Chapter 274 Might of the Nine Dragons Canon


Three hundred feet tall pillars of Genesis Qi dashed into the sky as a savage and cruel aura unfurled. One would faintly see the Genesis Qi pillars take on the shape of Genesis Beasts...

The three beasts were the three dragon type Genesis Beast essence blood Zhou Yuan had refined. They had now fused with Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi, greatly amplifying its power and giving it ferocious and domineering characteristics when used.

Lu Feng’s eyes widened slightly when he saw the three Genesis Qi beasts that were charging into the sky. Soon after, he let out an icy chuckle.

“Only a hundred feet? It seems that being denied grade 5 essence blood has affected you substantially.”

He was naturally aware that Zhou Yuan was practicing the Nine Dragons Canon. However, the power of this technique was dependant on the quality of the essence blood. Back then, Lu Feng had bought out the three bottles of grade 5 Genesis Beast essence blood in advance, making Zhou Yuan have no choice but to choose the grade 4 essence blood.

As such, the power of Zhou Yuan’s Nine Dragons Canon was naturally unable to reach its peak.

“Let me destroy your Nine Dragons Canon with my Star Scripture!”

An ominous light flitted across Lu Feng’s eyes. Both of them were using high grade little Heaven tier Genesis techniques, and he had smoothly mastered his, while Zhou Yuan’s three Genesis Qi beasts were surely lacking because he was unable to obtain to most suitable essence blood. If they clashed, Lu Feng knew that he would have the upper hand, hence his expression showed not even the tiniest trace of fear.

Lu Feng’s seals changed as the three green comets began to tremble violently, their dreadful power shaking even the sky itself, making the expressions of numerous disciples turn grave.

Under the attention of countless gazes, the three beasts released a torrential flood of ferocity, baring their fangs and claws as they tore through the air.

Each one of the three Genesis Qi beasts was stronger than Zhou Yuan’s Great Wind and Thunder technique. With all three lined up, even a fourth layer Alpha-Origin would have no option but to retreat.

Zhou Yuan had likewise sensed that Lu Feng had no thoughts of backing down. The former’s gaze flickered slightly. It seems that the other party was very confident.

It only took a moment for Zhou Yuan to understand the origin of his opponent’s confidence, causing an icy smile to rise from the corners of his mouth.

There was nothing to say at this point. Their battle had already reached the peak, and there was no longer any point in holding back.

Zhou Yuan raised his hand, and the three beasts smashed into the three falling green comets.

The world around them seem to shudder violently at this moment.

“Destroy them!” An icy glow was revealed in Lu Feng’s eyes. Terrifying power pulsed from the three green comets, a force so great that it could level every mountain in a thousand mile radius.


The green comets admittedly contained dreadful destructive power. At the instant of impact, the three Genesis Qi beats were immediately forced back, causing them to fall along with the momentum of the comets as they howled angrily.

It was clear that Lu Feng’s Star Scripture was stronger.

When he saw this, the corners of his mouth slowly began to raise.

“Zhou Yuan, have you finally reached your limits? If so, first place will be mine!”

Lu Feng’s hands suddenly pressed downwards, causing berserk Genesis Qi to spew out from the green comets again as if intending to smash the three Genesis Qi beasts to smithereens.

The three beasts continued to howl, but were still slowly pushed down little by little.

While regretful sighs filled the sky, Zhou Yuan’s expression remained calm from start to end. He gazed at the slowly descending green comets, sensing that their power had already reached the limit.

“Is that all?”

“Then it’s my turn!”

Muttered Zhou Yuan to himself. A split later, he suddenly produced a long, drawn out whistle.

The whistle was akin to a clap of thunder. At this very moment, the three suppressed Genesis Qi beasts released thunderous roars in response. As they roared, the savage auras pulsing from their bodies begin to steadily rise all of a sudden.

The originally hundred feet tall Genesis Qi pillars abruptly began to grow, reaching a height of three hundred feet.


This sudden turn of events made Lu Feng’s pupils shrink. “How can this be?! He clearly only refined high tier grade 4 Genesis Beast essence blood, how can it possibly be so powerful?!”

He had studied the Nine Dragons Canon before. It was said that only by refining grade 5 essence blood would the Genesis Qi beast pillars reach a height of three hundred feet. He clearly remembered that there was no other grade 5 Genesis Beast essence blood in the Glittering Jewels Pavilion.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained indifferent. He had indeed only managed to obtain the grade 4 essence blood. However, he had used Tuntun’s blood to upgrade the grade 4 essence blood, making them not the least bit inferior to real grade 5 essence blood.


Astonishing power exploded from the three three hundred feet tall beasts. They waved their long tails, wrapping them around the three green comets as a ferocious aura erupted.


The three green comets were instantly shattered, turning into specks of light that filled the sky.


An uproar filled the sky. No one had expected yet another twist. The advantage Lu Feng originally had was now completely gone.


After shattering the three green comets, the three beasts shrank substantially though they still contained alarming power. In a flash, they appeared above Lu Feng.

The three beasts roared as they pounced, their frightening power engulfing Lu Feng.

Horror surfaced on Lu Feng’s face as he hurriedly circulated his Genesis Qi to create a hundred foot tall green wall of Qi in front of him...


Berserk shockwaves swept outwards from the collision.

Everyone watched as Lu Feng’s green Qi wall was blasted apart. His body was caught in the aftershocks, falling from the sky like a cannonball. With a loud boom, he smashed into the golden stone platform.

Cracks emerged on the stone platform while dust filled the air.

In the sky above, the three beasts had used up all of their energy, and began to gradually fade away. Zhou Yuan spat out a breath of air, his face expressionless as he gazed at the spot Lu Feng had landed.

The world around them fall silent for an instant.

The fights that were still ongoing elsewhere also paused for a moment as shocked gaze after gaze looked towards the top stone platform. Compared to the battle there, the rest of them really looked like little kids.

When they saw Lu Feng being struck down from the air, all of them could not help but swallow again and again, terror now filling their gazes when they looked towards Zhou Yuan.

No one had expected Zhou Yuan’s battle power to be so overwhelming.

Gu Hongyi’s eyes were also tinged with a little surprise as she looked towards the figure left standing on the golden stone platform. The strength displayed by the latter had similarly surpassed her expectations.

Gu Hongyi looked towards Yang Xiu with an icy grin, “What do you think?” 

Yang Xiu’s expression had turned exceptionally grave. He sighed softly and answered, “He is indeed formidable. I am not as good as him.”

He knew that if he was the one in Lu Feng’s place, his defeat would be even more thorough.

However, his paused for a brief moment as a complicated expression rose in his eyes. “However… Lu Feng will do anything to achieve victory… Hongyi, Zhou Yuan cannot win this match.”

Gu Hongyi’s pupils shivered upon hearing this. Just as she was about to reply, she suddenly sensed something and lifted her head to look at the golden stone platform.

The dust was gradually dissipating as a figure slowly walked out.

This figure naturally belonged to Lu Feng. However, his current appearance was exceedingly pathetic. His clothes were tattered and there was even blood at the corner of his lip, a clear sign that he had been injured by Zhou Yuan’s earlier Nine Dragons Canon.

But although his appearance was miserable, a heart palpitating fire burned within his eyes.

He stared at Zhou Yuan as a twisted, sinister smile appeared from the corners of his lips.

“I truly never imagined that a day would come where I would be pushed to such a miserable state.”

“However, it will not be so easy for you to use me as a stepping stone!”

As Lu Feng’s eerie voice faded, his body gradually turned scarlet-red, as if the blood inside was burning. At the same time, everyone felt alarming Genesis Qi undulations frantically erupt from his body like a volcano, gradually growing stronger and stronger.

After a short span of a few breaths.

Lu Feng’s Genesis Qi had broken past the limits of the fourth layer Alpha-Origin, stepping into the realm of the fifth layer.

Deafening cries washed over the sky.

No one had expected the battle between Zhou Yuan and Lu Feng to become so intense. Lu Feng had clearly already lost his mind to rage, and intended to crush Zhou Yuan at any cost.

If Zhou Yuan did not have any more trump cards, he would not be able to continue competing with Lu Feng.

If that happened, first place would undoubtedly fall into Lu Feng’s hands.

Lu Feng felt to rapidly rising Genesis Qi in his body, his eyes scarlet-red as he sent a dark stare at Zhou Yuan and pointed down at an angle.

A chilling voice followed.

“Zhou Yuan, if you still have a little tact, get off this stage yourself.”

“Don’t force my hand, or… it will be life or death!”

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