Chapter 282 The Sealed Main Peak

Zhou Yuan’s gaze withdrew from the mysterious mist covered main peak, frowning as he helplessly sighed in his heart.

He was already certain that the second Saint Rune was here, but the problem now was how he was going to enter...

After all, he could not possibly reveal any information about the second Saint Rune. If he did, it would likely bring disaster, because he did not know whether there was any problem with the internal circle of the Cangxuan Sect.

In addition, the Saint Runes were related to the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. Anyone who possessed it would have the chance to become the master of Cangxuan Heaven, an existence that stood above the numerous sects. The temptation to own it was far too great, and Zhou Yuan was currently too weak to safeguard such an object.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a bit, before he suddenly looked towards steward Fang Zheng and asked, “Teacher uncle Fang, when will this main peak of our Saint Genesis Peak be unsealed?”

Fang Zheng was an easy-going person after all, and answered with a smile, “Truthfully speaking, it is not difficult to unseal, one would only require the peak master seal of Saint Gensis Peak to undo the seal.”

“However, the current problem is that we have no peak master. Besides this… the peak master seal was left in the main peak by the patriarch, while the seal over it was personally set-up by the him. The stronger one is, the more likely one would be attacked by the seal.”

“Even sect master Qing Yang does not dare to enter so easily.”

Zhou Yuan’s head began to swell after hearing this.

“Then has our Saint Genesis Peak not considered selecting a peak master?” Zhou Yuan asked another question. Since they could not get a hold of the peak master seal for the time being, they should still at least be able to choose a peak master, right?

The current Saint Genesis Peak was basically without a leader.

Fang Zheng helplessly laughed and said, “According to the rules of our Cangxuan Sect, the peak master seal is the token that signifies the identity of the peak master. Without it, one would not legitimately be recognized. Moreover, the seven peak master seals were personally made by the patriarch, and are also extremely powerful ultimate treasures that possess unlimited power. They can be said to be the ultimate treasure of the Cangxuan Sect.”

“That is why our Saint Genesis Peak needs the Saint Genesis peak master seal in order to select a peak master.”

Not only was Zhou Yuan now speechless, even the other disciples looked to each other with bitter smiles.

To pick a peak master, the peak master seal was required, but the seal had been sealed in the main peak that no one could access. Wasn’t this basically an impossible loop?

“Does sect master and the rest have no way around this?” Zhou Yuan appeared as if he was in extremely concerned for their Saint Genesis Peak.

Fang Zheng was under the impression that Zhou Yuan was worried as a Saint Genesis Peak disciple, causing him to smile and say, “They have thought of a way. The seal on the main peak seems to respond more strongly the stronger someone is, hence why even the combined might of sect master and the other hegemons may not succeed. After trying out various methods, sect master and the rest discovered that the disciples would have a better chance.”

“Thus, sect master and the rest discussed and decided to let the chief disciples of Saint Genesis Peak take on this important task.”

At this point, Fang Zheng smiled bitterly as he shook his head. “However, not a single one has succeeded after so many years.”

“Why?” A disciple could not help but ask.

An awkward look rose on Fang Zheng’s face. He coughed in embarrassment and said, “There is definitely some disparity between our Saint Genesis Peak is and the other six peaks. The chief disciples of the other six peaks are always part of the ten great Chosens, but the chief disciple of our Cangxuan Peak has never been able to reach such heights for many years.”

The expression of the numerous disciples immediately turned somewhat ugly. After beating about the bush for so long, it turns out at the chief disciples from their Saint Genesis Peak was just not strong enough to carry out the important task of retrieving the peak master seal from the main peak.

A feeling of defeat rose in the hearts of the disciples. Saint Genesis Peak was indeed really pathetic. This was not a good home at all.

Upon detecting the gloomy atmosphere, Fang Zheng hastily said, “But you guys need not worry. This problem will soon be resolved.”

The many disciples shot puzzled gazes over.

Fang Zheng explained, “The failure of the Saint Genesis Peak chief disciples over the years has also come to the attention of sect master Qing Yang and the rest. Hence, during another discussion, peak master Ling Jun suggested his Sword Cometh Peak send elder Lu Hong and the disciples under him to our Saint Genesis Peak. There are many talented disciples under elder Lu Hong, his first disciple Yuan Hong an outstanding individual even amongst the rest. Even in Sword Cometh Peak that is full of capable individuals, he is strong enough to be ranked third.”

“Although Yuan Hong is not part of the ten great Chosens, he is one of the individuals that has the potential to replace them.”

“So if Yuan Hong is able to become the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak after the test in a year, he would be given the chance to enter the main peak to attempt retrieving the peak master seal.”

“Once he succeeds, our Saint Genesis Peak will be able to select a peak master again.”

The numerous disciples looked at each other, the corners of their mouths twitching as an even greater wave of defeat washed over their hearts. So Saint Genesis Peak had been unable to resolve the matter themselves, and ended up having another peak send their disciples over to take their chief disciple position...

This seemed to be a little humiliating.

However, they also understood that it was because the Saint Genesis Peak disciples were no good, and failed to fulfil the important task that had been placed on their shoulders.

When the disciples thought about it, it did seem that elder Lu Hong was quite capable, and their lives may perhaps be better if they could join his group...

While such thoughts swirled in the minds of numerous disciples, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao exchanged a look and frowned slightly. Wasn’t Lu Hong Lu Feng and Lu Xuanyin’s elder?

Zhou Yuan’s gaze flickered in thought. If the disciples under Lu Hong were allowed to retrieve the peak master seal, wouldn’t Lu Hong make use of this contribution to become the peak master of Saint Genesis Peak?

Although he had yet to meet this Lu Hong character, Zhou Yuan felt that it would not bode well for him if Lu Hong became the Saint Genesis Peak master.

Most importantly, Zhou Yuan did not know whether the former would discover the existence of the second Saint Rune after becoming peak master.

Before confirming whether there was any hidden danger in the Cangxuan Sect, Zhou Yuan felt that it was best that no one found out about the second Saint Rune. In the worst case, not only would he fail to obtain the second Saint Rune, others may even realise that he already had one. No one knew if this would be a blessing or a disaster for him if that happened. 

“How troublesome.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but sigh in his heart.

However, there was nothing much he could do for the time being, and could only take things one step at a time. After all, there was still about a year before chief disciple selection came.

Fang Zheng clapped his hands at this moment and said, “Since all of you have paid homage to the main peak, we’ll continue on our way. I’ll bring you guys to meet the three elders where you will choose which elder to follow, and formally become disciples of our Saint Genesis Peak.”

After speaking, he waved his sleeve as a Genesis Qi cloud rose under everyone’s feet, lifting the group into the air again.

As the Genesis Qi cloud rose into the sky, the sweeping hunched elder finally paused and slowly raised his aged face to look at the departing disciples, as a tiny sliver of bewilderment flitted across his murky eyes.

“Why do I sense a faint hint of something familiar…”

He mumbled to himself in a raspy voice.

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