Chapter 290 Match

When Zhou Yuan’s words landed in the giant hall, it immediately drew a wave of stunned gazes. No one had even considered that he would plan on participating in the cave match.

One must know that although the purple sash disciples from both sides were no longer able to participate, the disciples sent would be the elites of the gold sash. Though Zhou Yuan was also a gold sash disciple, he was after all far too new, and there was still a tremendous gap between him and the older disciples.

Zhou Yuan had such a hard time against Lu Feng in the peak selection ceremony, an opponent who was only at the peak fourth layer Alpha-Origin, someone who was not even a true fifth layer.

On the other hand, most of the inner mountain gold sash disciples had already stepped into the fifth layer Alpha-Origin stage.

While those such as Tong Long and Cao Shi were powerful even amongst the fifth layer.

As such, many felt that Zhou Yuan basically did not qualifications to participate in battles at this level. Hence why Cao Shi could not help but mock the former after hearing his words.

However, Zhou Yuan ignored the mockery and the skeptical gazes, only looking straight at Shen Taiyuan with a calm expression.

Shen Taiyuan had likewise been stunned, Zhou Yuan’s actions clearly out of his expectations. Soon after, he began to frown. At the end of the day, what he valued in Zhou Yuan was the latter’s potential.

Zhou Yuan was currently only a second layer Alpha-Origin, and although he had managed to defeat the peak fourth layer Alpha-Origin Lu Feng in the peak selection ceremony, even Lu Feng would not dare to muddle in a fight like this.

If any other ordinary disciple had said such words, Shen Taiyuan would have berated him or her long ago. However, Zhou Yuan was after all somewhat different from the rest.

Hence, Shen Taiyuan did not rebuke Zhou Yuan’s behaviour, and merely said, “Zhou Yuan, you don’t have to force yourself. There is no need to compete with others for the time being. Given your talent, you will surely begin to truly stand out after a year or two.”

Although he did have high hopes of Zhou Yuan, Shen Taiyuan believed that the former had only said those words in the heat of the moment.

“In addition… this matter affects the face of our faction, and we cannot afford to make any reckless decisions.”

Cao Shi cooly looked at Zhou Yuan upon hearing this.

Zhou Yuan calmly replied, “Teacher Shen, as the saying goes, one should not get a reward one does not deserve. If I do not make any contributions, I will not be able to accept the purple Genesis cave dwelling even if we do end up winning it.”

Cao Shi sneered and said, “At least you still have some self-awareness.”

Zhou Yuan shot the former an indifferent glance, before continuing, “Teacher Shen must feel that I am not strong enough, but there’s a simple solution. Allow me to have a match with one of the three current representatives. If I somehow win, I will replace him, while if I lose, I will naturally no longer speak of this matter and not entertain any thoughts about the purple Genesis cave dwelling.”

By this point, Zhou Yuan’s true goal was finally revealed.

How could he not know that numerous of the more senior disciples looked down on him because he was new. At the same time, they also felt that teacher Shen was being very unfair.

However, they did not have the courage to raise their objections so publicly like Cao Shi, but the truth was that they refused to acknowledge Zhou Yuan in their hearts.

If not, Cao Shi would not have managed to garner so much support.

In such a circumstance, for Zhou Yuan to smoothly keep the purple Genesis cave dwelling in his pocket, he would first need to win over the other disciples. But because he was only a new disciple without any experience, trying to convince them with the potential of the peak selection ceremony champion was clearly an impossible fantasy.

Therefore, he would use the most direct and effective method.

No argument could beat the hard truth of reality.


Sure enough, Zhou Yuan’s words caused another wave of noise to rise in the hall, every disciple dumbstruck once again.

No one had expected Zhou Yuan to have such charisma. He actually intended to use one of the three participants as an example!

Was he crazy!

One must know that Tong Long, Pan Song and Cao Shi were powerful practitioners even amongst the fifth layer Alpha-Origin, strength that far surpassed Lu Feng’s. Where had Zhou Yuan found the courage to suggest facing them in battle?

Tong Long, Cao Shi and Pan Song were stunned. Soon after, they looked at each other, seeing the amusement in each other’s eyes.

They too had never expected Zhou Yuan to be so arrogant...

Just below Shen Taiyuan, Zhou Tai was also quite amazed as he let out a helpless chuckle. Junior brother Zhou Yuan was indeed no kind buddha, and refused to lose out even a little.

But was a counter attack like this a little too reckless?

“Hehe, junior brother Zhou Yuan is really something.” Zhang Yan laughed in amusement.

The other purple sash disciples also chuckled as they nodded. From their appearances, they clearly felt that Zhou Yuan was not using his head. This was practically akin to a calf being unafraid of a tiger. Sure, he had courage, but he lacked self-awareness.

Shen Taiyuan was both surprised and amazed as he stared at Zhou Yuan. The latter’s suggestion had once again surpassed his expectations. After some silence, he finally said, “You mean to challenge one of the three to see who is most suitable to participate in the cave match?”

His gaze flickered in thought as he slowly continued, “Are you certain Zhou Yuan? Once I agree, there will be no turning back. If you end up losing, the purple Genesis cave dwelling will truly be out of your reach.”

Zhou Yuan nodded with a calm face.

Shen Taiyuan took one deep look at Zhou Yuan, before he ultimately said, “Since that is your decision, we shall do as you suggested. Which the three do you choose as your opponent?”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze slowly shifted under the numerous watching eyes in the hall, no surprise whatsoever as it ultimately paused on Cao Shi.

Since Cao Shi was the one who had kicked up such a fuss, he shall be used to establish Zhou Yuan reputation in Saint Genesis Peak.

Cao Shi was likewise unsurprised. Instead, he grinned as he shook his head towards Tong Long and Pan Song, and jokingly said, “I can’t believe that the day will come where I’m being treated as a soft persimmon.”

“Ah well, teaching a new junior how to behave is something a senior should do. I shall accept this challenge.”

His tone indicated that he felt no pressure at all, but was instead ready to toy with Zhou Yuan.

Numerous disciples softly laughed around him.

Shen Taiyuan slowly said, “Since that is the case, the match between the two of you shall be held five days later. The victor shall be allowed to become one of the three participants for the cave match.”

Shen Taiyuan’s gaze paused on Zhou Yuan’s figure. He had still decided to give Zhou Yuan more time, because from a certain point of view, he hoped that Zhou Yuan would really be able to create a miracle. If that happened, it would mean that Zhou Yuan truly did possess the potential that would enable him to stand against the masses.

However, if Zhou Yuan were to lose, Shen Taiyuan would not be able to stop himself from feeling disappointed, because it meant that Zhou Yuan’s was merely reckless, and someone with such character could never be destined for greater things.

Shen Taiyuan slowly withdrew his gaze as he sighed softly inside.

“Zhou Yuan, I hope that you do not disappoint me…”

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