Chapter 278 Reward

Zhou Yuan’s ultimate choice of the Saint Genesis Peak was an outcome that undoubtedly surpassed everyone’s expectations. After all, although Saint Genesis Peak was of amazing origins, and was said to be the place where the founder secluded himself for cultivation, at the end of the day, patriarch Cang Xuan was already dead.

The main peak of the Saint Remains Peak had been sealed when patriarch Cang Xuan died. As a result, no new peak master had been appointed till now, leaving only three elders to manage it.

These along with various other reasons led to the decline of Saint Genesis Peak, causing less and less disciples to choose it. Currently, not a single one of the Cangxuan Sect’s ten great Chosens were from Saint Genesis Peak. From this, one could see the pitiful state of Genesis Saint Peak.

Under such circumstances, Zhou Yuan choice clearly baffled many people.

While confused, they were also secretly glad. Given the capabilities he had displayed, he would definitely begin to spread his wings and soar if he entered any of the other six peaks, and in several years very likely become known as the figurehead of this batch of disciples.

Since Zhou Yuan had now given up on the six peaks and headed for the Saint Genesis Peak instead, it would undoubtedly delay his progress, giving other disciples the chance to catch up and even surpass him.

Beside peak master Ling Jun, Lu Xuanyin was also stunned by Zhou Yuan’s choice. Soon after, wild joy flitted across her eyes.

“Zhou Yuan ah Zhou Yuan, I never imagined that you would actually choose the Saint Genesis Peak. It seems that even the heavens do not favor you!”

Lu Xuanyin tightly clenched her hands, joy nearly spilling from her eyes. There used to be a senior member of their Lu clan who occupied one of an important elder position in the Sword Cometh Peak. Some time ago, this elder just so happened to be dispatched to the Saint Genesis Peak by peak master Ling Jun. Therefore, one of the three elders of the Saint Genesis Peak was that senior member of their Lu clan.

Wasn’t Zhou Yuan’s selection of the Saint Genesis Peak akin to throwing himself into their nets?

“Zhou Yuan, you snatched away Lu Feng’s first place, a grudge that we will naturally properly settle in the future!”

“So what if you’re the champion of the ceremony, you will ultimately regret offending our Lu clan.” Lu Xuanyin icily chuckled inside, finally feeling as if all the pent up frustration from earlier had been released.

On the Genesis Qi clodus, sect master Qing Yang looked towards Zhou Yuan again and said, “As the champion, you have other rewards.”

With a wave of his sleeve, a glowing bundle descended from the sky, transforming into an old looking book. It was as if a sun was rising on the old book, giving off an extremely scorching aura that slightly distorted the surrounding space.

“This is known as the Heavenly Sun God Record, a low grade Heaven Genesis technique.”

These words immediately drew countless gasps, envious gaze after gaze practically glowing as they gazed at the floating old book in front of Zhou Yuan.

It was a real Heaven Genesis technique!

One must know that even in the Shengzhou Continent, a low grade Heaven Genesis technique was an ultimate treasure to the many factions, and would oftentimes be the cause of countless bitter struggles.

Zhou Yuan’s mouth was also a little dry, his eyes unable to pull themselves away from the old book before him. This was a true-blue Heaven Genesis technique. One must know that he had never caught a glimpse of such a technique even in the Saint Remains Domain.

Although he had learnt several little Heaven Genesis techniques, even the Nine Dragons Canon was far from being able to match this Heavenly Sun God Record.

It was said that one could exchange Genesis jade for a Heaven Genesis technique in the inner mountains Hidden Scriptures House. However, the amount needed was far too enormous, likely reaching the tens of thousands. It would take many disciples working hard for an extremely long time in order to earn enough for one.

“Thank you sect master.”

Zhou Yuan bowed, before very carefully receiving the old book and keeping it into his Universe bag with a gleeful look on his face.

Sect master Qing Yang chuckled. ‘There is still one more prize for this batch’s champion, the Genesis Marrow Baptism. With regards to this matter, a slot will be bestowed to you after entering Saint Genesis Mountain.”

Zhou Yuan nodded, part curiosity, part anticipation in his heart. It was said that only the purple sash disciples were able to enjoy the Genesis Marrow Baptism, which was extremely beneficial to one’s cultivation.

After settling things on Zhou Yuan’s side, sect master Qing Yang finally turned towards the other top ten disciples and said, “All of the other top ten also have the right to choose their own peaks.”

It was exactly as Zhou Yuan had declared previously, including himself, six of the top ten spots had been occupied by non Shengzhou disciples.

Song Wanxi, Zhao Kun and Qiao Xiu had managed to defeat their opponents.

All of the top ten disciples were clearly already prepared to select their peaks, and swiftly vocalised their decisions one after another.

Gu Hongyi chose the Cangxuan Peak, Song Wanxi the Snow Lotus Peak, while Qiao Xiu and Zhao Kun both picked the Hongya Peak. As for the rest, they were basically split such that each of the six peaks had at least one person joining.

When it came to Yaoyao’s turn however, before she could speak, the white brow elder from the Spirit Rune Peak cut in, “Little girl, your Genesis Rune talent is the best amongst everyone I’ve seen over the years. If you join my Spirit Rune Peak, in the future... I may perhaps pass down my position as peak master to you.”

His words not only stupefied every disciple, but even sect master Qing Yang and the rest looked towards him in shock.

The white brow elder ignored their gazes, his glowing eyes gazing at Yaoyao. The emotions currently present within them had not appeared even when he was facing Zhou Yuan earlier.

The truth was that the white brow elder had been focusing on Yaoyao ever since she ascended a platform. He had already found out from Zong Ming about her Genesis Rune talent, and had thus paid special attention to her in secret. He discovered the way she set-up her Genesis Runes had the makings of a grandmaster, allowing him to understand how terrifyingly amazing her talent was.

For someone like Yaoyao, once her Spirit cultivation caught up in the future, she would have unlimited prospects in the path of Genesis Runes, and perhaps even surpass himself.

The Thunder Prison Peak master Lei Jun slowly said, “Peak master white brow… your actions are a little inappropriate.”

However, the white brow elder did not back down after peak master Lei Jun’s words this time. The former shook his head instead as he firmly said, “Peak master Lei Jun, as the peak master of Spirit Rune Peak, I have the right to decide my successor.”

Peak master Lei Jun fell silent. He too never expected the white brow elder to place such importance in this young lady. Thus, he spoke no further, because it was as the white brow elder had said, he did have the right.

Sect master Qing Yang and the rest exchanged a look, but did not say anything. They could tell that the girl called Zhou Xiaoyao possessed amazing Genesis Rune talent. For some unknown reason, however, there were barely any Genesis Qi undulations in her body. Hence, it would be best for her to enter Spirit Rune Peak.

Lu Xuanyin’s eyes turned red with envy when she saw this. The value the white brow elder saw in Yaoyao far surpassed Zhou Yuan. In fact, the promise the white hair elder made was practically unheard of.

If Yaoyao really ended up choosing Spirit Rune Peak, won’t that mean she could become its peak master in the future? How high of a status would that be?

At this thought, the blaze of envy in Lu Xuanyin’s heart was already nearly about to burn her alive from the inside.

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Yaoyao’s slightly glowing drop dead gorgeous face remained calm from start to end, even in the face of the impossible to reject promise from the white brow elder.

In the end, she shook her head and pointed towards Zhou Yuan. “I do not want to be separated from him, so I will also be joining the Saint Genesis Peak.”

Zhou Yuan immediately saw countless fire-spitting gazes shoot towards him, as if wanting to burn him alive.

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