Chapter 304 The Genesis Reservoir Opens

“Li Qingchan… I can’t believe that she’s here too…”

Atop a certain mountain, Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and the rest gazed from afar at the stunning and graceful figure standing on another peak, surprise appearing on their faces. Each of the ten great Chosens owned a small district in the Genesis reservoir, and could thus enter any time they wanted, not needing to wait for the reservoir to open every two months like everyone else. Therefore, they almost never chose to squeeze in with the others during this period.

Hence, Li Qingchan’s appearance was pretty unexpected for the group.

“It is Li Qingchan.” Zhou Yuan was also looking at the pretty figure. As a male, he was naturally somewhat curious about the individual said to be the number one beauty of the Cangxuan Sect.

From what he could see, she was indeed a wonder of sorts.

As such, his head turned to the side to look at Yaoyao’s glossy as jade face, as if attempting to do a comparison.

However, the moment his gaze shifted, Yaoyao’s clear and cold eyes shot over, causing Zhou Yuan to hurriedly withdraw his gaze with a forced smile.

But there were still many others who held similar thoughts as Zhou Yuan. Quite a number of the disciples in the vicinity secretly began comparing the two, seemingly trying to find out which of these two gorgeous beauties of the Cangxuan Sect was the prettier one.


However, just as the numerous disciples began their work, the sound of rushing wind was once again heard from far away in the sky. A dark green Genesis Qi cloud descended from the sky and landed on one of the mountain tops, drawing countless gazes over. 

The cloud dispersed, revealing a slim figure. It was a young man in black, his black hair scattered over his shoulders. He had a defined, chiselled look, but what stood out the most were his eyes. They were pitch-black like ink, akin to a pair of black stones, and appeared rather enigmatic.

One could just barely make out the sword like runes on the black sleeves that gently fluttered as a breeze blew past, as an indescribably sharp and formidable sword Qi spread from his body, making it seem as if the cry of a sword was ringing across the area.

When he stood there, it felt as if he was not a human, but an unsheathed divine sword.

The eyes of countless female disciples began to glow as they passionately gazed at the youth in black.

Zhou Yuan’s also looked towards the youth in black as his expression turned somewhat serious. Just looking at the latter made him feel a slight stabbing pain in his eyes, because the Genesis Qi in the latter’s body was just too sharp.

In the Cangxuan Sect, only those from Sword Cometh Peak would possess such sharp Genesis Qi.

Therefore, the identity of the youth in black was already clear as day.

Zhou Yuan asked in a low voice, “He is… the number two of the ten great Chosens, Kong Sheng?”

Zhou Tai nodded with a similarly serious expression. “That’s right. He is Kong Sheng.”

In the face of such an individual, even purple sash disciples like them felt an enormous pressure.

While they were still in shock due to Kong Sheng’s appearance, another Genesis Qi cloud descended from the sky. Atop the cloud was a young man wearing daoist robes on which countless ancient runes had been inscribed. The runes alternated between glowing and dimming as unique undulations spread.

The youth in daoist robes wore a warm smile on his face, looking like quite the handsome young chap as his clothes fluttered in the breeze.

“The Spirit Rune Peak’s Ye Ge…” At the sight of the youth in daoist robes, bewilderment filled Zhou Tai’s expression. “What’s going on today? To think that three of the ten great Chosens have come!”

The other disciples looked at each other, everyone puzzled.

If it was just Li Qingchan, it could still be a coincidence, but when three of the Chosens arrived at the same time, this matter was no longer as simple as it appeared.

“Ignorant, have none of you heard the news?”

While they were confused, a clear voice was suddenly heard from behind. Zhou Tai and the rest turned their heads, and saw Lu Yan walking over with her group.

“Hehe, does junior sister Lu Yan know?” Asked Zhou Tai with a chuckle.

Lu Yan’s gaze swept across the group, before she slowly said, “I’ve heard from my grandfather that traces of a thousand feet aquatic beast were discovered some time ago in the Genesis reservoir. Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and Ye Ge should be here because of it.”

“Thousand feet aquatic beast…”

Astonishment was revealed on the faces of Zhou Tai and the rest. Thousand feet aquatic beasts usually hid in the deepest depths of the reservoir, making them exceedingly difficult to find. To think that one would reveal itself at such a time. No wonder Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and Ye Ge had chosen to come.

After all, if they managed to hunt that thousand feet aquatic beast, they would be able to enjoy an eight dragons baptism.

“The other Chosens are either in secluded cultivation or out for missions. If not, there would likely be even more of them present.” Lu Yan smiled as she continued, “Of course, if senior brother Chu Qing came, there would be nothing for the other Chosens to do.”

She was still the same Chu Qing fanatic.

Zhou Tai chuckled as he looked towards the three figures. “It seems that the Genesis Marrow Baptism will be quite entertaining this time. An eight dragon baptism is a grand affair after all. Even if we can’t enjoy it, it will be a nice eye-opening experience.”

He looked towards Zhou Yuan, finding that the latter was still staring at the three figures, and immediately patted his shoulders. “Junior brother Zhou Yuan need not envy them, the future you may also have a chance to taste that eight dragon baptism.”

His words were originally intended to console Zhou Yuan, but when Lu Yan heard them, she rolled her eyes and said, “In the current Cangxuan Sect, only senior brother Chu Qing has the ability to attain an eight dragon baptism, and even the other Chosens have never succeeded.”

She was implying that since the other Chosens were unable to achieve it, what qualifications did he have as a gold sash disciples.

Zhou Tai felt a little embarrassed. Lu Yan was really blunt when she spoke.

However, Zhou Yuan paid her no heed, merely smiling at Zhou Tai with a nod.


While they were conversing, a strange sound suddenly echoed across the area. Next, all of the disciples watched in excitement as the enormous dome of light around the Genesis reservoir gradually began to turn translucent.

Zhou Tai excitedly exclaimed, “The Genesis reservoir is opening!”

He then looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, the reservoir is covered in mist and divided into many parts by the mountains. You’ll be on your own when you go searching for Dragon Genesis Essence.”

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded.

Under the excited gazes of the numerous disciples, the dome of light in the sky grew fainter and fainter, before ultimately fading away.

The instant it did so, endless pure Genesis Qi surged out. It was as if the entire land had been cleaned, giving it a fresh new look.


However, almost no one paid any attention, numerous disciples shooting forward at this moment, Genesis Qi turning into clouds under their feet as they swarmed towards the reservoir within the mist.

On their respective mountain tops, Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and Ye Ge also turned into flashes of light as they flew forth, disappearing in the mist in a few breaths.

“Let’s get going!”

Zhou Tai grinned at Zhou Yuan and the rest.

In the next instant, they too soared into the sky on their Genesis Qi and merged into the swarm of humans. Under the envious gazes of the countless disciples that were not qualified to enter, they charged into the endless Genesis reservoir...

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