Chapter 302 Genesis Dragon Vein

The next day.

When Zhou Yuan brought Yaoyao to the gathering point, he saw that Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and the other few purple sash disciples were already waiting there.

With the exception of Zhou Tai, the other purple sash disciples wore nonchalant expressions that gave off a slight air of superiority. They were after all purple sash disciples, status that far surpassed a gold sash disciple like Zhou Yuan.

However, although they were pretty much impassive towards Zhou Yuan, the expressions in their eyes began to warm a little when they saw Yaoyao. They discreetly straightened their clothes and posture as the revealed handsome and friendly smiles to her.

Ever since Yaoyao had shown herself on the first day when the new disciples selected which elder to join, her name had already spread to the entire Saint Genesis Peak. She was also immediately crowned the number beauty of Saint Genesis Peak.

After all, regardless of whether it was appearance or presence, Yaoyao belong to the category of being peerless in her generation. Even someone as pretty as Lu Yan would appear extremely dull when put next to Yaoyao.

Hence, Yaoyao’s arrival stirred up certain thoughts in the numerous males of Saint Genesis Peak.

However, their hearts were shattered when they discovered that Yaoyao was staying in Zhou Yuan’s cave dwelling, barely ever stepping out. No one could even catch a glimpse of her normally, making the male disciples with certain intentions grieve and lament.

Thus, when the purple sash disciples saw Yaoyao finally make an appearance, all of them suddenly became warm and friendly. If not because there was a chance that Yaoyao would appear with Zhou Yuan, none of them would have bothered waiting here for so long...

Today, Yaoyao was dressed in deep black clothes, her fine black hair tied up simply, handing down to her slim as a willow waist, swaying gently as a breeze blew past. Her beautiful and graceful appearance made one unable to resist taking another look.

In terms of appearance and presence, Yaoyao was at the level that could bring about calamities. Zhou Yuan had seen quite a number of beauties over the years, but with regards to appearance, it was extremely rare to find anyone who could match Yaoyao.

It was as if her beauty had been sculptured by nature, not a single blemish to be found. In fact, anyone would be easily lost in her perfect face.

There were times when Zhou Yuan imagined what would happen if Yaoyao had the same bewitching aura as Zuoqiu Qingyu. It was likely that there would be no man in this world who could resist her, right?

Yaoyao elegantly stood beside Zhou Yuan, her gorgeous fair as snow face impassive in response to the warm and handsome smiles from the purple sash disciples, and not even the tiniest ripple could be seen in her clear, distant eyes. She watched the clouds float by in the sky as she carried Tuntun in her arms, ignoring the existence of everyone else.

Zhou Tai smiled at Zhou Yuan and said, “Since you guys are here, let’s prepare to make a move.”

Zhou Yuan responded with a smile and a nod.

Zhou Tai waved his sleeve as Genesis Qi surged out, transforming into a Genesis Qi cloud that brought the group into the sky, and began flying in a certain direction.

While they were flying past Saint Genesis Peak, another two Genesis Qi clouds rose from the other two peaks. Atop the two clouds were the purple sash disciples from the other two factions.

Lu Song’s faction was led by Lu Yan. With her hot body, she was also quite an attention grabbing sight. Although she could not compare to Yaoyao, she was still an enchanting beauty.

Her gaze first landed on Yaoyao, before shifting away as if struck by a mental blow to viciously glare at Zhou Yuan as if releasing all of the blame on him. With a soft snort, she sped away on her Genesis Qi cloud.

Lu Hong’s faction was led by Yuan Hong. They had the most purple sash disciples of the three groups, and thus gave off a strong and impressive aura. Hence, they audaciously looked towards elder Shen’s group without reservation, several disciples constantly casting their gazes at Yaoyao.

Zhou Tai shot an angry glance at them, but did not intend on clashing with them here. With a stomp of his foot, the Genesis Qi cloud sped up, rapidly leaving them behind.

Giant peak after peak thrust into the clouds on the vast land, Genesis Qi clouds occasionally zipping past in the sky. The calls and chirps of various birds filled the place, and one would even catch sight of squads of disciples in black flying past high in the sky in orderly formations. They were the enforcement disciples of the inner mountains.

The entire place gave off a busy vibe.

While they were travelling, Zhou Tai advised Zhou Yuan, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, the Genesis Marrow Baptism opens every two months, and lasts for ten days each time. You should take note of the time you have.”

Zhou Yuan curiously asked, “Senior brother Zhou Tai, what exactly is this Genesis Marrow Baptism?”

Zhou Tai did not answer, and merely said, “You’ll know once we reach our destination.”

All Zhou Yuan could do was nod his head.

An incense stick of tiem later, the Genesis Qi cloud under their feet finally began to slow.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked to the front as if sensing something, only for his heart to tremble involuntarily. To their front stood majestic mountains akin to pillars that were supporting the heavens, connecting the sky and land.

Between the mountains flowed vast, gigantic rivers. From above, it looked as if an endless jade dragon was twisting and coiling around them.

An indescribable aura dashed into the sky, making one feel as if the faint roar of dragon was echoing across the land.

Zhou Yuan and the rest landed on one of the mountains. Before the giant mountains and rivers that separate them, the group was as tiny as ants.

“The Genesis Qi here… is so pure!” Zhou Yuan suddenly discovered that the Genesis Qi around him was extremely pure, beating even the Genesis Qi in his gold Genesis cave dwelling.

The area was blanketed in swirling mists making it appear rather hazy, mists that would only appear when the Genesis Qi in the area was extremely pure.

“It’s because of the rivers!” Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed when he gazed at the wide rivers that snaked between the giant peaks. He had seen mist continuously rise from the rivers and blend into the air.

However, he also felt a peculiar pressure when he gazed at the jade dragon like rivers, making fear involuntarily bubble up in his heart. It seemed that these rivers were not ordinary at all.

“This is where the Genesis Marrow Baptism is held.”

Zhou Tai grinned at Zhou Yuan as he pointed to the vast rivers. At this current moment, a seemingly endless stream of Genesis Qi were descending from the sky, landing on the various mountains.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, these rivers are no ordinary rivers. They originate from our Cangxuan Sect’s Origin Dragon Vein.”

“Genesis Dragon Vein?” Zhou Yuan was taken aback.

There is a saying amongst the various empires, the one who obtains the Dragon Veins will obtain all that is under the heavens. In reality, the Dragon Vein is made from condensed Genesis Qi, and our Cangxuan Sect possesses one which we call the Origin Dragon Vein, meaning that it is the origin of all Dragon Veins.”

“The main reason why our sect’s Genesis Qi is so rich, and can construct numerous Genesis Mountains for our training is because there is an Origin Dragon Vein below us that provides an endless amount of Genesis Qi.”

“This Origin Dragon Vein is the bedrock on which our Cangxuan Sect is built.”

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook violently, shocked as he gazed at the flowing jade dragon like rivers before him. No wonder he had felt an indescribable pressure, it turns out that these rivers originated from the Cangxuan Sect’s Origin Dragon Vein.


His eyes began to burn with excitement as he mumbled.

“I’m starting to look more and more forward to the Genesis Marrow Baptism.”

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