Chapter 289 Volunteer

Zhou Yuan paid no attention to the many skeptical gazes that were sizing him up. As for the clearly fuming Cao Shi, he too was ignored by the former as Zhou Yuan walked forward and seated himself on the third gold mat.

Upon seeing how rude Zhou Yuan was, some of the disciples frowned slightly, evidently feeling that this new disciple was quite arrogant.

Even if teacher Shen did have high hopes of him, it was merely with regards to the potential he might have.  At this current point in time, they felt that the second layer Alpha-Origin Zhou Yuan basically did not have the qualifications to sit in that spot.

However, it was after all teacher Shen’s arrangement, so even if they were unhappy about it, they could only endure for the time being and cast indifferent looks at Zhou Yuan.

Cao Shi also took in a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his heart, though the gaze that looked towards Zhou Yuan grew increasingly dark.

As such, the atmosphere in the hall turned strangely suffocating.

At the very top, Shen Taiyuan naturally detected the strange atmosphere, causing him to frown slightly for a moment. How could he not know that his actions would surely cause resentment to rise in the hearts of some disciples.

However, there was really nothing else he could do. Saint Genesis Peak had never gotten a champion of the peak selection ceremony for many years, and since he had encountered one at long last, Shen Taiyuan could only give it a try.

Of course he knew just how insanely difficult it was to encounter an exceptional genius like Chu Qing, but since there was no longer any way out, he really had no other option.

Thus, Shen Taiyuan soon reaffirmed his resolution, his gaze sweeping across the place as he said in a serious voice, “In a month, we will be having a cave match with Lu Hong’s faction. This match will determine who the final purple Genesis cave dwelling goes to, so we cannot fail.”

“Since all the purple sash disciples have already used up their turns, I will be sending gold sash disciples to participate.”

“Tong Long, Pan Song and Cao Shi.”

“I hope to send you three as our line-up.”

Tong Long and Pan Song were the current first and second seat gold sash disciples, while Cao Shi was fourth seat. The three of them were considered the strongest amongst the gold sash disciples.

No one immediately responded to Shen Taiyuan’s words. Tong Long and Pan Song’s eyes seemed to flicker in thought, while Cao Shi secretly shot a look at them, took a deep breath, and said, “Teacher Shen, we are willing.”

Shen Taiyuan’s impassive face relaxed a little.

However, before he could say anything, Cao Shi began to speak again, “But we hope to inquire how the purple Genesis cave dwelling will be allocated.”

Shen Taiyuan frowned. He had made himself very clear three days earlier. The purple Genesis cave dwelling was prepared for Zhou Yuan, and yet Cao Shi was still asking even while knowing the answer...

“I plan to give it to Zhou Yuan.” Shen Taiyuan’s tone was indifferent.

The corners of Cao Shi’s eyes twitched for a moment, before he gritted his teeth and said, “Although it is somewhat disrespectful, aren’t teacher Shen’s actions a little unfair? We have to do the heavy lifting of being sent out to battle, while Zhou Yuan reaps all the benefits?”

“According to the rules, the purple Genesis cave dwelling should go to one of the three that participated. It doesn’t make sense for an outsider to do nothing and yet enjoy the profits.”

Several disciples secretly nodded in approval at Cao Shi’s words.

Shen Taiyuan’s expression turned slightly ugly as he said in a low voice, “Are you questioning me?”

Cao Shi hastily cupped his fists together and said, “Disciple does not dare. We have worked hard for the sake of Saint Genesis Peak, and understand the pressure teacher Shen is facing. Hence, if there really is someone who can become our main pillar of strength, we will naturally give him or her our full support. However, I’m afraid that some people may not be able to share teacher Shen’s heavy burden, and may waste away the hope and expectations of our numerous fellow disciples.”

His words were full of righteousness, but they secretly hinted that Zhou Yuan had neither the qualifications nor capability.

Shen Taiyuan’s expression grew darker and darker.

Just as he was about to berate Cao Shi, another voice suddenly sounded, “Please do not be angry teacher Shen, although junior brother Cao Shi has been rather rash to offend teacher Shen, he does not possess any ill will. It is true that junior brother Zhou Yuan is the champion of the latest peak selection ceremony, but he is ultimately still too inexperienced. If we give him a year or two, he may be able to meet teacher Shen’s expectations, and I’m sure that no one will object then…”

Shen Taiyuan looked over, only to find that a young man with an earnest expression beside Zhou Tai had spoken.

His name was Zhang Yan, and was the second seat purple sash disciple, second only to Zhou Tai. 

Zhou Yuan calmly glanced at Zhang Yan. Although the latter’s speech sounded nicer, the hidden meaning within was clear. He was saying that the current Zhou Yuan did not deserve to possess a purple Genesis cave dwelling.

He was undoubtedly supporting Cao Shi.

Zhang Yan clearly had some influence over the other disciples. After he spoke, several disciples immediately voiced out their agreement, making the hall become rather noisy for a time.

Especially when two other purple sash disciples indicated their support, making the opposition grow louder and louder.

At the back of the hall, Shen Wanjin and the other new disciples had worried looks in their eyes as they gazed at Zhou Yuan’s figure from far away. They had not expected so many disciples to object.

If this matter was not handled properly, Zhou Yuan’s reputation would be affected.

However, they also understood that new disciples like them basically did not have any right to speak in such a setting.

They were not the only ones. Even Shen Taiyuan frowned deeply at this scene.

He did have the option to over power all opposition with force, but he still had to rely on the Cao Shi trio for the cave match. If their hearts weren’t in it, their chances of victory would turn even more miniscule, practically giving away the purple Genesis cave dwelling for free.

Shen Taiyuan was silent for a long time, before he slowly turned towards Zhou Yuan and asked, “Zhou Yuan, what do you think?”

An almost undetectable pleased look rose from the corners of Cao Shi’s mouth when he heard this. Shen Taiyuan was evidently unable to ignore the objection from so many disciples, causing his previous insistence to waver a little.

Cao Shi’s gaze swept past Zhou Yuan from the corner of his eye as he icily chuckled in his heart.

This kid was too much of a greenhorn. Did you really believe that you could ignore the rules just because teacher Shen has high hopes of you?

Swatting you down is as easy as flipping my hand.

Everything that had happened today was clearly the results of Cao Shi’s handiwork.

Under the numerous watching gazes, Zhou Yuan’s expression remained calm from start to end. 

Truthfully speaking, though he was indeed a little interested in the purple Genesis cave dwelling, it had not reached the stage where he absolutely needed to have it.

However, Cao Shi’s hostility and actions made Zhou Yuan frown a little.

He surmised that the various happenings today were most likely orchestrated by Cao Shi, all for the sake of trying to keep Zhou Yuan down.

He tilted his head, and glanced at Cao Shi with an icy gaze.

Upon detecting Zhou Yuan’s gaze, the corner’s of Cao Shi’s lips rose slightly in contempt as he nonchalantly said, Junior brother Zhou Yuan, once should eat one mouthful at a time, or take things step by step. The repercussions of attempting to reach the sky in a single leap are usually far too great.”

“Listen to your senior brother and train properly for a year or two first. By that time, it will probably be easier for you to entertain such thoughts.”

Zhou Yuan merely smiled without commenting, and said, “According to the rules, I’m currently third seat, while you’re the fourth seat. You should be calling me senior brother instead.”

Cao Shi’s face twisted as he let out a mocking, icy chuckle.

Zhou Yuan ignored the former, raising his head as he said, “Teacher Shen, I feel that following the rules may not be a bad thing.”

Zhang Yan immediately smiled when he heard this and said, “It’s great that junior brother Zhou Yuan thinks so.”

Shen Taiyuan slowly said, “You intend to give up on the purple Genesis cave dwelling?”

Cao Shi laughed happily. Looks like Zhou Yuan could not handle the pressure, and knew that he still did not have the qualifications to own a purple Genesis cave dwelling.

However, Zhou Yuan chuckled as he shook his head. “Didn’t junior brother Cao Shi say earlier that according to the rules, the purple Genesis cave dwelling should be given to one of the three participants?”

“Since that is the case, I volunteer to participate. Please allow me to become one of the three representatives for the cave match.”

Since Cao Shi was being so overbearing, Zhou Yuan naturally did not need to show any mercy.


Zhou Yuan’s words instantly caused the entire hall to explode into noise.

The smile on Cao Shi’s face turned slightly rigid. Soon after, the mocking look on lips grew even wider as he pointed at Zhou Yuan and said, 

“Zhou Yuan ah Zhou Yuan, you really are cluelessly arrogant!”

“Do you believe the cave match is the same as the peak selection ceremony?”

He shook his head and stared at Zhou Yuan with cold eyes.

“I’ll be blunt, you still do not possess the qualifications to participate in the cave match. You may want to go there and humiliate yourself but we do not!”

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