Chapter 280 Chosens Peak

Chapter 278 Chosens Peak

Three days swiftly passed under the expectant gazes of the disciples.

On the giant plaza, several thousand disciples were gathered like a giant black mass that was boiling with noise. The face of every disciple present was filled with nervousness and excitement.

Today was the day they stepped into the inner mountains.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao stood within the crowd, Qiao Xiu, Zhao Kun, Song Wanxi, Shen Wanjin and numerous other disciples crowding around them. The gaze of any disciple that looked over was tinged with deep respect.

The peak selection ceremony three days ago had already taught them who had best concealed their abilities in this batch of outer mountain disciples...

Zhou Yuan sighed faintly when he saw these gazes. Three months ago, they had been in this very same place. However, no one paid them any attention back then, and were even openly laughing at him due to his first class disciple status.

No one would have imagined that the young man they laughed at back then would become so dazzling in the peak selection ceremony three months later such that no one dared to even look directly at him.

Zhao Kun patted his chest and boldly declared, “Young brother Yuan, if there’s anything you require in the inner mountains in the future, just call us and we will surely come to help.”

The others sincerely nodded in agreement, gratitude in their gazes when they looked towards Zhou Yuan. The fact that they were able to enter the top ten was undoubtedly due to his help.

Zhou Yuan merely smiled in response.

Qiao Xiu regretfully said, “But why did young brother Yuan choose the Saint Genesis Peak? Many disciples would avoid it if they could.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled, but did not explain. He knew that many people felt his choice to be very illogical, but he could not possibly tell them he was doing for a Saint Rune, right?

While they were conversing, seven streaks of light suddenly appeared from the horizon, transforming into seven Genesis Qi clouds that ultimately arrived above the plaza.

When the Genesis Qi clouds came to a stop, the numerous disciples discovered seven figure standing atop them.

Powerful Genesis Qi pressure spread from their bodies, immediately causing the bustling plaza to fall silent.

The seven figures swept their gazes across the plaza as a powerful voice sounded, “We are the envoys from the seven peaks that have been sent to receive you. If you are ready, follow us into the inner mountains.”


Excitement buzzed in the numerous disciples on the plaza again, the disciples no longer able to restrain their voices.

The seven envoys merely chuckled upon seeing this, taking no action to silence them. They too had after all experienced the same thing many years ago, and knew how excited and overwhelmed these young men and women were.

The seven waved their sleeves as surging Genesis Qi whizzed out. Genesis Qi rose from the plaza, transforming into clouds that carried all the disciples into the sky.

Clouds swept across the horizon while the numerous disciples excitedly watched the mountains rapidly pass by under their feet.

The journey lasted for an entire incense stick of time, before the many disciples felt their speed began to slow.

“Are we here?” The disciples hurriedly looked to their front.

However, they were soon stunned, because the scene before them was still the same endless mountain ranges, no sign of the so-called inner mountains.

Yaoyao carried Tuntun as her clear eyes squinted slightly for a moment. She observed the space before them as she mumbled to herself, “What an amazing Genesis Rune boundary, I can’t believe a subspace can be created…”

The moment her words faded, Zhou Yuan saw Genesis Qi rise from the sleeves of the seven envoys. Seven streams of Genesis Qi interweaved, seemingly forming a seal of sorts that slowly fused into the space to their front.

Next, the numerous disciples watched in shock as the space before them began to ripple, before slowly tearing open.


In that instant, it was as if boundless Genesis Qi spouted out from within as the world before their eyes began to change...

The originally empty land was now filled with countless flying creatures, the calls of birds ringing across the area.

Majestic mountain after mountain rose from the ground, thrusting straight into the clouds.

Magnificent waterfalls poured down these giant peaks like silver rivers, the thundering of crashing water filling the ears.

There were even giant Genesis Qi clouds floating in the sky. On the clouds stood numerous halls and other buildings, while uncountable glowing figures whizzed across the sky on their Genesis Qi.

It was practically a picture of a grand celestial palace.

The numerous disciples were dumbstruck as they stared at the heavenly scene before their eyes.

The seven envoys chuckled as they gazed at the shocked disciples. With a wave of their sleeves, the Genesis Qi clouds carrying them flew into the crack.

Once they were in, everyone felt rich Genesis Qi flood towards them, causing calmness to wash over their hearts, while the Genesis Qi in their bodies growing more lively.

The concentration and abundance of Genesis Qi here was evidently greater than the outer mountains.

“Eh, what is that?”

A disturbance suddenly rose, and Zhou Yuan followed the voices and lifted his head to look into the distance. What he saw was a towering peak standing on a thick layer of Genesis Qi clouds in the sky.

On the mountain a wall that was as smooth as a mirror and flickered dazzlingly. At the top of the wall were two giant golden words that seemed to give off a mighty aura, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Chosens Peak!”

There was feverish look in the eyes of some disciples as they cried out in surprise, “Is this the Chosens Peak?!”

Even more individuals curiously asked, “What is the Chosens Peak?”

“In our Cangxuan Sect, every generation of disciples will compete to determine the ten strongest individuals, and these ten are known as the Cangxuan Sect’s ten great Chosen, the ones that stand at the apex of all the disciples.”

“To encourage the other disciples, the Cangxuan Sect established the Chosens Peak, and inscribed the names of the ten Chosen upon it such that they may enjoy the respect and admiration of numerous disciples.”

“It can be said that becoming one of the ten great Chosen and leaving one’s name on the Chosens Peak is the ultimate dream that every Cangxuan disciple chases.”

The many disciples gasped when they heard this, before their gazes turned towards the Chosens Peak with respect.

Zhou Yuan also looked towards the smooth wall in wonder.

His gaze moved from bottom to top.

“Zhao Zhu, ranked tenth, Sword Cometh Peak.”

“Ye Ge, ranked ninth, Spirit Rune Peak.”


Zhou Yuan’s gaze moved past them one by one. He could feel the heaviness seemingly contained within each name, making no one dare to underestimate them.

“Shang Chunqiu, ranked fourth, Hongya Peak.”

“Li Qingchan, ranked third, Snow Lotus Peak.”

“Kong Sheng, ranked second, Sword Cometh Peak.”

“Chu Qing, ranked first, Cangxuan Peak.”

The numerous disciples were absolutely silent, respect in their burning gazes as they stared at the ten names that had been carved into the wall.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes also flickered. He knew that these ten individuals were the most outstanding amongst this generation.

However, he found that not a single person was from Saint Genesis Peak...

He awkwardly scratched his head and laughed helplessly.

It seems that Saint Genesis Peak was indeed a little pitiful...

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