Chapter 292 Alpha-Origin Wall

Chapter 290 Alpha-Origin Wall

By the time Shen Taiyuan was finished, the atmosphere in the hall had undoubtedly turned somewhat awkward. Numerous new disciples looked at each other, while the senior disciples’ expression appeared quite unnatural.

This matter was quite humiliating after all.

The ultimate technique that only the chief disciple of each peak should have, was now something that basically all ten of the Chosens also possessed...

However, no matter how embarrassed they felt inside, they were pretty much helpless with regards to this situation. After all, the past few chief disciples of Saint Genesis Peak were indeed lacking compared to the other six peaks. If not, their Saint Genesis Peak would not be incapable of occupying even a single spot in the ten great Chosens.

Although they had yet to select their chief disciples for this generation...

There was a joke many disciples shared in the inner mountains of the Cangxuan Sect. In every generation, if a new individual were to replace one of the ten great Chosens, the first thing he needed to do was to head towards Saint Genesis Peak and easily sweep away its chief disciple, and effortlessly bring back the Omega Saint Spirit art.

From a joke like this, one could see just how pathetic Saint Genesis Peak was.

At the highest location in the hall, Shen Taiyuan’s expression fluctuated for some time, before gradually returning to calmness. Although it was humiliating, he was already numb to it after so many years.

However, Shen Taiyuan still strongly desired to change this situation. After all, he did feel that he had nothing to be proud of when he met the other elders in the Cangxuan Sect.

Hence why he currently valued Zhou Yuan so much.

It had not been easy for a champion of the peak selection ceremony to come to their Saint Genesis Peak. Although Shen Taiyuan did not truly expect Zhou Yuan to be as outrageously amazing as Chu Qing, at the very least, the former hoped that he would be able to properly defend their Saint Genesis Peak’s Omega Saint Spirit art, and not allow the other Chosens to take it away so easily...

Shen Taiyuan took a deep look at Zhou Yuan, the meaning in his eyes extremely clear.

Kid, I have very high hopes for you.

As the receiver of Shen Taiyuan’s gaze, the corners of Zhou Yuan’s eyes twitched involuntarily. I only came to Saint Genesis Peak because patriarch Cang Xuan sealed the second Saint Rune here, could you not put so much pressure on me.

However, even if he did not say anything, he was indeed somewhat interested in the Omega Saint Spirit art.

A high grade Heaven Genesis technique was top tier even in the entire Cang Xuan Heaven, and he naturally desired to learn it.

Of course, there was also a tiny sliver of ambition in depths of his heart. He was very curious to find out what kind of power the Saint Genesis technique that resulted from combining the seven arts would be.

But of course, gathering the seven arts would be an exceedingly difficult task.

Didn’t he hear that even the head of the ten great Chosens, Chu Qing, only managed to assemble five of the arts even till now? If he was not wrong, the remaining two likely belonged to the Snow Lotus Peak and the Sword Cometh Peak.

The two peaks whose chief disciples were the second ranked Kong Sheng and third ranked Li Qingchan.

These two definitely possessed extraordinary strength, and though there may be a slight gap between them and Chu Qing, as the ones who were being challenged, they had the homeground advantage and could receive Genesis Qi from their peaks. This factor was evidently enough to make up for the slight gap between them.

Therefore, Chu Qing’s only failure should have been at the hands of Kong Sheng or Li Qingchan.

The fire of ambition slowly began to rise in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, before gradually fading away. Gathering all seven arts was still very far away, and what he needed to do now was to ground himself and take things one step at a time.

“Alright, we’ll keep this discussion for another day. Let’s begin today’s morning class.”

Shen Taiyuans’ gaze swept across the hall, suppressing the noise, before looking towards the new disciples. “Those that have recently joined us should make good use of every morning class. This training session will be very beneficial for all of you.”

The moment the last word left his mouth, boundless Genesis Qi began to sweep out of Shen Taiyuan’s body.

At this moment, Zhou Yuan and the rest discovered rays of light emerging from the old mats under them that rose up to envelope their bodies.

“This is…” Zhou Yuan could sense a peculiar power inside the light. There was only a tiny bit of it, and it seemed very similar to Spirit power.

The numerous new disciples curiously observed this scene.

The more senior disciples to the front had already closed their eyes, the Spirits between their brows beginning to flicker. They directly entered into a state of cultivation, heading towards the Alpha-Origin Heaven to transport Alpha-Origin Qi back.

“Everyone’s Spirits have been boosted…” Zhou Yuan remarked in amazement inside. While the senior disciples were rousing their Spirits, he had felt their Spirits being strengthened.

Zhou Yuan seemed to fall into thought for a brief moment. Soon after, he ceased hesitation and also closed his eyes as the Spirit between his brows fiercely shuddered.

His Spirit left his body, rising into the air. In an instant, it had stepped into the wondrous Alpha-Origin Heaven.

The Alpha-Origin Heaven was filled with world essence like Alpha-Origin Qi. However, astral winds were also present that tore at his Spirit.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit stood in the air and raised its hands slightly. He saw a faint barrier of light around his Spirit that not only strengthened it, but also helped to defend against the astral winds in the Alpha-Origin Heaven.

“So the Alpha-Origin Cliff and mat are both Genesis treasures that can amplify the power of one’s Spirit while also increasing its defences. This will allow us to stay longer in the Alpha-Origin Heaven and thus bring back even more Alpha-Origin Qi.”

Zhou Yuan was struck by a flash of understanding, which was quickly followed by a surge of happiness. So these were the benefits of the tridaily morning class. With them, he would be able to bring back much more Alpha-Origin Qi.

With such thoughts in mind, he delayed no further. With a thought, Spirit Power abruptly swept outwards, transforming into large hands that began to scoop up the surrounding Alpha-Origin Qi.


The strengthening of his Spirit greatly increased Zhou Yuan’s effectiveness. Strand after strand of Alpha-Origin Qi was rapidly gathered, joining the steadily growing stream around his Spirit that gradually turned into a storm.

This speed made Zhou Yuan refreshed.

“I wonder how many breaths the Alpha-Origin Qi I bring back will last this time?”

In the outer mountains, the Alpha-Origin Qi Zhou Yuan brought back for the first time had lasted over 2300 breaths. As he grew more and more proficient, each trip now lasted about 3000 breaths.

Zhou Yuan was itching to find out how many breaths the Alpha-Origin Qi brought back by his strengthened Spirit would be this time.


The hall was peacefully silent.

Numerous disciples had their eyes shut as they cultivated, the Spirit between their brows flickering, a sign that they were collecting Alpha-Origin Qi in the Alpha-Origin Heaven.

Shen Taiyuan watched them from above, his gaze ultimately stopping on Zhou Yuan’s figure as his eyes seemed to glimmer.

“I wonder how much Alpha-Origin Qi this little fellow will bring back with the boosts from the Alpha-Origin Cliff and Timeless Mat.”

The more Alpha-Origin Qi one brought back, the faster one’s progress in the Alpha-Origin stage. This was also considered part of one’s potential, which was why Shen Taiyuan could use this chance to probe Zhou Yuan.

Although he would not be able to make a complete judgement based on this, he would at least have a peak at Zhou Yuan’s potential.

Shen Taiyuan looked towards the glossy walls of the hall where faint glows were emerging. If one took a closer look, one would see names appearing one after another.

This was called the Alpha-Origin wall, and recorded the amount of Alpha-Origin Qi every successive generation of Saint Genesis Peak disciples managed to bring back on their first time using the Alpha-Origin Cliff and Timeless Mat.

In Shen Taiyuan’s memory, numerous astounding disciples had emerged from Saint Genesis Peak in its golden age, and the top ten disciples on the wall had brought back Alpha-Origin Qi that lasted over 6000 breaths...

However, Saint Genesis Peak had gradually fell into decline later on, and not a single disciple had been able to enter the ranks of the top ten for many years… a situation that was rather awkward indeed.

Shen Taiyuan sighed in his heart, before focusing on Zhou Yuan as he mumbled to himself, 

“Zhou Yuan, show me how capable the latest champion of the peak selection ceremony is…”

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