Chapter 273 Fourth Rune, Million Whale


The green eagle sword was sent flying, its originally unmatched sword light now scattered. Lu Feng hastily circulated his Genesis Qi, stabilizing the green eagle sword.

He looked over, only to find a glaring scratch on the sword. It was also trembling faintly, as if having sustained an injury.

Lu Feng’s complexion turned ashen, disbelief filling his eyes. The green eagle sword was just moments ago thoroughly suppressing Zhou Yuan, why had the situation suddenly been reversed?

The strange black brush in Zhou Yuan’s hands was clearly only a mid grade Black Genesis Weapon. How had it scattered the sword light of his green eagle sword?

On the Genesis Qi clouds above, set master Qing Yang and the rest of the hegemons looked down with a sliver of shock in their gazes. All of them were focused on the Heavenly Yuan Brush in Zhou Yuan’s hands.

“Hehe, how interesting. The black brush in this little one’s hands seems to be extraordinary too.” Sect master Qing Yang chuckled in surprise.

“The black brush was only a mid grade Black Genesis Weapon earlier, but it seems to have evolved, leaping across the upper grade to reach the quasi Heaven Genesis Weapon level…”

The white brow elder’s tone was filled with interest as he continued to vocalize his findings, “The brush seems to also function as a Genesis Rune Brush, how amazing…”

“It seems that this kid is also blessed by luck.” Gu Tianhong nodded.

Snow Lotus Peak master Liu Lianyi’s red lips curved slightly, smiling as she gazed at Zhou Yuan’s figure. “This little one is not bad, I’m beginning to like him more and more.”

As she spoke, she swept a glance at Ling Jun.

Ling Jun softly chuckled, but did not respond. His gaze merely paused on Zhou Yuan for a brief moment.

Beside him, Lu Xuanyin clenched her teeth as she hatefully glared at Zhou Yuan. This fellow was really akin to mud, so difficult to get rid of once you touched it.

Under the countless gazes of shock from all around, Zhou Yuan’s expression was rather calm, though a burning fire had appeared in his eyes as he stared at the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

“The Million Whale rune huh…”

Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself.

When the fourth ancient rune awakened, he had gained knowledge of its powers.

If the previous three runes were said to bestow numerous variations and transformations to the brush, then the fourth rune could be said to bring raw, astonishing power.

Million Whale referred to the Ancient Dragon Whale that was said to possess limitless power. The power of a single Ancient Dragon Whale could flip mountains and overturn the sea, hence, its title as the Million Whale, which was also testament to its terrifying might.

It was said that if one had sufficient Genesis Qi, activating this rune would bestow the power of a Million Whale. A single swing of the brush would destroy anything in its path.

“Amazing…” Zhou Yuan laughed. After awakening the fourth rune, the Heavenly Yuan Brush had leapt across the high grade, directly reaching the quasi Heaven tier.

He could feel that the power contained within it had multiplied several fold, causing a heart palpitating pressure to spread.

Zhou Yuan gripped the black brush and thrust, creating a series of after images.

He raised his head and looked towards the ugly expression on Lu Feng’s face and said, “It seems that your so-called background and resources is not actually better than my own…”

Lu Feng could not help but laugh in anger when he heard this, and icily said, “Zhou Yuan, you’d better not celebrate too early!”

His hands came together as vigorous Genesis Qi dashed into the sky, merging with the green eagle sword that had been sent flying. The sword immediately shook as resplendent sword light exploded once more.

“I don’t believe that I cannot chop apart your lousy brush!”

With a howl from Lu Feng, green light exploded from the green eagle sword. A giant eagle seemed to emerge within the green light, releasing a long cry as an alarmingly savage aura swept forth.


Yelled Lu Feng with a dark expression. The giant green eagle like figure opened its beak, swallowing the green eagle sword, before transforming into a flash of green that dived down towards Zhou Yuan.

Ferociously Imposing.

Destructive sword Qi rippled endlessly from the green eagle’s body as if intending to sunder the land.

Lu Feng had roused the remnant Green God Eagle Spirit inside the green eagle sword, and its presence caused the expressions of numerous disciples to change.

The green eagle dived downwards in a threatening and ferocious manner. However, Zhou Yuan merely let out an icy snort. Now that the Heavenly Yuan Brush had evolved again and had also reached the quasi Heaven tier, the other party’s advantage no longer existed.

“I’ll use you to test the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s might…”

A sharp glint flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Without any hesitation whatsoever, he wrapped both hands around the Heavenly Yuan Brush as the Genesis Qi in his body began to rush out, flooding into the brush.


Golden light erupted from the brush, filling the sky as it took the shape of a gargantuan Ancient Dragon Whale. As it swam in the sky, it seemed to pulse with boundless power.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath, before the Heavenly Yuan Brush was ferociously swung.

The dragon whale howled, merging with the Heavenly Yuan Brush as they boldy advanced. In the end, they crashed into the giant green eagle under countless shocked gazes. 


At the moment of impact, an extremely berserk Genesis Qi shockwave violently swept outwards.

Every gaze was tightly glued to the epicenter of the clash, where they saw the green eagle release a piercing shriek as an endless torrent of sword Qi rained down on the dragon whale. However, none of this mattered to the latter as it continued to charge forward with terrifying power, smashing directly into the giant green eagle.


A loud clang rang out.

A wail immediately burst from the giant green eagle, its enormous body blown to bits by the charge of the dragon whale. As the green light began to dim, the green eagle sword was flung backwards, crack after crack appearing on its blade.


Lu Feng paled and vomited a mouthful of blood, evidently also affected.

Gasp after gasp sounded in succession. No one had expected that Lu Feng would be the first to be injured in the clash between these two...

Gu Hongyi breathed a sigh of relief as if a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders, coldly smiling as she looked at Yang Xiu and said, “It seems that who becomes the champion is still up in the air.”

Yang Xiu frowned as he replied, “Zhou Yuan is indeed very capable.”

He paused for a moment, before he continued, “However… he has now fully angered Lu Feng. Hongyi, you should know that Lu Feng will not lose so easily.”


The moment the final word left his mouth, a furious roar suddenly thundered from the golden stone platform.

A surge of alarming Genesis Qi undulations swept out from Lu Feng’s body.

His originally handsome face had turned extremely dark and stormy, intense rage boiling between his brows. Zhou Yuan’s counter attack had thoroughly humiliated him.

“Zhou Yuan!”

With an eerily chilling shout, he suddenly bit the top of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of essence blood on the green eagle sword. Bloody light blossomed from the sword as it ferociously shot forth, unleashing a rain of attacks on the Heavenly Yuan Brush to keep it occupied.

At the same time, a scarlet glow surfaced in Lu Feng’s eyes as his body moved, appearing in the sky above Zhou Yuan.

His hands rapidly formed a series of seals as dark green Genesis Qi began to flood the area behind him.

“Star Scripture, Triple Comet!”

Vigorous Genesis Qi frantically gathered, turning into three hundred feet wide green comets above him. The comets began to fall with frightening velocity, heading straight towards Zhou Yuan.

“It’s the Star Scripture! That’s a high grade little Heaven Genesis technique and is one of the strongest in the outer mountains. So that’s the technique Lu Feng selected in the Hidden Scriptures House.” Numerous cries of shock were heard.

Many disciples could not help but sigh as they shook their heads. Who could have imagined that the battle between these two individuals would reach such levels.

Even some of the more normal inner mountain disciples would be unable to achieve this, right?

However, would Zhou Yuan be able to stop the now enraged Lu Feng?

Under the attention of innumerable gazes, Zhou Yuan gazed at the three green comets falling from the sky as he felt the astonishing undulations contained within them.


Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath as his hands rapidly formed a series of seals, before slamming his foot into the ground a second later.

The Genesis Qi in his body erupted with a rumble.

Three hundred feet tall pillars of Genesis Qi dashed into the sky from the top of his head. Savage violence pulsed from the three pillars, and at closer inspection, one would discover the glowing silhouettes of three ferocious Genesis Beasts within the pillars.

The moment the three Genesis Qi pillars emerged, the three Genesis Beasts inside them hissed and roared, faintly resembling a dragon roar as a cruel and savage aura spread across the area.

The eyes of countless disciples widened, evidently recognizing the technique.

The technique Zhou Yuan had used was also one of the high grade little Heaven Genesis techniques of the outer mountains Hidden Scriptures House, the Nine Dragons Canon!

Under the many shocked gazes, three boundless Genesis Beast like torrents of Genesis Qi shuddered as they smashed into the three green comets falling from the sky.

For an instant, the world around them seemed to shake.

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