Chapter 286 Match for the Cave

In the wake of Lu Hong and his disciples’ departure, the atmosphere began to relax. However, Shen Taiyuan’s expression was still somewhat ugly, clearly not expecting that Lu Hong would not give any face even after he had lowered himself to ask.

Elder Lu Song walked over from the side and sighed helplessly. “You know full well that he looks down on us. Why did you still have to ask.”

He shot a glance at Zhou Yuan. The truth was, Lu Song did know why in his heart. Zhou Yuan was likely very important to Shen Taiyuan, and he wanted to create the best cultivation conditions for the former.

A purple Qi cave dwelling was definitely necessary.

Shen Taiyuan’s expression darkened with anger as he said, “He’s just a lesser man in a position of power.”

Lu Song shook his head, before he asked, “Do you have any confidence in the next cave match?”

Shen Taiyuan’s expression turned rather depressed.

The cave dwellings of Saint Genesis Peak were originally occupied by him and Lu Song’s disciples. However, ever since Lu Hong and his disciples came from Sword Cometh Peak, there was no longer any peace in Saint Genesis Peak.

Lu Hong’s faction also needed cave dwellings, so they had to be redistributed once again.

This was how the cave matches had come about.

A cave match was basically a competition of martial prowess between the disciples from the three factions. The winner would obtain the cave dwelling.

For the past year, Lu Hong’s faction had started many cave matches, and overall won more than they lost. After all, the quality of his disciples were indeed better than those under Shen Taiyuan and Lu Hong.

Even the final purple Genesis cave dwelling was now being eyed by Lu Hong.

Shen Taiyuan naturally also coveted the final purple Genesis cave dwelling, but he knew that there was no longer anyone on his side who could match Lu Hong’s disciples.

In accordance to the rules, each disciple could only participate once in a cave match per year. Currently, the strong disciples under Shen Taiyuan such as Zhou Tai had already used their turns in the most intense matches. Hence, he was left with only gold sash disciples to vie for the next cave match.

Although Lu Hong’s purple sash disciples had likewise used up their chance long ago, Shen Taiyuan knew that there were still quite a few exceptionally strong gold sash disciples under Lu Hong, for example Wu Gang.

In comparison, Shen Taiyuan’s gold sash disciples were quite lacking.

Therefore, Shen Taiyuan did not have much confidence in the match to be held a month later.

Lu Song was also aware of the situation, and thus said in a low voice, “Why not wait a while longer. At the beginning of next year, the matches will start over once again.” 

Shen Taiyuan’s expression fluctuated for a moment. However, he still stubbornly shook his head in the end and declared, “I will find a way.”

After which, he waved to Lu Song before shooting a glance at Zhou Yuan and the rest as he lifted his legs to leave.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, we’ll be fellow brother disciples in the future.” Zhou Tai smiled at Zhou Yuan. From the looks of it, the former was a rather straight forward individual.

Zhou Yuan returned the smile and cupped his fists together. “Greetings senior brother Zhou Tai.”

Zhou Tai said, “Although teacher Shen seems very unapproachable, he has high hopes for you.”

Zhou Yuan responded with a slight nod. Although he barely had any contact with Shen Taiyuan, the latter’s earlier actions clearly fallen into the former’s eyes. Shen Taiyuan had obviously clashed with Lu Hong for the sake of obtaining the final purple Genesis cave dwelling for Zhou Yuan to aid his cultivation progress.

This gesture moved Zhou Yuan’s heart slightly.

After all, if it was anyone else, they would likely not risk offending an elder with pretty high status for a mere disciple.

“Senior brother Zhou Tai, if it is too difficult, please persuade teacher Shen to drop the idea.” Said Zhou Yuan. Although he still did not fully understand the extent of the situation, he could sense that Lu Hong seemed to look down on Shen Taiyuan’s intent to contest for the final purple Genesis cave dwelling.

Lu Hong clearly believed that he had already won.

Zhou Tai laughed bitterly. “It will be nearly impossible to persuade teacher Shen once he has made up his mind. Given his character… no one can dissuade him.”

Soon after, he patted Zhou Yuan’s shoulder and consoled. “You need not worry about this matter. If not because I had already participated in a cave match, I would have helped you win the last purple Genesis cave dwelling.”

Zhou Yuan nodded, not speaking any further on the topic.

After the numerous disciples bid their respectful farewell to elder Lu Song, they followed elder Shen Taiyuan.

Lu Song watched them leave as he sighed helplessly. “Old Shen seems to genuinely think very highly of that little fellow Zhou Yuan. I can’t believe that he even butt heads with Lu Hong for the sake of helping the former obtain the last purple Genesis cave dwelling.”

Lu Yan walked over and asked, “Will elder Shen be able to win?”

Although all three factions were competitors, Lu Song and Shen Taiyuan’s groups had gotten along well for many years. Lu Hong’s faction on the other hand had practically appeared out of nowhere. In addition, their methods were far too domineering, hence from an emotional point of view, Lu Song’s faction naturally hoped to see Shen Taiyuan’s faction win.

Lu Song shook his head. “It will be difficult. The disciples under Lu Hong are indeed pretty remarkable. Even though all the purple sash disciples have already used up their turns, some of the gold sash disciples cannot be underestimated. Wu Gang for example, is an elite even amongst the fifth layer Alpha-Origin. It will be hard to find someone who can match him amongst old Shen’s gold sash disciples.

“As the one who managed to become the champion of the peak selection ceremony, Zhou Yuan should be quite capable, right? I wonder if he will participate.” One of the purple sash disciples chuckled.

Lu Yan frowned slightly upon hearing this. “You think too highly of him. His title of champion is only with regards to those outer mountain disciples. What can he do now that he’s in the inner mountains? He should first obediently train for a year or two before trying anything.”

She was not looking down on him, but merely stating the truth. Lu Feng, whom Zhou Yuan had expanded all his efforts to defeat, was merely a peak fourth layer Alpha-Origin practitioner. Who amongst the inner mountain gold sash disciples did not possess such strength?

Some of the better gold sash disciples had even stepped into the fifth layer. Wu Gang in particular was one of the stronger ones even amongst Saint Genesis Peak’s numerous gold sash disciples.

From what she could see, although Zhou Yuan was talented, as someone who had only recently entered the inner mountains, he likely was not good enough to vie with the other gold sash disciples. What he should do now was to obediently bide his time and train.

The purple sash disciple chuckled. He had merely been jesting earlier. After Lu Yan responded, he naturally nodded his head and said, “Junior sister is right, it’s not like none of the past peak selection ceremony champions eventually returned to mediocrity. After all, not everyone is as amazing as senior brother Chu Qing.”

Lu Yan rolled her eyes at him, somewhat annoyed as she retorted, “Could you please not compare just anyone to senior brother Chu Qing?”

“Senior brother Chu Qing became a purple sash disciple in less than a year. It is impossible for anyone to match his speed.”

She was obviously one of Chu Qing’s loyal fans, and naturally felt that no one could match him.

“Heh heh, yes, yes, I’m wrong. I should not have so rashly compared junior sister’s idol to others. Although Zhou Yuan is also a peak selection ceremony champion, how can he possibly measure up to senior brother Chu Qing.” The purple sash disciple chuckled as he cupped his hands together in apology.

Only then did Lu Yan nod in satisfaction.

As he listened to the banter between the two, elder Lu Song also laughed, making no remarks about the topic. With a wave of his hand, he turned around and left.

“Let’s go.”

“I hope that old Shen won’t lose too terribly a month later. If not, we’ll likely not see the old fellow's smile for at least half a year…”

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