Chapter 285 Purple Genesis Cave Dwelling

As Zhou Yuan tied the gold sash around his waist, the complex and ancient runes on it glittered faintly, and the surrounding Genesis Qi began to flow towards him strand by strand, ultimately slipping into his body.

The numerous surrounding disciples wore looks of envy as they watched. They knew that the gold sash was not merely a beneficial tool for cultivation, but also represented one’s status and perks.

After wearing the gold sash, Zhou Yuan moved to the side.

It this moment, Shen Taiyuan, Lu Song, and Lu Hong’s gazes suddenly turned at the same time, looking towards the most soul-stirring figure on the plaza.

It was naturally Yaoyao.

Yaoyao wore her light blue long skirt, her facial features so pretty it was as if they had been perfectly drawn, not even a tiny blemish to be soon. Her eyes in particular were akin to a clear and empty sky that gave off a faint feeling of distance, making it that no one dared to approach.

The moment Yaoyao appeared, numerous gazes of the plaza stealthily looked over as whispers began to spread in secret.

“This is way too pretty!”

“Her presence is also extraordinary, who is she? Such beauty and presence is stronger than even the Snow Lotus Peak’s senior sister Li Qingchan!”

“They do look a little similar, both feel rather distant…”

“They’re not the same at all. Although senior sister Li Qingchan is usually akin to mountain of ice, she’s actually cold and the outside and warm on the inside. The girl before us however has a cold indifference that spreads from within, and seems to be unconcerned about anything. Such coldness basically makes her untouchable.”

“Tch, acting like you understand…”


Regardless of what they whispered, it was clear that every gaze was amazed by Yaoyao. Even a girl like Lu Yan, who had confidence in her looks, had nothing to say.

Looks like the number one beauty of Saint Genesis Peak would undisputedly belong to Yaoyao in future.

Shen Taiyuan was pondered for a brief moment, before he finally opened his mouth and said, “Zhou Xiaoyao, your situation is quite unique. Peak master white brow has already sent someone to inform us that you need not take any of us three as a teacher. However, you may still stay in Saint Genesis Peak.”

They obviously already knew about Yaoyao, and also understood how unprecedentedly valued she was by the peak master of Spirit Rune Peak.

The truth was that they could not wrap their heads around this matter. Why had Yaoyao insisted on coming to Saint Genesis Peak? Given her talent, if she went to Spirit Rune Peak, peak master white brow would certainly treat her like a queen.

Though they had heard that she chose to come here for Zhou Yuan, every fibre of her being seemed to give off an unapproachable feeling. Could she really be fond of Zhou Yuan?

They mulled over it for a while, but were unable to reach an answer.

Yaoyao nonchalantly nodded in acknowledgement. After all, she was only at Saint Genesis Peak to protect Zhou Yuan, and in her opinion, none of the three elders had the qualifications to teach her.

Now that they were done with Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, the remaining disciples began to make their choices, the majority following Zhou Yuan to join elder Shen and elder Lu Song’s groups.

After the allocation was done, perhaps because of Zhou Yuan, the number of disciples that had joined Shen Taiyuan was roughly equal to Lu Hong.

Thus, all the new disciples were split up into three groups.

Of the three factions, elder Lu Song had the least number of disciples, but he was indeed more of a playful and mischievous individual, and did not have much interest in competing or grand aspirations.

Elder Shen Taiyuan and elder Lu Hong on the other hand, were very competitive. They had the most disciples, but elder Lu Hong’s disciples were clearly of better quality. He was after all from the Sword Cometh Peak, the resources available to him far greater than elder Shen Taiyuan.

Since they were done, elder Lu Hong stood up to leave, no intentions of discussing anything with Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song.

However, it was at this moment that the silent Shen Taiyuan suddenly spoke, “Please wait elder Lu Hong.”

Lu Hong’s foot paused as he turned around, looked at Shen Taiyuan and said, “What is it elder Shen?”

Shen Taiyuan hesitated for a moment, before he said, “I hope to discuss about the final purple Genesis cave dwelling of our Saint Genesis Peak.”

Lu Hong’s eyes narrowed slightly. Soon after, he seemingly smiled as he mockingly swept a glance at Zhou Yuan and said, “Elder Shen is truly a lover of talent. To think that you would even plan on preparing a purple Genesis cave dwelling for him.”

“However, does a new gold sash disciple like him really deserve such treatment?”

Zhou Yuan was slightly taken aback, somewhat surprised as he looked towards Shen Taiyuan.

During the past three days, he had gotten a better understanding of the inner mountains. Every inner mountain disciple would be given a cave dwelling, similar to the little houses of the outer mountain disciples.

However, this cave dwelling was clearly even more precious than the little houses.

Every cave dwelling was equipped with a spring of sorts from which an endless stream of pure Genesis Qi would spout from, making it extremely beneficial to one’s cultivation.

The cave dwellings were also split into different ranks which were related to disciple’s status. From the lowest, the black Genesis cave dwelling, the gold Genesis cave dwelling, and finally the highest rank purple Genesis cave dwelling.

Ordinarily speaking, only a purple sash disciple could enjoy the luxury of a purple Genesis cave dwelling.

Hence, Zhou Yuan was rather surprised when he heard Shen Taiyuan intended to give him a purple Genesis cave dwelling.

Shen Taiyuan slowly said, “I can judge for myself whether or not he deserves it.”

Lu Hong let out a mocking laugh as he shook his head and said, “There’s no need for you to consider this matter any further elder Shen. The main peak of our Saint Genesis Peak is sealed, making it impossible to open many of the purple Genesis cave dwellings. Hence, there is only a limited number available. In accordance to our rules, our three factions will split the cave dwellings based on martial prowess, and since the previous nineteen have already been allocated, I am determined to win the final one.”

“All of your purple sash disciples already have purple Genesis cave swellings.” Shen Taiyuan’s expression sunk slightly.

Lu Hong sneered. “Since you feel that a new inner mountain disciple has the right to use a purple Genesis cave dwelling, do my disciples not have the same right?”

Shen Taiyuan’s expression turned ugly, but he still managed to control his anger. “I can barter for the purple Qi cave dwelling with other things.”

However, Lu Hong waved his hand and rudely said, “No need. I’ve already declared that I am determined to win this purple Genesis cave dwelling.”

A look of ridicule was present in his gaze as he swept a glance in Zhou Yuan’s direction. Of course he knew that Shen Taiyuan wanted to give the purple Genesis cave dwelling to Zhou Yuan. This was why he would never let it happen.

Although Lu Hong did not appear to care when Zhou Yuan had chosen to join Shen Taiyuan earlier, it was obvious that the former held a grudge in his heart.

Moreover, Zhou Yuan was after all the champion of the peak selection ceremony, making him a potential threat. Hence, cutting his cultivation resources even a little would reduce the threat he posed.

Therefore, there was no way that Lu Hong would allow the final purple Genesis cave dwelling to land in Zhou Yuan’s hands.

Lu Hong smiled coldly inside. Since you value Zhou Yuan so much, go ahead and give the purple Genesis cave dwellings of your other disciples to him. But if you do so, let’s see what your disciples will end up saying.

Zhou Yuan frowned as he watched the exchange between them. He had at last personally witnessed how ‘open-minded’ Lu Hong actually was.

“Teacher Shen, although a purple Genesis cave dwelling is great, there is no need to rush things. There will always be a chance in the future.” Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together.

However, Shen Taiyuan shook his head. “I know what I’m doing.”

From the looks of it, the stubborn elder was not willing to give up.

Seeing the growing tension between the two parties, elder Lu Song had no choice but to stand up and say, “Since neither of you wishes to give in, we shall follow the rules and decide its allocation based on martial prowess.”

“The next match shall be held in a month. Whoever wins then will naturally obtain the final purple Genesis cave dwelling.”

Upon hearing these words, Lu Hong let out an icy chuckle, before leaving with a swish of his sleeves.

“Then we’ll see who's more capable in a month”

However, he cast an icy, mocking gaze at Zhou Yuan as he left. Although he did not say anything, Zhou Yuan could guess what the former was thinking.

You don’t deserve that purple Genesis cave dwelling.

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