Chapter 300 Stir

The result of Zhou Yuan and Cao Shi’s match swiftly spread in Saint Genesis Peak, undoubtedly stirring up the waters. Many had originally believed this match to be an unimportant squabble that had been started by Zhou Yuan.

Even though Zhou Yuan was the champion of the latest peak selection ceremony, it had been a competition only amongst the outer mountain disciples. Cao Shi on the other hand was a veteran gold sash disciple, and a formidable individual amongst his fifth layer Alpha-Origin peers. These two were clearly not supposed to be on the same level.

As such, many had dismissed the match with a laugh. But who could have expected the final result to turn out in such a manner...

“What? Zhou Yuan defeated Cao Shi?!”

Lu Yan was with elder Lu Song when she heard the news, disbelief immediately flooding her pretty face as she immediately asked, “How can it be? Did you make a mistake?”

The disciple that had mae the report merely smiled bitterly as he explained, “The news has already spread, and so many people have personally seen the battle. Zhou Yuan has indeed beaten Cao Shi.

Lu Yan’s face turned spicy hot with embarrassment. She had so certain of Zhou Yuan’s defeat, hence this outcome was in truth quite shameful for her.

“Hehe, it seems that you’ve underestimated Zhou Yuan.” Elder Lu Song grinned widely.

Lu Yan gently gritted her teeth and snorted. “Who knows whether elder Shen’s faction was just putting up a show. Elder Shen may have forced Cao Shi to lose to Zhou Yuan.”

She was still unable to believe it. Zhou Yuan was only a second layer Alpha-Origin, right? Even if he had defeated the fourth layer Lu Feng during the peak selection ceremony, there was a huge gap between Lu Feng and Cao Shi.

Elder Lu Song shook his head. “I understand old Shen’s character. He’s inflexible and stubborn, and no matter how highly he regards Zhou Yuan, he will never use such a method to help the latter.”

The disciple that had come to inform them also said, “It seems that Zhou Yuan’s Nine Dragons Canon has reached the eighth dragon level.”

“Oh?” Elder Lu Song, who was currently watering a plant, paused for a moment as he remarked in surprise, “This little guy does have some ability. Even amongst the inner mountain disciples, there are very few who can reach this level in the Nine Dragons Canon. In his fight with Lu Feng, he had only been at the fourth dragon…”

“I’ve previously heard of Zhou Yuan’s excellent comprehensive ability with regards to Genesis techniques, but I never imagined that it would be so superb.” He sighed.

Lu Yan pouted when she heard Lu Song continuously praise Zhou Yuan. “If you think so highly of him, why didn’t you recruit him?”

Elder Lu Song sighed. “At present, Lu Hong’s momentum is practically unstoppable, and I no longer have the drive to vie with him, leaving only that stubborn old Shen who is still unwilling to admit defeat. Since that is the case, why should I compete with him over Zhou Yuan. You can take it as me letting him hope.”

“In that one in a million chance that Zhou Yuan really does turn out to be an amazing genius blessed by the heavens, and manages to obstruct Lu Hong’s faction, it would be good for us too, because as things stand, we’ll likely never be able to raise our heads again in the future.”

Lu Yan’s pupils swiveled in thought as she said, “Since Zhou Yuan has defeated Cao Shi, he will become one of the participants for the upcoming cave match. Grandfather, who do you think will end up winning the purple Genesis cave dwelling?”

Lu Song chuckled and answered, “Though Zhou Yuan is talented, he has after all only recently joined the inner mountains, it is likely that it took everything he had to defeat Cao Shi this time. If my prediction is not wrong, once he used the Nine Dragons Canon, he barely had any Genesis Qi left to continue the fight.”

Upon hearing this, the disciple who had come to report immediately said, “Teacher Shen has incredible foresight. It is indeed true that Zhou Yuan exhausted nearly all of his Genesis Qi after using the Nine Dragons Canon. I’m of the opinion that if Cao Shi had gritted his teeth and took it, the one who lost would not have been him.”

Lu Song nodded in agreement. “He’s after all a second layer Alpha-Origin, making his cultivation lacking… so even if he replaces Cao Shi, he would not be of much help to elder Shen’s side.”

“I’ve heard that Lu Hong is sending Wei Youxuan, Feng Yu and Chen Ying… these three are certainly elites amongst his gold sash disciples, each one boasting incredible strength, and may even be concealing their true power.”

“That’s why even with Zhou Yuan’s sudden addition, Lu Hong’s side still has a better chance of victory.”

“In such a situation, a mere Zhou Yuan changes nothing.”

Only after hearing Lu Song speak such words did Lu Yan finally nod in satisfaction.

Lu Song could not help but laugh when he saw this. “He has never provoked or offended you, why do you always seem so happy when things aren’t going well for him?”

Lu Yan was taken aback. With a tremble of a full bosom, she self-righteously said, “Well, no one asked him to be the champion of the peak selection ceremony.”

Lu Song helplessly shook his head. How could he not be aware of his granddaughter's wirshop of the head of the ten great Chosens, Chu Qing. The same Chu Qing that was also once a champion of the peak selection ceremony.

In Lu Yan’s heart, no other champion could compare to Chu Qing. Hence, for the sake of proving that she was not wrong, she would naturally adopt such an attitude towards Zhou Yuan.

Lu Song glanced at Lu Yan and said, “You’d better not underestimate Zhou Yuan. No one can say for certain how the future will turn out. There may even come a day when he catches up to Chu Qing.”

He was definitely not happy about his granddaughter’s blind adoration of Chu Qing. Hence, he was abnormally critical with regards to Chu Qing.

However, upon hearing this, Lu Yan disdainfully said, “Who knows how many geniuses there are who hope to catch up to Chu Qing. I’m afraid that Zhou Yuan will not be able to live up to such high expectations. Grandfather, it is impossible for that to happen.”

“Moreover, it’d be better for him to think about how to handle the upcoming cave match. He’d better not let the chance he worked so hard for end up being humiliation fiesta.”

“The cave match will be nothing like the match between those under the same teacher. If he loses, the entire Cangxuan Sect will know. That’s pretty much going to be akin to losing all face.”

“As for catching up to senior brother Chu Qing…”

Lu Yan stealthily shifted to the entrance, before making a funny face at Lu Song. She slipped away in an instant, her voice echoing from afar as her figure disappeared into the distance.

“Grandfather, you can keep daydreaming!”

Lu Song blew at this beard in anger.

“Ill-mannered lass!”


The outcome of the match also eventually made its way to Lu Hong’s faction.

In a certain stone pavilion.

Wei Youxuan was pouring tea, Feng Yu, Cheng Ying and several other Lu Hong disciples seated beside him.

Cheng Ying remarked, “Elder Shen’s group is becoming more and more pathetic. I can’t believe that a new disciple managed to beat a veteran gold sash disciple. This Cao Shi… is really too incompetent.”

The more cautious Feng Yu slowly said, “The fact that Zhou Yuan was able to defeat him likely means that he does have some ability.” 

Cheng Ying laughed and said, “What ability can he have. I already know how the match went, he basically threw everything into that one attack, leaving him no way out. Zhou Yuan does have some talent in Genesis techniques, managing to reach the eighth dragon level during his secluded cultivation, and just barely defeating Cao Shi.”

“However, once it is used, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi will be fully spent, making it impossible for him to continue.”

“Over all, he’s like a one trick pony.”

Feng Yu gave a slight nod. “If that is the case, there is nothing to fear. As long as that move is blocked, Zhou Yuan would become useless.”

His gaze turned, looking towards the Wei Youxuan, who was still pouring tea, as he smiled and asked, “What are senior brother Wei’s thoughts?”

Wei Youxuan toyed with the cup in his hand a faint smile was revealed on his face. “No matter what games their playing, they will not have any chances in the upcoming cave match, because I’ve long had my eye on that purple Genesis cave dwelling.”

Though his voice was soft, there was a certain unshakable feeling to his words, as if they had already decided who the purple Qi cave dwelling would ultimately belong to.

However, neither Feng Yu nor Cheng Ying raised any objections. Instead, gloating smiles appeared on their faces.

“Looks like senior brother Wei is serious…”

“*Sigh* Fine, senior brother Wei should take the purple Genesis cave dwelling and quickly get promoted. We’ve been drooling over the gold sash first seat for a long time…”

The two raised their cups and grinned. “Let’s toast to senior brother Wei’s success.”

Wei Youxuan smiled slightly as he their cups hit, before raising his head, his eyes narrowing slightly as he peered into the distance.

“Tong Long, Pan Song, Zhou Yuan…”

He shook his head as he chuckled softly.

“Are just three pieces of trash.”

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