Chapter 293 All Time Number One

Chapter 291 All Time Number One

Woosh woosh!

Strand after strand of Alpha-Origin Qi drifted in the primal chaos like domain, giving off a mysterious and profound aura.

One would see countless streams of Alpha-Origin Qi flowing towards a certain location, ultimately joining the enormous tornado there which was made entirely from Alpha-Origin Qi.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit stood at the eye of the tornado, moving constantly to seek out more Alpha-Origin Qi.

There were nine levels in the Alpha-Origin Heaven, and as a second layer Alpha-Origin stage practitioner, Zhou Yuan was currently in the second level. The Alpha-Origin Qi here was clearly more concentrated than the first.

Hence, Zhou Yuan could collect even more Alpha-Origin Qi than before.

“The Alpha-Origin Cliff and Timeless Mat are amazing. I almost can’t believe the huge boost they have provided to my Spirit.” While Zhou Yuan was gathering Alpha-Origin Qi, he was also keeping track of his Spirit’s energy levels. If it were the past, he would have been fast approaching his limit by this time, but he currently felt as if he had plenty of energy left to spare.

This was clearly the handiwork of the Alpha-Origin Cliff and Timeless Mat.

He sighed, as expected of the Cangxuan Sect. They were truly rich with abundant resources, and could even provided special cultivation treasures to aid their numerous disciples. If it was the Cangmang Continent, the powerful and empires and great clans would surely hide away such treasures.

“The first time I brought back Alpha-Origin Qi, it lasted for over 2000 breaths, and as I gradually grew more practiced, I managed to achieve 3000 breaths.”

“But this was before my Spirit reached the Corporeal stage. After my Spirit cultivation breakthrough, I am able to bring back 4000 breaths of Alpha-Origin Qi.”

“With the Alpha-Origin Cliff and Timeless Mat, I may be able to touch the 5000 breath mark!”

Joy began to flood Zhou Yuan’s heart. He knew that bringing back more Alpha-Origin Qi only grew increasingly difficult. Though every additional breath of Alpha-Origin Qi one brought back would be more concentrated, it would also be more taxing on one’s Spirit.

To raise Zhou Yuan’s limit by a whole 1000 breaths was proof of how incredible the two treasures were.

Zhou Yuan’s cultivation progress would undoubtedly increase with this.

With happiness bubbling in his heart, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit power continued to spread, swiftly sucking over strand after strand of Alpha-Origin Qi.

A long time passed in this manner.

At a certain point in time, Zhou Yuan finally felt a trace of exhaustion spread from the depths of his Spirit due to using too much Spirit power. He had evidently reached his limit.

By this time, the hurricane of Alpha-Origin Qi rapidly flowing around Zhou Yuan’s Spirit had grown much thicker than before.

Zhou Yuan felt a sense of satisfaction at the sight of the Alpha-Origin Qi tornado as thoughts of leaving the Alpha-Origin Heaven rose in his mind.

However, just as he was about to leave, a thought suddenly popped up, “Since the Alpha-Origin Cliff and Timeless Met can support my Spirit, what about the Saint Spirit Crystal?”

The Saint Spirit Crystal was also considered an ultimate treasure to the Spirit. In the past, Zhou Yuan had never considered this option before, but after experiencing the Alpha-Origin Cliff and Timeless Mat today, he began to realise that he may have been underestimating the Saint Spirit Crystal.

After a brief contemplation, he decided to give this idea a try.

Thus, he began to call out the Saint Spirit Crystal.

After a few breaths, Zhou Yuan’s heart jumped violently as he felt a tiny speck of holy light rise from within his Spirit, eventually coming to a stop above his Spirit’s head.

Within the holy light, a milky-white crystal ball slowly revolved.

As the light sprinkled down onto his Spirit, Zhou Yuan immediately felt his originally tired Spirit begin to recover little by little...

“So it does work! The Saint Spirit Crystal can also be brought to the Alpha-Origin Heaven!” Zhou Yuan was overjoyed. If he knew about this earlier, his cultivation progress would have been faster.

As he felt his Spirit recover, Zhou Yuan delayed no further and continued to collect Alpha-Origin Qi again.

With the help of the Saint Spirit Crystal, Zhou Yuan managed to push on for a substantial period of time before beginning to feel exhaustion spread throughout his Spirit. This was a sign that he had completely reached his limit, and even the Saint Spirit Crystal was no longer able to do much.

His Spirit’s gaze swept across the area, nodding in satisfaction as it admired the giant storm of Alpha-Origin Qi around it. With a thought, the Spirit descended, falling towards the link with its physical body.


In the hall.

By this time, many disciples were already done with their training session. Some of the new disciples were whispering excitedly to each other, evidently unable to stop gushing about the benefits of the Alpha-Origin Cliff and Timeless Mat.

The treatment they received in the inner mountains far surpassed the outer mountains.

Amidst the numerous whispers, someone suddenly saw that Zhou Yuan’s eyes were still shut, and was immediately somewhat astonished. Wasn’t this a little too long?

“Why is Zhou Yuan still cultivating?”

“He can last so long in the Alpha-Origin Heaven?!”

“How can it be? Haven’t you seen that even first senior brother Zhou Tai has already finished his training?”


The numerous disciples were bewildered, some of the senior disciples in particular looking at Zhou Yuan with skepticism.

After all, two of the purple sash disciples’ Spirits had reached the perfect Illusory stage, but even they had already completed their session long ago.

Cao Shi also opened his eyes, coldly looking at Zhou Yuan as he indifferently said, “Our new gold sash third seat does have a talent for acting.”

Evidently, he believed Zhou Yuan was putting no in act just to please the crowds.

The other disciples could not hold back their laughter when they heard this. Was Zhou Yuan really so immature?

The few purple sash disciples at the very front also cast their puzzled looks over. This time, even Zhou Tai was somewhat bewildered. After all, this was just far too long.

However, while they were making a din, Shen Taiyuan suddenly shouted, “Silence!”

The numerous disciples were stunned as they looked towards Shen Taiyuan, only to find that the latter’s eyes were glowing as he stared at Zhou Yuan, causing them to be startled. Shen Taiyuan was far stronger than all of them, could he have discovered something?

“Could it be? Is Zhou Yuan truly able to endure for so long in the Alpha-Origin Heaven?” They stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure in disbelief.


While they were still lost in their confusion, the space above Zhou Yuan began to shake. Next, the numerous disciples saw a stream of Alpha-Origin Qi begin falling from above, a seemingly endless torrent enveloping Zhou Yuan’s figure.

It flowed in the moment it touched Zhou Yuan’s body, flooding into his Qi Dwelling.

The eyes of the many disciples were wide-open as they watched unblinkingly, counting how long it would last.

100 breaths… 500 breaths… 1000 breaths… 2000 breaths...

When the number of breath reached 3000, the expression of the numerous senior disciples began to tremble. 3000 breaths was something even most of the gold sash disciples could not achieve.

The only ones to reach such a level were basically the few purple sash disciples.

Cao Shi’s originally sneering face had now turned somewhat ugly.

They found that even after 3000 breaths, the flow of Alpha-Origin Qi above Zhou Yuan still showed no signs of tiring.

Under the crowd’s shocked gazes, the Alpha-Origin Qi continued to descend.

3500 breaths… 4000 breaths… 5000 breaths!

When it reached 5000 breaths, the interior of the hall finally began to shake, numerous disciples gasping as their gazes were involuntarily cast towards the wall.

On the Alpha-Origin wall, 5000 thousand breaths had already entered the all time top ten!

For the past few years, there had not been a single disciple that had broken past 5000 during his or her first time utilising the Alpha-Origin Cliff and Timeless Mat!

At the highest point in the hall, Shen Taiyuan’s stern and aged face trembled slightly at this moment, his eyes tightly glued to Zhou Yuan.

Because the Alpha-Origin Qi was still falling strand by strand.

“The top three on the Alpha-Origin wall were all able to reach over 5800 breaths on their first try. At that time, the Spirits of all three individuals had stepped into the Corporeal stage!”

“From the looks of it, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit should also be at that level, but I wonder if he will be able to catch up to those three…”

Under Shen Taiyuan’s nervous gaze, the Alpha-Origin Qi rapidly descended while time continued to flow.

5300 breaths… 5500 breaths… 5800 breaths!

When it reached this number, the entire hall fell deathly silent once more, only the heavy breathing of everyone could be heard.

Because all of them could see that the Alpha-Origin Qi was still continuing to fall, surpassing 5800 breaths, before eventually stopping at 6743 breaths!

This number had not only surpassed the best record on the Alpha-Origin wall, but had even exceeded it by almost a thousand!

Cold sweat emerged on everyone’s foreheads as stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure in shock and amazement.

Even Cao Shi’s expression had turned rigid, traces of shock still present in his eyes.

On the highest seat, Shen Taiyuan breathed in deeply, his eyes burning hotter than even as he gazed at Zhou Yuan, his body shaking as he mumbled, “Is my Saint Genesis Peak going to rise up once again?”

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