Chapter 277 Choosing A Peak

By the time sect master Qing Yang’s words faded, every gaze in the area had undoubtedly converged on Zhou Yuan’s body once again.

As the champion of the ceremony, Zhou Yuan would receive special treatment no matter which peak he chose.

Sect master Qing Yang gazed at Zhou Yuan, those deep as the night eyes seemingly smiling as he said, “My Cangxuan Peak is the number one peak in the Cangxuan Sect. If you are willing, you may join.”

“Senior brother sect master, that’s too much!” Peak master Liu Lianyan immediately rolled her eyes at sect master Qing Yang. “The Cangxuan Peak is already the number one peak, why compete with the rest of us?”

She was clearly very satisfied with Zhou Yuan. He had a scholarly look and was more importantly quite the handsome young man. In addition, his talent was pretty astonishing. If he could be recruited into the Snow Lotus Peak, there would surely be another outstanding disciple of the Snow Lotus Peak in the future.

When that happened, the Snow Lotus Peak may even get another person on the Cangxuan Sect’s ten great Chosen. That lass Li Qingchan would also no longer need to represent the Snow Lotus Peak alone.

However, peak master Liu Lianyi had barely finished when the Hongya Peak master Gu Tianhong shook his head and said in a voice akin to thunder, “This kid is suited to external tempering. He should enter my Hongya Peak.”

He looked towards Zhou Yuan as he continued, “Young one, if you enter my Hongya Peak, I promise to promote you to a purple sash disciples in three years.”

His words immediately drew countless envious gazes towards Zhou Yuan. Promotion to a purple sash disciple in three years. This was already rather quick.”

Zhou Yuan was somewhat dazed, clearly not expecting several hegemons to fight over him. These hegemons had been so mysterious and dignified earlier, why had they suddenly become akin to peddlers that were enthusiastically trying to sell their wares...

“Barbarian Gu!” Berated Liu Lianyin as her phoenix eyes glared at Gu Tianhong.

The words had barely left her mouth when the white brow elder from the Spirit Rune Peak stroked his hanging eyebrows and slowly said, “I can see that your Spirit is at a decent level. If you practice the art of Genesis Runes, you will definitely achieve extraordinary things. It just so happens that my Spirit Rune Peak is number one in the area of Genesis Runes in the Cangxuan Sect.”

Peak master Lianyi laughed in anger. These bastards, she had clearly been the one most concerned about Zhou Yuan earlier, but now that he became champion, the rest came to snatch him away one after another.

She cast her gaze at Zhou Yuan and said, “Zhou Yuan, if you enter my Snow Lotus Peak, I will gift you a Genesis Mountain.

These words instantly caused the eyes of many disciples to turn crazed with desire.

Even Zhou Yuan could not help but lick his lips. A Genesis Mountain… one must know that there was only one in the whole of the outer mountains, which was used by several tens of thousands of disciples.

Peak master Liu Lianyi was actually going to bestow an entire Genesis Mountain to a single person, him. Although it would most definitely not be as grand as the one in the outer mountains, the effectiveness of having it for one’s sole usage would naturally be out of this world.

It was said that even in the inner mountains, only the most outstanding disciples would get to enjoy such treatment.

The fact that Zhou Yuan would be given such a reward when he entered the inner mountains just showed how high of an opinion peak master Liu Lianyi had of him.

While the numerous disciples were practically drowning in envy, the Sword Cometh Peak master Ling Jun chuckled softly, an unknown look in his eyes as he looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “Zhou Yuan, if you enter my Sword Cometh Peak, you will receive the same treatment as the Snow Lotus Peak.”

Lu Xuanyin could not help but tightly clench her jaw when she heard this, but did not dare to interject. The only thing she could do was send hateful and angry glared at Zhou Yuan.

All of this should have originally belonged to Lu Feng.

But now, it had been taken away by a filthy peasant.

Zhou Yuan was slightly stunned as he glanced at peak master Ling Jun. He was naturally aware of Lu Feng’s close ties to the Sword Cometh Peak, and his defeat of the latter to obtain first place could from a certain point of view be akin to humiliating peak master Ling Jun.

Hence why he was quite surprised by the former’s words.

However, the current situation had become quite a headache.

At this moment, a cold and stern voice suddenly rang out, “Sect master and my fellow peak masters, Though it is gratifying that all of you love talent, do not break the rules. The resources of the sect are to be exchanged via contribution. Carelessly gifting resources away is an infringement.”

His voice seemed to rumble like thunder as it boomed across the area.

Zhou Yuan looked over. The one who had spoken was the one who had stayed silent since the beginning, peak master Lei Jun of the Thunder Prison Peak.

This peak master was the most senior person in the Cangxuan Sect. Hence, even sect master Qing Yang faintly nodded at his words and said, “Peak master Lei Jun is right. Everything shall be done in accordance to the rules.”

Peak master Liu Lianyi and the rest said no more after hearing this.

Sect master Qing Yang looked towards Zhou Yuan and slowly said, “Zhou Yuan, as the champion of the ceremony, you have the right to select your peak. Go ahead.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression trembled slightly as he acknowledged, before falling silent for a moment. His gaze turned to a stone platform in the distance and met with Yaoyao’s.

Every gaze in the area was gathered on his body.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath and looked towards sect master Qing Yang and the rest as he said in a deep voice, “This disciple wants to enter the Saint Genesis Peak.”

After all, he had been directed to the Cangxuan Sect by patriarch Cang Xuan to obtain the second Saint Rune hidden in the Saint Genesis Peak.

Zhou Yuan’s words immediately made everyone’s eyes widen.

Even sect master Qing Yang, peak master Liu Lianyi and the rest were taken aback, shocked as they looked towards Zhou Yuan. This was evidently out of their expectations.

Even the quiet Thunder Prison Peak master Lei Jun raised his head and cast his cold and stern gaze over.

Sect master Qing Yang was silent for a while, before he slowly said, “Zhou Yuan, you should know that Saint Genesis Peak was where our teacher secluded himself. However, following teacher’s death, most of the areas in Saint Genesis Peak were sealed. It currently has no peak master, and is managed by several elders. Over the years, very few disciples would choose Saint Genesis Peak.”

“In fact, not a single one of our Cangxuan Sect’s ten great Chosen comes from Saint Genesis Peak.”

“So why do you wish to choose it?”

Under the gazes of the hegemons, Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together and answered, “I was able to come to the Cangxuan Sect because I obtained the patriarch’s Saint blood baptism in the Saint Remains Domain. I owe the patriarch a debt of gratitude, and although I dare not say I will make it flourish, I hope to enter Saint Genesis Peak such that I may do my best to stop its decline. This is the only thing I can do to repay the patriarch.”

His gaze was slightly lowered. The secret of the Saint Runes was related to the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, a true god-tier artifact whose implications were far too great. Hence, patriarch Cang Xuan had repeatedly warned him that he could not reveal this secret.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan was naturally not going to divulge the information that the second Saint Rune was hidden in the Saint Genesis Peak.

Most importantly, patriarch Cang Xuan suspected that his death may be related to the inner department of the Cangxuan Sect. As such, it was even more crucial that Zhou Yuan did not reveal anything. If the patriarch’s suspicious turned out to be true, Zhou Yuan would not be able to ensure his safety.

Thus, he needed an extremely good excuse to enter Saint Genesis Peak.

Zhou Yuan’s words immediately caused the gazes of sect master Qing Yang, peak master Liu Lianyi and the rest to ease slightly. Patriarch Cang Xuan was their deeply respected teacher after all. Although they felt Zhou Yuan’s words of repaying his debt of gratitude were rather immature, it exactly why he still had the naive character of a youth.

A regretful look appeared in peak master Liu Lianyi’s eyes, her gaze turning even gentler as she looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “Since you have this wish, go ahead and do what your heart wants. If there is anything you do not understand in the future, you may seek instruction from my Snow Lotus Peak.”

Zhou Yuan hastily thanked her in a respectful manner. He could feel that peak master Lianyi was filled with kind intentions.

Sect master Qing Yang also nodded. “Since that is your choice, I can only fulfil it. From now onwards, you will be part of Saint Genesis Peak.”

Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief inside his heart as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders. He had finally succeeded.

After he entered, he would find a chance to search for the second Saint Rune.

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