, before making any other plans.

A human and a horde of aquatic beasts continued their chase in the reservoir, occasionally encountering other disciples, who were immediately stupefied by this scene.

They were having such a hard time searching for aquatic beasts in the Genesis reservoir, so how the heck did so many aquatic beasts gather to chase a single person?

There were actually some disciples that thought of attacking, but after getting a clearer view of how many there were, their scalps instantly turned numb as they quickly backed away. A horde of such scale was something that normal purple sash disciples had no confidence in handling.

Zhou Yuan continued to flee, but he realised that more and more aquatic beasts were joining the line at his tail. This made him no longer dare to stay in the Genesis reservoir, and he hurriedly began to return on the route he had came from.

In a certain valley.

Yaoyao’s slender legs were gently swaying in the water, while Tuntun lazily lay beside her.

Tuntun stood up all of a sudden, and unleashed a few barks at the reservoir.


The waters broke open, and a miserable looking figure shot out, clearly panicked as he landed on a boulder.


The water behind him continued to break open as enormous aquatic beast after beast leapt out of the reservoir, menacingly pouncing at Zhou Yuan with their mouths wide open.


At the shore, Tuntun’s originally tiny body abruptly began to grow at this moment. Dark gold light flowed as golden scale armor appeared, glowing as if magma seemed to be flowing under it.

In a short few breaths, the cute little creature had turned into a sinister looking mysterious giant beast, as a terrifying pressure swept out from its body.

Tuntun’s four legs sprung off the ground, and appeared in front of Zhou Yuan. Its giant mouth opened as a frightening suction force exploded from the black light flowing within it, sucking in the entire five hundred feet long aquatic beast that was leading the pack.


After swallowing one of the aquatic beasts, Tuntun roared once again, the thunderous roar violently shaking the entire valley as a powerful presence unfurled.

The aquatic beasts that were just about to fly out from water immediately froze, as if being restricted by something. In the end, they unwillingly sunk back into the reservoir, disappearing from sight.

The chaotic surface of the reservoir gradually returned to calmness.

Tuntun’s giant body also began to shrink, swiftly returning to its cute dog like form.

It then turned its head and swept a gaze at Zhou Yuan.

Yaoyao cocked her head slightly. The previous scene had not alarmed her at all. Instead, she stared at Zhou Yuan in interest as a playful angle rose from the corners of a ruddy little mouth.

“Was it fun?”

Zhou Yuan wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. Soon after, he suddenly realised that something was amiss, his eyes widening as he looked towards Yaoyao.

“You, you know what’s going on?!”

From Yaoyao’s appearance, it seemed as if she knew that he would be chased by the aquatic beasts after entering the Genesis reservoir!

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