Chapter 281 Caretaker of the Mountain

The Chosens Peak stood within the clouds, shining brilliantly as it drew respectful gazes from numerous disciples.

They knew that the ten disciples who had left their names on the Chosens Peak were definitely existences that stood at the pinnacle of this generation. In other words, they were akin to kings amongst the innumerable Cangxuan disciples that looked down at everyone from the peak.

Envy was present in the eyes of countless disciples, hoping that they would one day get to experience the same thing. What kind of scenery would greet their eyes if they could one day leave their names on the Chosens Peak?

However, their rationality allowed them to understand that reaching it would require a tremendous amount of effort and luck.

Currently, besides the top ten of the ceremony, every other disciple was an ordinary inner mountain black sash disciple. In front of them, stood the gold and purple sash disciples.

As for the ten great Chosen, only the most talented and outstanding purple sash disciples would be able to compete for such a title. In fact, some of the slightly weaker purple sash disciples may not even have the courage.

From this, one could see how great of a distance there was between them and the ten great Chosen, a gap akin to the mud on the ground and the clouds in the sky.

Recently promoted inner mountain disciples like them basically did not even have the qualifications to come into contact with the ten great Chosen, because they were on completely different levels...

While the numerous disciples sighed, the seven envoys suddenly took action. The Genesis Qi cloud immediately split into seven separate pieces...

“We will not bring you guys to the peaks you belong to, this is where you shall part ways for the time being.”

Upon hearing the seven envoys’ words, the disciples hurriedly began to say their goodbyes to their friends and companions. For a time, the atmosphere was exceptionally busy and warm.

Zhou Yuan looked around. Qiao Xiu, Zhao Kun, Song Wanxi and the rest had already split up, but there still one familiar figure following him.

It was the fatty Shen Wanjin.

Compared to the other six peaks, the disciples entering Saint Genesis Peak seemed pitifully few in number, merely amounting to a few hundred individuals. This was already after sect master Qing Yang had given some consideration for Saint Genesis Peak, and forcibly allocated some of the disciples to it. If not, even less disciples would have selected Saint Genesis Peak.

As for Shen Wanjin, he was one of the disciples that had been forcibly allocated.

However, compared to the bitter faces on the other disciples, Shen Wanjin was beaming happily, as if not the least bit disappointed.

Zhou Yuan could not help but smile as he asked, “Aren’t you disappointed?”

Shen Wanjin’s smile turned to one of flattery as he replied, “I have a feeling that if I follow little Yuan bro, even if Saint Genesis Peak collapses, you’ll still thrive well! Thus, I will follow you wherever you go!”

He then looked towards Yaoyao and said, “Moreover, isn’t there also boss sister Xiaoyao?”

Zhou Yuan could not hold back his laughter. This fellow was really planning on depending on him till the end.”

However, he did not say anything with regards to this. He felt Shen Wanjin was a pretty decent person, and they could watch each other’s backs since they were both going to Saint Genesis Peak.

“That’s right, little Yuan bro, junior sister Gu Hongyi asked me to pass you this letter.” Shen Wanjin suddenly fished out a rolled up parchment.

Zhou Yuan was stunned. He received it and opened it, revealing the graceful words written upon it.

“Be careful of Lu Hong.”

“Lu Hong?” Zhou Yuan frowned a little. He had found out three days ago that one of the three elders of Saint Genesis Peak was called Lu Hong.

But why had Gu Hongyi warned him about the former?

Zhou Yuan’s gaze flickered, and eventually pieced the puzzle together.

“Lu… could he be from the Lu clan of Lu Feng and Lu Xuanyin?”

He had indeed previously heard Lu Feng mention a senior member of the Lu clan was a high ranking elder of Sword Cometh Peak. But wasn’t this Saint Genesis Peak?

He raised his head and looked towards another Genesis Qi cloud in the distance where Gu Hongyi was located. The latter winked at him upon sensing his gaze.

Zhou Yuan gave a slight nod, indicating his thanks.

At this moment, the seven envoys waved their sleeves, causing the Genesis Qi clouds to move, flying towards several different locations in the inner mountains of the Cangxuan Sect.

The envoy from Saint Genesis Peak landed in front of Zhou Yuan and the rest. He appeared to a middle-aged and good-natured person, smiling as he said to everyone, “I am the one of the stewards of Saint Genesis Peak’s ushering office. You may address me as steward Fang Zhen.”

The numerous disciples hurriedly greeted him.

“I’ll be bringing you guys to Saint Genesis Peak.” Fang Zhen waved his hand, and the cloud rose, carrying the many disciples as it disappeared into the distance.

The Genesis Qi cloud flew past countless ancient palaces in the clouds, the many mountains hiding amongst them. Streaks of light would shoot past one after another, most of them youthful figures. However, every single one possessed powerful Genesis Qi, either black or gold sashes tied around their waists...

Compared to the outer mountains, the inner mountains truly revealed the foundations of the Cangxuan Sect.

Half an incense stick of time later, Fang Zhen gradually dropped their speed. Zhou Yuan and the rest lifted their heads at this moment, and saw an unbroken mountain range rise into the sky to their front, plunging into the clouds. These mountains were dotted by numerous buildings, a spectacular, majestic sight to behold.

Mysterious undulations spread from between the mountains, making one’s heart beat faster.

“This is Saint Genesis Peak!”

Upon hearing Fang Zhen’s words, the many disciples cast their gazes over, soaking in the sight of the mist covered mountains. It was as if real dragons were hidden within the mists that none of them were able to clearly see through.

However, they were still able to feel the mysterious pressure that spread from inside.

“The main peak of our Saint Genesis Peak was sealed after patriarch Cang Xuan’s death, but in accordance to the rules, I will still bring all of you to the foot of the main peak to pay homage.” Fang Zhen chuckled, before directing the cloud towards the most majestic peak in the mists. It was so tall that they were unable to see its peak as they landed at the bottom.

An old hall sat at the foot of the mountain. When Fang Zhen landed, his expression turned solemn.

The sight of his appearance made the many disciples not dare to make any noise, maintaining the solemn and quiet atmosphere.

In front of the old hall was a stone plaza. The disciples found that it was currently empty, the only presence was a hunched back old man wearing simple hemp clothing slowly sweeping the fallen leaves on it.

When their gazes swept across him, they discovered that there were no Genesis Qi undulations from the old man who faintly trembled as he went about his work. Hence, they paid no further attention to him.

However, when Fang Zhen saw the old man, he solemnly bowed.

The old man did not respond, as if he was deaf and mute.

Fang Zhen turned towards the disciples and said in a low voice, “This senior used to be the patriarch’s servant, and can be considered the one who has followed the patriarch the longest. However, due to his lack of talent, his Genesis Qi cultivation is only at the elementary level.”

“On account of his loyalty, the patriarch gathered numerous previous Genesis resources to synthesize a longevity pill for him, bestowing him long life. On this topic, he is not any less senior than the Thunder Prison Peak master Lei Jun.”

“His character is rather eccentric, and is not fond of wielding power and influence. After the patriarch’s death, he has been staying here at Saint Genesis Peak as its caretaker.”

Fang Zhen sternly said, “Quick, go and greet old Xuan.”

The disciples did not dare to delay, hurriedly bowing towards the old man.

Zhou Yuan also looked towards the old man in amazement. Patriarch Cang Xuan had never told him this information back then. It was likely because that ‘patriarch Cang Xuan’ was only a fraction of his will.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze leaped past the foot of the mountain, following the mountain path as he looked towards the main peak that was concealed by the mists...

The instant he did this, he suddenly felt the ancient Saint Rune hidden in the depths of his pupils seem to tremble slightly for a moment.

Although it was faint, it caused Zhou Yuan’s heart to violently shudder, the emotions in his heart akin to a raging sea.

However, his expression remained calm though the hands inside his sleeves clenched tightly in excitement.

This was the first time he had felt such a reaction from the Decoder Saint Rune. Looks like it was exactly as patriarch Cang Xuan had said, the second Saint Rune was indeed on the main peak!

However, the main peak was currently sealed, so how was he going to enter?

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