Chapter 305 Something’s Not Right

Chapter 303 Something’s Not Right


When Zhou Yuan’s figure charged into the misty Genesis reservoir, the token in his hand suddenly shook, before combusting and swiftly turning to ashes.

The sight of this caused Zhou Yuan to think for a moment. A split second earlier, he had felt something sweep through him, before the token began to combust.

If his guess was not wrong, it should be due to the Genesis Rune boundary that surrounded the Genesis reservoir. Without a token in one’s possession, one would be likely be flung away.

At this current moment, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were standing in the air above the reservoir, while an endless stream of glowing figures flew past above them, heading towards every possible direction.

Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and the rest had also split up after entering, evidently planning on searching for Dragon Genesis Essence on their own.

Searching for Dragon Genesis essence was a relatively personal matter, and the majority preferred to conduct this activity alone. This was to prevent any allocation problems or other disputes from occurring, which would only cause more inconvenience. 

However, there was no need for Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao to take such measures. Their relationship was quite special, and there would naturally be no squabbles between them due to the Dragon Genesis Essence. Moreover, Yaoyao did not even need such a thing.

She had come to the Genesis reservoir not for the Genesis Marrow Baptism, but purely because she was bored.

“We should also find a spot for ourselves and find out how to search for the Dragon Genesis Essence.” Zhou Yuan smiled at Yaoyao.

Yaoyao had no objections, carrying the lazy Tuntun in her arm as she nodded. Tuntun stretched out its tiny head, and stared at the mist that was endlessly billowing from the waters below. No one could tell what it was thinking.

Hence, Genesis Qi rose from under Zhou Yuan’s feet, bringing to two of them in a random direction

The Genesis reservoir was extremely vast, numerous giant heaven pillar like mountains towering within it. These giant peaks were akin to the tall walls of a stronghold, leaving one no choice but to make long detours, making the reservoir an enormous maze.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao flew for an incense stick of time before gradually slowing down. They found a valley next to the reservoir waters and landed in it.

On a rock next to the water, Yaoyao stretched out her hand to test its temperature, before gently removing her socks, revealing her fair and slender calves.

Her foot peeked into the water and began to sway lightly as a satisfied look appeared on her beautiful face. Soaking her feet in the reservoir was clearly very comfortable for her.

Zhou Yuan could not help but cast his gaze over, purely because of those mesmerising pair of legs.

Yaoyao’s bright eyes looked towards Zhou Yuan, the red lips of her tiny mouth raising slightly as she said, “This place is not bad. Zhou Yuan, you’ll have to work harder and become one of the ten Chosens so that you’ll receive a personal portion of the Genesis reservoir. Then I’ll be able to come here whenever I want for a soak.”

Zhou Yuan did not know whether to laugh or to cry. So the biggest benefit of becoming one of the ten great Chosens for you is to come here for a soak?

“You can have a good soak here, I’ll go inside the reservoir to have a look.” Zhou Yuan was clearly somewhat eager as he cast his gaze towards the misty sea like waters.

Yaoyao nonchalantly nodded.

Zhou Yuan did not delay, leaping directly into the waters.

Once he entered, he felt his body grow heavier, as if he had jumped into a swamp.

“The waters of the reservoir originate from that Origin Dragon Vein, and hence contain a natural pressure that makes it extremely heavy. It’s going to be very taxing on my Genesis Qi to swim inside it.” Zhou Yuan was already prepared. With a thought, the Omni Python Qi in his Qi Dwelling whizzed out and wrapped around his body.


The moment the Omni Python Qi appeared, Zhou Yuan suddenly cried out in surprise. In that split second earlier, he had felt the pressure from the water weaken substantially.

The feeling of heaviness also vanished, making Zhou Yuan feel as if he was a fish in water.

“What’s going on?” This unforeseen situation stunned Zhou Yuan. He had not heard senior brother Zhou Tai mention anything about this. To think that Genesis Qi would have the power to block the pressure from the Origin Dragon Vein.

Zhou Yuan frowned as he fell into deep thought. It was a long time later before he looked towards the Omni Python Qi swirling around him as his heart trembled a little.

“Could it be… because of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture?”

The Omni Python Qi he cultivated originated from the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, while the Genesis reservoir originated from the Origin Dragon Vein. Could they be related somehow? After all, they both had ‘dragon’ in their names...

This was the only conjuncture Zhou Yuan had come up with. If not, he could not explain why the pressure from the Genesis reservoir had no effect on him.

In the end, Zhou Yuan to get himself tied up over such details, especially since it was a good thing for him anyways. Without the pressure, his Genesis Qi consumption in the reservoir would be far less than the others, giving him a huge advantage.

With such thoughts in mind, Zhou Yuan decided not to tarry any longer. His figure moved, swiftly swimming towards the depths of the reservoir.

As he swam deeper, he discovered the presence of a faint mist inside the reservoir. Fortunately, he could still had his bearings due to his Spirit senses.

After swimming for a long time, Zhou Yuan’s body suddenly paused, because he had felt a faint undulation.

It came from under some giant boulders below him.

His figure gradually descended, landing on one of the boulders, and stomped on it with one of his feet. The boulder immediately shattered as a thumb-sized ball of light slowly began to rise.

Zhou Yuan grabbed it and curiously uncurled his fingers.

A thumb-sized golden crystal floated on his palm, a drop of golden liquid inside it. The liquid appeared to be extremely viscous, slowly squirming about as if it was alive, while giving off peculiar undulations.

“Is this the Dragon Genesis Essence?” Zhou Yuan observed the drop of viscous fluid. If he was not wrong, it should be the most important item for the Genesis Marrow Baptism, the Dragon Genesis Essence.

“But this is a little too diluted.” Zhou Yuan awkwardly scratched his head. According to Zhou Tai, even the lowest one dragon baptism would require at least several dozen drops of Dragon Genesis Essence.

Zhou Yuan retrieved a bottle and placed the Dragon Genesis Essence inside.

However, while Zhou Yuan was engaged in this task, the water behind him rippled faintly. A faint silhouette stealthily crept out from the rocks as a somewhat translucent hundred feet look beast appeared behind him.

The beast’s eyes greedily stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure, as if it was looking at something delicious. Next, it opened its giant mouth and lunged towards Zhou Yuan.


The moment the creature moved, a brush shadow wrapped in golden Genesis Qi tore through the water, bringing with it astonishing power as it instantaneously pierced the beast’s head.

Zhou Yuan turned around and gazed at the somewhat translucent giant beast.

“Is this the aquatic beast born from the dragon Qi of that Dragon Vein?” Zhou Yuan observed the heavily injured creature that was still desperately struggling.

It was a bout a hundred feet long, and Zhou Yuan estimated its strength to be at the first layer Alpha-Origin.

However, Zhou Yuan was slightly taken aback when he saw its eyes, because he realised that it was staring at him with extreme desire, still continuously opening its mouth to bite at him, as if itching to swallow him.

“Aren’t these aquatic beasts not suppose to have any intelligence, and move according to instinct?” Zhou Yuan was quite puzzled, but the greed and desire in the aquatic creature’s eyes was just too clear.

Was its instincts really telling it to eat him? He had never heard senior brother Zhou Tai mention anything like this.

Zhou Yuan frowned, but could not be bothered to put too much thought into it. His hand grasped around the Heavenly Yuan Brush as Genesis Qi spouted out from his body.


The hundred foot long body instantly exploded, a shockwave sweeping outwards as golden light begin to rise.

Zhou Yuan caught the golden light, and it transformed into a golden crystal in his hand. It was the same Genesis Dragon Essence crystal as earlier, but appeared thicker and more sturdier than the previous one, while the drop of Dragon Genesis Essence within was also a little more concentrated.

After keeping it, Zhou Yuan did not linger any further, turning his body to continue his search.

It was not long before he stopped once again, because he had seen the water to his front rippling as giant aquatic beast after beast slowly appeared, surrounding him.

Zhou Yuan’s frown grew even deeper.

It was not because of the number of aquatic beasts, but because he had discovered that all of their translucent beast eyes were filled with intense desire and greedy as they stared at him.

Exactly the same as the one from before.

“Something’s not right…”

Mumbled Zhou Yuan.

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