Chapter 291 Chosens Challenge

In the wake of Zhou Yuan and Cao Shi’s match being settled, the atmosphere in the hall changed once again, numerous gazes filled with pity as they constantly glanced towards Zhou Yuan.

It was obvious that almost no one believed Zhou Yuan would be able to beat Cao Shi. The latter was after all a true-blue fifth layer Alpha-Origin.

In fact, some of the disciples even felt that due to being unable to bear the pressure of so many people objecting to him, Zhou Yuan had intentionally found an excuse for him to gracefully leave the stage.

This idea made several disciples secretly nod their heads in approval. At least this new disciple was still somewhat tactful, and understood that a purple Genesis cave dwelling was still out of his reach.

At the highest point of the hall, Shen Taiyuan coughed softly, drawing back the gazes of the numerous disciples. His expression had returned to its usual stern state as his gaze swept around the hall. “Many new disciples have joined us, and all of us will be of the same group in the future. I hope that we can look out for each other.”

After saying a few more stereotypical welcoming words, Shen Taiyuan said, “Everyone who has joined the inner mountains is allowed to select a Genesis Qi cultivation method.”

“Black sash disciples may choose low tier grade 5 Genesis Qi cultivation methods.”

“Gold sash disciples may choose high tier grade 5 Genesis Qi cultivation methods.”

“While purple sash disciples may choose grade 6 Genesis Qi cultivation methods.”

The numerous new disciples exploded into noise, each disciple wide-eyed as excitement filled their faces.

They had come to the Cangxuan Sect because it possessed better and higher tier Genesis Qi cultivation methods and techniques. These were the most valuable, because they would enable them to cultivate higher grade Genesis Qi.

“As expected of the Cangxuan Sect.” Zhou Yuan could not help but praise inside. In the Great Zhou Empire, a grade 4 Genesis Qi cultivation method was already considered the best of the best, while a grade 5 Genesis Qi cultivation method would be considered an ultimate treasure even in the more powerful empires and great clans.

The majority of the new disciples here were only cultivating grade 4 Genesis Qi.

Now that they were finally able to obtain higher ranked cultivation methods in the inner mountains, how could they not be excited and overwhelmed with emotion.

In contrast, Zhou Yuan was not interested in the Genessi Qi cultivation methods, because the Ancestral Dragon Scripture he practiced was far too tyrannical. Once one was on this road, one would no longer be able to change to another cultivation method.

Of course, it was also because his Omni Python was already a grade 6 Genesis Qi.

Moreover, Zhou Yuan could feel that his Omni Python Qi was top tier even amongst the other grade 6 Genesis Qi.

If one were to talk about quality, Zhou Yuan believed that none of the purple sash disciples had better Genesis Qi than him.

And if he really wanted to find someone who could compete in Genesis Qi quality, even in the entire Cangxuan Sect, it was likely that only the ten great Chosens would be able to put up a fight.

Of course, it must be noted that the quality of one’s Genesis Qi was only one of the factors that contributed to one’s strength, so the person with the best Genesis Qi may not necessarily be the strongest.

But at the very least, it was an advantage.

While all the other disciples were bubbling with excitement, Zhou Yuan’s expression remained cool and collected.

Shen Taiyuan nodded at this sight. Dropping such a huge carrot in front of them should motivate them to train hard.

While he was thinking such thoughts, he saw Zhou Yuan’s still as an ancient well like face.

“This brat…”

A slight surge of annoyance rose in Shen Taiyuan’s heart. He pondered for a brief moment, before he spoke once again, “Besides cultivation methods, our Saint Genesis Peak also has numerous Genesis techniques, eight low grade Heaven tier techniques and three mid grade Heaven tier techniques.”

These words practically caused the entire hall to explode. Let alone the new disciples, even the eyes of the more senior ones began to glow with desire.

This was a Heaven tier Genesis technique. An object of desire that could turn countless experts into an unruly crowd anywhere in Cangxuan Heaven.

Zhou Yuan also felt a rush of excitement as interest flowed out in his eyes. The Cangxuan Sect was truly rich in resources. It was hard to believe that they would have so many of even Heaven tier Genesis techniques.

Shen Taiyuan finally felt a little pleased when he saw that Zhou Yuan’s coolness had been broken, and began to speak once again, “However, nothing is more famous in our Cangxuan Sect than the seven Cangxuan arts.”

A new disciple curiously asked, “The seven Cangxuan arts?”

Shen Taiyuan explained, “The seven Cangxuan arts were personally created by patriarch Cang Xuan many years ago. When combined… it is known as the Cangxuan Saint art, a true Saint tier Genesis technique.”


Gasps filled the giant hall.

Even Zhou Yuan felt his heart beat violently in excitement, as he subconsciously wet his lips. A Saint Genesis technique… a legendary Saint Genesis technique!

It was said that every Saint Genesis technique possessed earth-shattering power, power that could basically be described as god-like.

Zhou Yuan had never heard of any information regarding a Saint Genesis technique. After all, it was just far too rare. He never imagined that he would hear of it here today...

Shen Taiyuan continued, “The Cangxuan Saint art was split into seven parts, each safeguarded by one of the seven peaks. Only the chief disciples of each peak would have the right to practice it.”

“The art of our Saint Genesis Peak is called the Omega Saint Spirit art, and is a high grade Heaven Genesis technique.”

Numerous disciples clicked their tongues in wonder. To think that it would still be able to reach the high grade Heaven tier even after being split into seven. From this, one could see just how frightening it was.

Shen Taiyuan grinned in a pleased manner inside when he saw the faint look of desire on Zhou Yuan’s face. Brat, this old man refuses to believe that I can’t tempt your heart.

“Teacher Shen, how do we gather the seven arts?” Zhou Yuan could not help but ask, a fire burning in his eyes. High grade Heaven tier was indeed already crazy amazing, but he still wondered how to accumulate all seven arts.

Shen Taiyuan hesitated for a moment, before he explained, “Like I said earlier, each of the seven peaks have one art, and according to the rules of the sect, anyone who wishes to gather all seven will have to initiate the ‘Chosens challenge’...”

“Chosens challenge?” Zhou Yuan was taken aback.

“Only the chief disciples of the various peaks have the qualifications to initiate the Chosens challenge. Simply put, it is to challenge the chief disciples of another peak. If one managed to clinch victory, one would be able to take the art from the loser’s peak and practice it.”

“However, the Chosens challenge is very unfavorable to the challenger, because the other party would have the home ground advantage. The challenged only needs to defend his or her own peak while receiving Genesis Qi from the peak that will dramatically raise one’s power.”

Shen Taiyuan slowly said, “To obtain victory, the challenger’s strength would need to surpass the chief disciple of the other peaks by a substantial amount.”

Amazement was revealed on Zhou Yuan’s face. So this was the Chosens challenge. It really did make one’s blood boil with excitement. The Cangxuan Sect really know how to make their rules.

Shen Taiyuan continued, “Currently, the disciple who has initiated the most challenges is the head of the ten great Chosens, Chu Qing. He has initiated five Chosens challenges, and succeeded in four of them. In other words, he has already gathered five of the seven Cangxuan arts, and is said to be the strongest Chosen even amongst all the generations.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened. To think that Chu Qing was so powerful. He had managed to take five of the seven Cangxuan arts!

If he managed to win two more, wouldn’t he have gathered all seven arts and combine them into the Saint tier technique?!

“Just behind Chu Qing is the Sword Cometh Peak’s Kong Sheng. He has initiated three Chosens challenges and has succeeded in all of them. He now has four of the seven Cangxuan arts.”

“The Snow Lotus Peak’s Li Qingchan has also initiated three challenges, and like Kong Sheng has obtained four arts.”

“The other Chosens… have each initiated one Chosens challenge.”

At this point, Zhou Yuan suddenly discovered that Shen Taiyuan’s expression had turned a little unnatural. The former’s heart jumped in his chest, as he could not help but ask, “Which of the peaks did all the ten Chosens challenge?”

Shen Taiyuan’s face seemed to gradually turn black with anger, before he suddenly began to curse in a muffled voice, “The little bastards, all of them only know how to bully a soft persimmon. All ten of them have challenged our Saint Genesis Peak, and every single one has succeeded!”

Zhou Yuan was stupefied, nearly choking to death in amazement. Didn’t this mean that the Omega Saint Spirit art of their Saint Genesis Peak was already in the hands of every single one of the ten great Chosens?!

The corners of his lips twitched as he gazed at the black-faced Shen Taiyuan.

God damnit, it was suppose to be the best technique of Saint Genesis Peak, but it turns out that all ten of the Chosens each had a copy! What the heck was this? Bulk distribution?!

He finally began to understand just how pathetic Saint Genesis Peak was in the Cangxuan Sect...

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