Chapter 303 Dragon Genesis Marrow

Zhou Yuan and the rest stood on a mountain peak, their gazes directed to the front where the jade dragon like rivers meandered through giant mountain after mountain, ultimately flowing into a giant lake.

There seemed to be no end to this lake in which also stood several heaven pillar like mountains. The mountains split the lake into sections, making it seem akin to a maze when covered by the mists.

Zhou Tai pointed at the seemingly endless mist covered lake and said, “This is the Genesis reservoir and where the Genesis Marrow Baptism will be held. Although it is called a reservoir, it is extremely vast, so calling it a sea won’t be an exaggeration.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes fell upon the so-called Genesis reservoir as his expression turned serious. He could feel a certain pressure inside it that made fear rise in one’s heart, not daring to enter its waters.

He knew that this was likely due to the Origin Dragon Vein. It could be said to be a gathering of Genesis Qi that was born from the land, and naturally possessed a certain natural pressure.

He raised his head, and saw the faint outline of an enormous Genesis Rune boundary that descended from the sky like a dome, enveloping the entire Genesis reservoir. 

This was an important place in the Cangxuan Sect, and was naturally tightly guarded.

Countless Genesis Qi clouds were landing in the vicinity of the Genesis reservoir, clearly the disciples from the other peaks.

However, what surprised Zhou Yuan was that the majority were not purple sash disciples.

Zhou Tai explained, “The Genesis Qi in the vicinity of the Genesis reservoir is extremely concentrated. Although the other disciples do not have the qualifications to enter, they will benefit substantially from training at the edge of the reservoir.”

Zhou Yuan smiled and asked, “Senior brother Zhou Tai, it should be time to tell me about the Genesis Marrow Baptism, right?”

Zhou Tai nodded and pointed towards the Genesis reservoir. “The most important thing you should take note about the Genesis Marrow Baptism is the Dragon Genesis Essence. It is a mysterious existence that is born from the condensation of dragon Qi from the Origin Dragon Vein.”

“Dragon Genesis Essence? How do I obtain it?” Zhou Yuan was taken aback.

“Heh heh, the Dragon Genesis Essence is obviously found in the Genesis reservoir, but in accordance to the rules, the disciples taking part in the baptism need to rely on their own abilities to find it.”

“The Genesis reservoir originates from the Origin Dragon Vein, and is filled with a peculiar pressure. One needs to constantly circulate one’s Genesis Qi to withstand the pressure, making it very taxing search.”

“In addition, the Genesis reservoir may seem calm on the surface, but it is filled with danger. Due to the overflowing life energy from the Origin Dragon Vein, the dragon Qi that leaks from it turns into various kinds of aquatic creatures that will give you a headache when you encounter them in the reservoir.”

“However, because these aquatic creatures are made from dragon Qi, if you manage to hunt them,you’ll be able to obtain Dragon Genesis Essence from their bodies. The bigger the creature, the purer the Dragon Genesis Essence.”

Zhou Tai smiled and said, “Why else do you think the Genesis reservoir opens for ten days each time? It’s because everyone spends the majority of the first nine days searching, while the Genesis Marrow Baptism is held on the tenth day.”

“Today can be said to be a grand occasion of our Cangxuan Sect that happens once every two months. Practically all of the purple sash disciples will be coming to search for Dragon Genesis Essence and engage in the Genesis Marrow Baptism. It’s after all something that only purple sash disciples get to enjoy, and no one would easily let this chance slip by.”

He extended a finger and pointed at the sky above the Genesis reservoir. Zhou Yuan’s gaze followed, and saw an island floating in the air. The island was somewhat similar to an altar, numerous old and simple stone pillars adorning it.

“That is the baptism altar, and the stone pillars on it are called baptism pillars. On the tenth day, the disciples will head there to borrow the power of the baptism pillars to activate the Dragon Genesis Essence, ultimately completing the baptism.”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze filled with interest as he looked at the giant altar in the sky.

“In addition, the Genesis Marrow Baptism is also divided into different ranks. When the Dragon Genesis Essence is activated during the baptism, dragon shadows will appear and coil around the body. Hence, the rank of the baptism is based on how many dragon shadows appear.”

“For example, if only one dragon shadow appears, it will be considered a one dragon baptism, the lowest ranked baptism.”

“The highest is the nine dragons baptism where nine dragon shadows will appear.”

“Naturally, the higher the rank the greater the benefits.”

“Thus, to obtain a higher ranked baptism, you’ll have to work hard to search for Dragon Genesis Essence, because the amount you collect will determine the rank of your baptism.” Explained Zhou Tai.

“Nine dragons baptism…” An intense look of interest flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes. “Senior brother Zhou Tai, what rank do you usually obtain?”

Zhou Tai awkwardly scratched his head. “I don’t really stand out amongst the purple sash disciples of the Cangxuan Sect, and can’t last for too long in the Genesis reservoir, which limits the amount of Dragon Genesis Essence I manage to find. All of my past baptisms have only reached the four dragons rank.”

“Some of the stronger purple sash disciples are capable of reaching five dragons. I’ve heard that Yuan Hong from elder Lu Hong’s faction has achieved five dragons every baptism.”

“If we talk about the six dragon rank baptisms, I’m afraid that only the chief disciples of the other six peaks are able to reach it.”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze flashed. “What about the ten great Chosens?”

Zhou Tai could not help but chuckle. “Junior brother Zhou Yuan’s ambition is not small… however, the ten great Chosens do not need to so painstakingly search for Dragon Genesis Essence in the reservoir, because the sect will bestow them a small section of the Genesis reservoir for their personal use when they become Chosens. They can enter it any time they want, and the Dragon Genesis Essence produced inside is much greater than other places.”

“As expected of the ten great Chosens, such treatment…”

Zhou Yuan was momentarily stunned, unable to hold back a sigh moments later. The advantages of the ten great Chosens were truly enviable. To think that they would even be allocated their own personal section of the Genesis reservoir. Compared to the other disciples, they were the ones who received the full support of the sect.

However, as the ones who had distinguished themselves from amongst the many disciples, they were indeed deserving of such treatment.

Zhou Tai also sighed as he nodded. “That’s why they need not put in much effort into finding Dragon Genesis Essence for their baptism to easily reach the seven dragons rank. However, if they wish to attain an even higher rank, they would have to personally venture into the depths of the Genesis reservoir to hunt the thousand feet long aquatic beasts. Only by taking the Dragon Genesis Essence from the bodies of such beasts would their baptism reach the eight dragons rank.”

Most of the aquatic creatures in the Genesis reservoir were about a hundred feet long. It was said that the larger the beasts’ bodies, the purer the Dragon Genesis Essence. After one reaches the seven dragons rank, one would have to go after the thousand feet aquatic beasts in order to ascend to greater heights.

Zhou Yuan fell into thought for a brief moment, before he inquired, “How strong are the thousand feet aquatic beasts?”

When Zhang Yan heard this from the side, he laughed softly and said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, there’s no need for you to consider such matters. A thousand feet aquatic beast is an existence that even we can only run from. Over the years, I’ve only seen one person who has been able to hunt a thousand feet aquatic beast and enjoy the eight dragons baptism.”

“Oh, who?” Asked Zhou Yuan with a slight smile, paying no attention to the thorns in Zhang Yan’s words.

Zhang Yan slowly answered, “Who else but the head of the ten great Chosens?”

“Chu Qing…”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes trembled slightly. This name was akin to thunder even for a new inner mountain disciple like himself.

This Senior brother Chu Qing of his had left quite a number of legends in the Cangxuan Sect.

As someone who could raise the Genesis Marrow Baptism to the eight dragon rank, it seems that Chu Qing was indeed very capable. Although Zhou Yuan had yet to meet these aquatic creatures, a thousand feet aquatic beast that the other Chosens could do nothing about was definitely not going to be easy to deal with.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, although you only have one chance for now, you should make sure to properly grasp it. It will be great if you manage to earn a five dragons baptism.” Consoled Zhou Tai.

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded in response.

While they were talking, a disturbance suddenly began to spread in the area, countless male disciples peering towards the distance with bubbling excitement.

Zhou Yuan and the rest were also sensed something was going on, and immediately raised their heads in curiosity. They caught sight of a Genesis Qi cloud descending from the sky, landing on a mountain far away.

Skirts of all colors fluttered on the Genesis Qi cloud as sweet and melodious voices spread from it. It had evidently been ferrying many girls.

At the very front, a young lady in white gracefully stood. A breeze blew past, making her fine black hair dance in the air, the sun shining down on an absolutely stunning face.

Lotus flower patterns extended from the fringes of her skirt.

Her features were extremely delicate, endowed with beauty that could cause the downfall of nations. On her clean and fair forehead was a lotus flower rune that gave her a pure and holy look.

However, an iciness that kept everyone else a thousand miles away spread from the girl wearing a white skirt, like an unapproachable goddess of ice.

Even so, her radiance was dazzling. Though there were many pretty girls around her, they did not seem to glow as much as they should, appearing dull in comparison.

Amazement flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes when he saw her, because based on appearance and presence, the girl in a white skirt did not lose to Yaoyao by much.

Moreover, the two were quite similar, both the cold and distant kind that kept others a thousand miles away.

Zhou Yuan had already guessed her identity. There was only one person in the Cangxuan Sect whose appearance could make so many male disciples go crazy...

Who else could it be but the third ranked Li Qingchan of the ten great Chosens?

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