Chapter 298 Sumptuous Feast


Golden Genesis Qi swept outwards as a hundred feet tall torrent of Genesis Qi roared, seemingly transforming into a furious python that ferociously pounced at Cao Shi.

However, Cao Shi merely sneered as he slammed his foot into the ground.

Silver snow like Genesis Qi also whizzed forth along with an indescribable sharpness and iciness as it met the golden Genesis Qi head-on.

The two torrents of Genesis Qi collided, causing a shockwave of destruction to unfurl. Gashes were torn open on the ground while also being bombarded full of holes.

The silver snow like Genesis Qi was clearly the greater force of the two. After all, Cao Shi was at the fifth layer Alpha-Origin, and the quantity and concentration of his Genesis Qi were both greater than Zhou Yuan’s

However, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi was of a high grade and extremely troublesome to deal with. This was why the silver snow like Genesis Qi ended up taking quite some time to completely obliterate the golden Genesis Qi.

The instant the golden Genesis Qi was destroyed, a phantom like figure appeared behind Cao Shi as the shadow of a brush rapidly grew, its snow-white hairs instantly turning into thousands of icy needles that shot towards Cao Shi’s fatal spots.

“Humph, I’ve already studied all of your tactics!”

Cao Shi snorted as needles that flickered with cold light shot towards him from behind. With a grasp of his hand, a metal baton that was forged from silver appeared in his hand. Numerous runes had been carved into its body, making it shine icily when Genesis Qi was poured in.

The silver baton made a sweeping motion behind him, Genesis Qi whizzing along with it as it tore through the air, blowing away every single one of the needles.

Iciness flashed in Cao Shi’s eyes. He understood the principle of pushing the advantage, and abruptly shot forth, Genesis Qi pouring into the metal baton as it transformed into countless baton shadows that seemed to fill the sky as they ruthlessly swung at Zhou Yuan.

Every baton shadow was terrifyingly violent, and even a fourth layer Alpha-Origin practitioner would only be able to retreat.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush in Zhou Yuan’s hand also began to dance as countless brush shadows emerged one after another. Golden Genesis Qi swirled around each shadow, the brush tips pulsing with lethal sharpness as they clashed with the numerous baton shadows.

Clang! Clang!

Sparks continued to fly with each loud clang along with a mini explosion of berserk Genesis Qi.

In the vicinity of the stone stage, numerous gazes watched the two figures that rapidly criss-crossed.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan’s is pretty feisty to match blow for blow.” Zhang Yan chuckled, though a faint sliver of mockery could be heard in his voice.

Anyone could tell that Cao Shi had the advantage in Genesis Qi, making it such that the advantage would clearly lean in his favor in a direct clash. Everyone could see that all of Zhou Yuan’s counter attacks were being smashed apart by the baton shadows.

Zhou Tai frowned, but did not say anything though his lips began to purse tightly.


Powerful winds swept outwards as the final baton shadow and brush shadow collided. The ground cracked as Zhou Yuan’s figure jerked back slightly, before shooting back in retreat.

Cao Shi sneered, not giving Zhou Yuan any time to catch his breath as the former ferociously pounced forward once again. Silver baton shadows that contained the power to split mountains viciously smashed towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s figure suddenly etherealized when he saw this, rapidly drifting back like the mist as he avoided Cao Shi’s chase.

Cao Shi tried to follow several times, but was unable to even touch a corner of Zhou Yuan’s clothes.

Zhou Yuan’s Ethereal Form technique was clearly even more proficient than before.

“Scurrying away like a rat again?” Mocked Cao Shi. Soon after, an icy light flashed in his eyes as he said, “Don’t think that you can escape just because you practice the Ethereal From technique. You underestimate the inner mountain gold sash disciples!”

“Little Heaven Genesis technique, Spatial Teleportation!”

Silver light suddenly stretched out from under his feet as he stepped onto it.


The instant Cao Shi’s foot landed, his body seemed to ignore the laws of space, appearing directly behind Zhou Yuan as the metal baton in his hand viciously swung towards along with a hundred foot tall pillar of Genesis Qi.

“Little Heaven Genesis technique, Mounter Opening Baton!”

With a furious shout, the metal baton swept downwards in an unstoppable manner. The expressions of several gold sash disciples turned grave, not daring to underestimate this attack.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened a little as the alarming force rapidly descended from above. Cao Shi’s strength had somewhat exceeded the former’s expectations.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed as a cold and serious look exploded within them. His hands tightened around the Heavenly Yuan Brush as the Magical Python Scales emerged on his skin, rapidly raising his strength.

“Heavenly Yuan Brush, Million Whale Rune!”

He yelled in his heart as he ferociously swung the Heavenly Yuan Brush. Golden Genesis Qi exploded into a burst of dazzling light, as the faint cry of a whale echoed.

The air was blasted apart, the ground instantly crumbling, unable to bear such power.

The power of this strike also caused the expressions of several disciples to change slightly.


Baton and brush smashed into each other again as a thunderous clang was heard.


A shockwave of berserk Genesis Qi unfurled, destabilizing numerous disciples nearby. Shen Taiyuan waved his sleeve, completely quelling the shockwaves that had left that confines of the stone stage.

Only then did the numerous disciples hastily look towards the stage.

A crack had appeared at the center of the giant stone stage, as if splitting it into two. On both sides of the crack, Zhou Yuan and Cao Shi’s figures were being flung backwards.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush’s tip left a trail of sparks on the ground, before Zhou Yuan stabilized his figure with a stomp, his expression indifferent as he looked to his front where Cao Shi was staring back with a somewhat stormy face.

The counter attack Zhou Yuan had suddenly unleashed earlier had been surprisingly ferocious, managing to block what Cao Shi had thought to be a sure-kill blow.

“No wonder you’re so confident. You do have some ability.” Cao Shi sneered.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged, merely staring at Cao Shi as he slowly said, “The limits of your strength doesn’t seem to go too deep either.”

Cao Shi’s eyes hardened as a smile of contempt rose from the corners of his mouth. “You seem to be saying that you were probing me earlier?”

These words immediately caused strange looks to rise on the face of the numerous disciples around the stone stage. They merely took it as Zhou Yuan being reluctant to admit the truth, because Cao Shi had clearly taken the advantage in their previous clash.

However, Zhou Yuan paid no attention to these gazes. He slowly released his grip on the Heavenly Yuan Brush, an uncaring expression on his face as he said, “Since this is all you amount to, it will be enough.”

Cao Shi disdainfully said, “Stop acting. If you still have any rationality, you should admit defeat as soon as possible. I cannot guarantee your safety if we continue.”

His words did not draw any answer from Zhou Yuan. The latter was currently slowly placing his hands together as violent undulations suddenly pulsed from the Genesis Qi in his body.


Vigorous Genesis Qi dashed into the sky from the top of his head, the roars of beasts echoing as a faint aura of savagery and violence filled the area.

Four Genesis Qi pillars revolved above Zhou Yuan’s head, each one roughly a hundred feet tall. The silhouettes of beasts took shape within them, giving off an aura of wildness and ferocity.

“The Nine Dragons Canon?”

A sneer rose from the corners of Cao Shi’s mouth when he saw this. He had already investigated Zhou Yuan’s techniques, and naturally knew that this was the technique he had used to defeat Lu Feng.

“Do you think that I’m Lu Feng? You plan on beating me with your four dragon level Nine Dragons Canon?” Cao Shi let out an icy laugh.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, before he suddenly took in a deep breath as a ruthless look flitted across his eyes.

The flickering Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling suddenly began to tremble violently as all the Genesis Qi stored within them was being fully squeezed out by Zhou Yuan at this moment.


Boundless Genesis Qi flowed through the channels inside Zhou Yuan’s body like a flood.

It was at this instant that another giant Genesis Qi pillar rose into the sky from the top of Zhou Yuan’s head, quickly splitting into four as an sky-shaking roar thundered.

“Nine Dragons Canon… eight dragons!”


Four even larger Genesis Qi pillars spun as they roared. A savage aura saturated the area, causing the sky to take on a dim red hue.

The expressions of the numerous disciples in the vicinity of the stone stage abruptly changed at this moment.

Shock filled their eyes as they gazed at the right beast shaped Genesis Qi hovering above Zhou Yuan. Alarm flashed across their faces, clearly having sensed the power of these eight Genesis Qi pillars.

The mocking smile on Cao Shi’s face slowly turned rigid, disbelief surging out in his eyes as he said in a shrill voice, “Eight dragons?! Your Nine Dragons Canon has reached the eight dragons level?!”

He was pretty much overwhelmed by astonishment. One must know that Zhou Yuan’s Nine Dragons Canon had only just reached the four dragons level in his battle against Lu Feng half a month ago. How had it suddenly shot to eight?!

Eight dragons was already considered the advanced stage, wielding power that went far beyond the four dragons level!

One must know that even amongst the inner mountain disciples, only a rare handful had managed to reach the eight dragons level!

What Cao Shi did not know was that Zhou Yuan had originally planned on preparing nine dragons for the former. However, the latter had failed after reaching eight dragons, because the Genesis Qi in his body was unable to sustain the ninth Genesis Qi beast figure.

Zhou Yuan could not be bothered with any useless exchange of words, and had no intention of dragging the battle any longer after getting a grasp of Cao Shi’s strength. Zhou Yuan had after all used his secluded cultivation session to specially prepared this trump card for Cao Shi.

Hence, Zhou Yuan merely stared coldly at Cao Shi.


Eight Genesis Qi beast figures roared at the heavens as an explosion of savageness swept outwards. A split second later, all of them abruptly shot forth, their giant shadows enveloping Cao Shi as his expression changed drastically.

“Have a taste of the sumptuous feast I’ve prepared for you.”

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