Chapter 301 Arrival of the Baptism

Several days quickly passed after the duel between Zhou Yuan and Cao Shi, while the ripples it caused gradually vanishing.

After their initial shock, many disciples began to accept the result. The match was after all between those of the same faction, and did not have much to do with the other two groups.

The main takeaway of those that had watched the match was that although Zhou Yuan had won, it had been a narrow victory due to his lack of Genesis Qi. Therefore, most people felt they were about equal in strength.

As such, the disciples under Lu Hong basically did not care that Zhou Yuan had replaced Cao Shi as the third participant in the cave match. From what they could see, the ultimate result would not be any different regardless of whether it was Zhou Yuan or Cao Shi.

It was obvious that Lu Hong’s faction did not really view elder Shen’s faction as a threat.

In their eyes, the only difference there would be after Zhou Yuan replaced Cao Shi, was who would end up being humiliated.

Hence, the attention on Zhou Yuan only lasted for a few days before fading away, no one bothering to take any further notice of him. They knew that halo currently over Zhou Yuan would naturally dissipate during the cave match...


Yet another morning lesson in the Dao Seeker Hall.

Zhou Yuan was seated on the mat with his eyes lightly shut, his Spirit borrowing the powers of the Alpha-Origin Cliff and Timeless Mat to collect Alpha-Origin Qi.

In the large hall, other disciples would look over from time to time. However, there was no longer anyone who dared to object to Zhou Yuan’s status as the gold sash third seat. Even Cao Shi, who was right behind, had practically surrendered for the past few days, no longer daring to casually provoke the former.

Zhou Yuan had clearly succeeded in establishing his position through the duel with Cao Shi.

The hall was silent for a long time. Only after everyone completed their cultivation session did hushed whispers begin to spread.

At the highest seat, Shen Taiyuan cast his gaze downwards, sweeping past Tong Long, Pan Song and Zhou Yuan as he slowly said, “There are still twelve days till the cave match.”

Every gaze in the hall immediately converged towards the trio.

“Are you three confident?”

Upon hearing Shen Taiyuan’s question, Tong Long and Pan Song hesitated somewhat, not knowing how to reply. After all, they knew all three individuals from Lu Hong’s side were not simple at all, especially Wei Youxuan.

They had never fought before, who knew what were their chances?

“Teacher Shen, we will give our all in battle.” Said Tong Long in the end, but anyone could hear the uncertainty in his voice.

Shen Taiyuan frowned, somewhat unsatisfied by this answer. However, he understood that Tong Long and Pan Song were facing a tremendous amount of pressure. After all, the disciples under Lu Hong were indeed of higher quality than them.

Even more disciples secretly shook their heads and sighed inside. The truth was that even they did not fancy the chances of their team.

As for Zhou Yuan, nobody paid much attention to him. Although he had defeated Cao Shi, the latter was slightly weaker than Tong Long and Pan Song. Since the two of them had already said declared their views, everyone believed that Zhou Yuan would only be tagging along.

However, it was not because anyone looked down on him, but because it would be the same even if it was Cao Shi.

“If the three of you have any problems or needs in your cultivation, you may feel free to find me directly.” Offered Shen Taiyuan.

At such a time, he could only give them as much convenience as possible, and hope that they would succeed in raising their strength.

A slight look of joy was revealed on Cao Shi and Pan Song’s faces as they hurriedly acknowledged in a respectful manner.

In contrast, Zhou Yuan fell into thought for a moment, before attempted to probe, “Teacher Shen, I’ve recently been thinking about trying to practice the Heavenly Sun God Record awarded to me by sect master, but am unable to gather some of the required Genesis resources…”

Three Genesis resources were needed to learn the Heavenly Sun God Record, the Nine Yang Crystal, the Heavenly Flame Rock Essence and the Golden Crow Heart. All three were quite rare, and he had been searching the Glittering Jewels Pavilion for some time but to no avail.

Since Shen Taiyuan had offered his help, Zhou Yuan decided there was no need to be courteous, and immediately struck while the iron was hot.

Before Shen Taiyaun could respond, Zhang Yan smiled faintly and said, “Isn’t junior brother Zhou Yuan being too ambitious. The Heavenly Sun God Record is a low grade Heaven Genesis technique, and let alone gold sash disciples, even a few purple sash disciples rarely succeed in learning one. In my opinion, junior brother Zhou Yuan should put your efforts into your Genesis Qi cultivation. The opponents you meet in the cave match are no ordinary individuals after all.”

“If your opponent ends up withstanding your eight dragons Nine Dragons Canon, you will no longer have any energy to retaliate.”

Other disciples also broke out into whispers, somewhat in agreement with Zhang Yan’s words. They clearly understood just how stringent a Heaven Genesis technique was, and since Zhou Yuan was already somewhat lacking in Genesis Qi to use the Nine Dragons Canon, he would likely be unable to activate the Heavenly Sun God Record even if he did manage to learn it, right?

This also made them suspect that Zhou Yuan was taking the opportunity to profit from teacher Shen’s offer.

Of course, it was mainly because they were quite jealous. It was a Heaven Genesis technique, and even a low grade one was something several purple sash disciples did not possess.

Zhou Yuan merely glanced at Zhang Yan, paying no heed to the latter’s words as he looked towards Shen Taiyuan.

“The Heavenly Sun God Record huh?” Shen Taiyuan was slightly taken aback. He had heard of this technique, and thus knew about the Genesis resources it required. As he stroked his beard, he said, “You do know how to find opportunities, even I will have trouble with these three Genesis resources.”

He looked towards Zhou Yuan and asked, “Are you confident in learning the Heavenly Sun God Record?”

Zhou Yuan calmly answered, “I will give it my all.”

Zhang Yan laughed upon hearing this and was just about to speak up again.

However, Shen Taiyuan waved his hand, gazing deeply at Zhou Yuan as he said, “Since that is so, I will naturally give you my full support. I will help you collect these Genesis resources.”

The corners of Zhang Yan’s mouth twitched. He had not expected Shen Taiyuan to agree to Zhou Yuan’s rather outrageous request. Ordinary disciples, and even purple sash disciples like them were not given such treatment all the time.

Feeling rather oppressed inside, Zhang Yan could only glance at Zhou Yuan with a forced superficial smile as he said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, please do not let teacher Shen down. I hope that we will be able to open our eyes during the cave match, and show all of us fellow brother disciples the Heaven Genesis technique you’ve mastered. Don’t waste the cultivation resources you’re given.”

Some of the disciples that were closer to Zhang Yan sniggered inside. He was clearly putting Zhou Yuan on a pedestal. If the latter was unable to show them anything during the cave match, the other disciples would likely think that he was purely taking advantage, which would in turn lower his reputation.

“Don’t worry senior brother Zhang Yan. I will do my best.” Zhou Yuan’s tone was neither angry nor cold.

At the sight of Zhou Yuan’s seemingly untouchable appearance, Zhang Yan could only coldly snort inside.

Shen Taiyuan looked towards Zhou Yuan and suddenly raised his hand. Two bundles of lights descended which were received by Zhou Yuan. The bundles of light turned out to be two tokens, on which a giant coiling dragon had been carved. On the dragon’s body was an unbroken mountain range dotted with caves.

“This is?” Zhou Yuan was puzzled.

Shen Taiyuan explained, “This is your reward for the peak selection ceremony, a slot for the Genesis Marrow Baptism.”

“Oh? The Genesis Marrow Baptism is open?” Zhou Yuan was overjoyed. He had been looking forward to it for quite some time.

Shen Taiyuan nodded. “It will formally open tomorrow.”

“The second token is for Zhou Xiaoyan, and is given by peak master white brow. If she is interested, she may also follow tomorrow.”

Yaoyao was a toothache for Shen Taiyuan. Ever since she came to Saint Genesis Peak, she had yet to attend even a single morning lesson. As such, he had not seen her since.

Zhou Yuan sighed inside. Peak master white brow truly valued Yaoyao a lot.

“Only the purple sash of the various peaks have the right to enjoy the Genesis Marrow Baptism once every two months, making it a grand event of sorts. Tomorrow, you will follow Zhou Tai and the rest there.” Said Shen Taiyuan.

Zhou Yuan looked towards Zhou Tai, who responded with a warm smile. In turn, Zhou Yuan nodded.

After giving a few more instructions, Shen Taiyuan waved his hand, indicating for the disciples to disperse.

Zhou Yuan grasped the tokens in his hands as curiosity and anticipation flooded out in his eyes. He had been looking forward to this Genesis Marrow Baptism for a long time, and it was finally here at last.

His duel with Cao Shi had likewise made him feel that his Genesis Qi cultivation was lacking. Therefore, he had high hopes for the famous Cangxuan Sect Genesis Marrow Baptism.

As he kept the two tokens, he mumbled to himself,

“I hope that the Genesis Marrow Baptism will not disappoint…”

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