Chapter 279 End of the Ceremony

Innumerable fire-spitting gazes converged on Zhou Yuan’s body, anger boiling within them.

After all, anyone would feel a stab of pain in their heart when they heard a girl as beautiful as Yaoyao say such words for a guy, why wasn’t it them instead...

Amongst all the gazes, the most piercing one naturally belonged to the white brow elder.

His burning gaze was fixed on Zhou Yuan, the original miserable look on his face had been replaced by a faintly fuming one.

Over the years, this was the first time he had seen someone with such outstanding Genesis Rune talent. Even when compared to Zhou Yuan, there was undoubtedly a vast difference.

Such talent had made ripples appear in the white brow elder’s calm as an ancient well like heart.

In his eyes, Yaoyao was akin to a perfect, but unpolished gem. Only through proper training would she reach the pinnacle of Genesis Runes in the future, and likely even surpass himself.

Therefore, when he heard that Yaoyao had actually rejected him because she did not want to be separated from Zhou Yuan, it was very difficult to swallow.

As such, even though he had a very favorable opinion of Zhou Yuan just moments ago, the latter had now become somewhat of an eyesore!

In response to the countless fire-spitting gazes, Zhou Yuan felt rather awkward, not knowing what to say.

He naturally knew that this was an excuse Yaoyao had come up with, but why could she not give an excuse that was easier for others to accept? This current one was basically dragging him through the mud.

The white brow elder viciously glared at Zhou Yuan several times, before turning back to Yaoyao as he said in a kind and friendly manner, “Little girl, my Spirit Rune Peak has countless old Genesis Rune texts, and an abundance of other similar resources. Even in the entire Cangxuan Sect, there’s no other place that has a collection as grand as ours.”

“If you join us, all of them can be browsed by you at any time.”

The white brow elder had found out about Yaoyao’s fondness for Genesis Rune books from elder Zong Ming, especially those from long long ago. Hence, he threw out this carrot, hoping it would change her mind.

His words had indeed caused Yaoyao’s heart to shake a little. However, after some thought, she still regretfully shook her head.

She was a little worried about leaving Zhou Yuan in Saint Genesis Peak alone. After all, his goal was the second Saint Rune hidden in Saint Genesis Peak. If some accident were to occur while she was not around, it would be extremely dangerous for him.

The white brow elder tried to persuade with sincere advice, “Little girl, if you go to Saint Genesis Peak, there will be no one to teach you Genesis Runes. It will only be a waste of your talent.”

Yaoyao chuckled softly. She had followed at Cang Yuan’s side for so many years, and had already received the true essence of his teachings. She was currently only limited by her Spirit cultivation. If her Spirit was powerful enough, she was confident that only a few individuals in the Cangxuan Sect would be able to surpass her in Genesis Runes.

The white brow elder’s face regained its miserable look after the repeated rejections. This was likely the first time he encountered someone who showed nearly no interest in their Spirit Rune Peak.

Sect master Qing Yang and the rest exchanged a look, every individual helpless. Zhou Xiaoyao was even more a character than Zhou Yuan.

Sect master Qing Yang could not help but open his mouth to speak when he saw the white brow elder’s appearance, “How about this, you can stay in Saint Genesis Peak, and when you have time, you may go to Spirit Rune Peak to let peak master white brow give you guidance in your Genesis Rune cultivation. In addition, you may freely browse the many Genesis Rune texts in Spirit Rune Peak. How does this sound?”

The white brow elder hesitated for a moment, before he nodded and said, “Sect master’s suggestion will work too.”

He felt that it would be better to first get this little girl on the hook first. When she gradually became a grandmaster of Genesis Runes in the future, she would naturally remember the kindness he had shown.

By that time, it would not be too late to discuss other matters.

Yaoyao was somewhat surprised, likely not expecting that they would value her so greatly. She fell into thought for some time, feeling that the other party was truly sincere. If she kept rejecting again and again, it would indeed be a little disrespectful. After all, she and Zhou Yuan were currently both disciples of the Cangxuan Sect.

From the looks of it, their stay here would not be short.

Therefore, she ultimately gave a slight nod and said, “If I have any free time in the future, I will seek guidance at the Spirit Rune Peak.”

Upon seeing that she had finally agreed, the white brow elder breathed a sigh of relief as if a load had been lifted from his shoulders. The pained look on his face had receded substantially, now brightened by a smile instead.

Only now did the numerous disciples understand after seeing this scene. Zhou Xiaoyao was the one who had concealed her talents the best amongst this batch of outer mountain disciples.

All of them had fought tooth and nail for the right to enter the seven peaks. In comparison, she was so popular that she had even been able to reject even peak master white brow’s personal invitation.

Compared to her, even the champion of the ceremony, Zhou Yuan, felt rather lacking.

Now that the top ten disciples had chosen their peaks, sect master Qing Yang turned his head and gave a slight nod to the other five hegemons.


In the next instant, the six hegemons acted at the same time. Vast Genesis Qi soared into the sky, transforming into a sea of different colored lights. When one took a closer look, one would realise that there were exactly six colors, each representing one of the six peaks.

These specks of light began to fall, ultimately landing between the brows of the over 9000 disciples.

As such, all of the disciples were now allocated.

However, none of these disciples had the right to choose, and were instead forcibly divided by sect master Qing Yang and the rest. However, none of these disciples were unhappy with such treatment. After all, there were still several tens of thousands of disciples that did not even obtain the qualifications to enter the inner mountains.

In a short time of about half an incense stick, every disciple had been allocated, causing the entire mountain to be filled with excited voices.

The outer mountain disciples that had failed to obtain a spot were clearly saddened. They knew that they would have to continue staying in the outer mountains to train. They could still enter the inner mountains if they managed to reach the fourth layer Alpha-Origin stage within a certain time period.

However, they knew that by the time that happened, they would have already lost the initiative. Even if they entered the inner mountains, they would have fallen behind the nearly ten thousand disciples that had succeeded today.

Moreover, priority would be given to the earlier disciples for numerous cultivation resources.

This was the so-called, once one fell a step behind, one would always be a step behind.

To catch up and even surpass them, a tremendous amount of effort and luck would be required.

As such, there were those who were overjoyed, and those who cried, all kinds of emotions present in the air.

Sect master Qing Ying looked down as his powerful voice rang in every disciple’s ears.

“In three days, someone will come to receive all of you.”

“Starting today, all of you 9999 disciples will become inner mountain disciples of the Cangxuan Sect. I hope that you will continue to strive in your cultivation after entering the inner mountains and not slack off.”

“Disciples understand.”

The numerous disciples respectfully acknowledged.

Sect master Qing Yang nodded. In the sky, the vast Genesis Qi clouds rippled before gradually disappearing along with the six hegemons.

After the departure of the hegemons, everyone burst out into deafening cheers. The peak selection ceremony that decided their futures had finally reached its end.

Zhou Yuan raised his head amongst the cheers that filled the sky, gazing into the distance as a dazzling radiance emerged from the depths of his eyes.

Saint Genesis Peak...

He was really quite looking forward to it.

He too knew that only by becoming an inner mountain disciple would he truly be considered to have stepped into the grand doors of the Cangxuan Sect.

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