Chapter 272 Evolution of the Heavenly Yuan Brush

Green light whizzed out from the top of Lu Feng’s head. Inside the light, a green sword released a loud and clear sword cry.

A formidable pressure spread from the sword.

Countless gazes looked over in horror and shock, seeing the ancient patterns that had been carved onto the sword. Green light swirled around it, giving off an aura of mystery. The handle of the sword was covered in green feathers making it appear similar to a soaring green eagle.

This green eagle sword had clearly surpassed the Black tier!

On the Genesis Qi clouds above, sect master Qing Yang gazed at the green eagle sword and said, “I’ve heard that the Lu clan has a treasure called the Green Eagle Sword. It’s a mid grade Heaven tier Genesis Weapon that was made from the beak and feathers of a grade 6 Genesis Beast, the Green God Eagle.”

“Although the sword Lu Feng has summoned seems similar, it does not give off the same sharpness, and is likely an imitation.”

“Even so, it has reached the quasi Heaven Genesis Weapon level, a mighty power to any Alpha-Origin practitioner.”

Liu Lianyin frowned slightly and said, “It’s rather unfair to rely on an external item to achieve victory.”

Peak master Ling Jun chuckled and responded, “There is no rule that bans the usage of Genesis Weapons in the peak selection ceremony. After all, obtaining a Genesis Weapon is part of one’s luck, which is also a kind of strength.”

Lu Feng would join the Sword Cometh Peak after the ceremony. Hence, peak master Ling Jun was more than happy to see him become champion. In fact, the former may even become guide of sorts that will draw even more disciples to the Sword Cometh Peak, allowing it to grow stronger.

Liu Lianyi swept an indifferent glance at the former, but did not say anything. After all, using a Genesis Weapon was indeed within the rules.

She looked towards Zhou Yuan’s figure and secretly said in her heart, “This kid had better not lose so easily…”

She did not like Ling Jun. Although it was impossible for her to do much since they were part of the same sect, disrupting his plans a little would make her feel a little better.

As the countless gazes in the area converged onto the golden stone platform, Zhou Yuan frowned slightly as he gazed at the sword within the green light. The power that pulsed from it made his heart shiver a little in fear.

However, he could sense that it had yet to truly reach the Heaven Genesis Weapon level. A Genesis Weapon at that level would be able to draw in and direct the surrounding Genesis Qi, giving it enormous power.

Lu Feng’s sword was evidently still somewhat lacking.

Even so, it had indeed surpassed the Black tier, hence why it was ranked in between the Black and Heaven tier.

“How troublesome.”

Muttered Zhou Yuan. Lu Feng already had the strength of the fourth layer Alpha-Origin, and wielded powerful and abundant Genesis Qi. The addition of the green eagle sword was akin to giving wings to a tiger, making it very difficult for him to find a worthy opponent amongst the fourth layer Alpha-Origin.

While Zhou Yuan was observing, Lu Feng’s icy gaze shot over as he indifferently said, “Don’t blame me for bullying you. I’m from the prestigious Lu clan and will naturally have better resources than you. This is my advantage, an advantage I would never intentionally give up, because that would only be too foolish.”

His tone was filled with pride. After all, there were times when being born in a powerful clan was also part of one’s luck and strength.

Without waiting for Zhou Yuan to respond, Lu Feng made a sword seal and shouted, “Ha!”


The green eagle sword released a clear eagle cry as a thousand rays of green light exploded, filling the air with deadly sword Qi.


With a jolt, the sword transformed into a streak of green. It pierced through space at extreme speed, shooting straight towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s body instantly etherealized as he rapidly withdrew.

“No matter how fast you are, you’ll never match the speed of my sword!” Lu Feng merely sneered.


The streak of green shuddered, and bizarrely appeared in front of Zhou Yuan. A flash of sword light swept forth, heading straight for the fatal spots on Zhou Yuan’s body. Before the deadly sword Qi arrived, the purplish gold scales had already began to crack.

This told Zhou Yuan that even the Magical Python Scales would not protect him if he was stabbed by the green eagle sword.

The might of a quasi Heaven Genesis Weapon was not something the body of someone who had never practiced any external tempering techniques should clash against.

Sword light rapidly enlarged in his pupils. At this moment, Zhou Yuan suddenly made a grabbing motion as the Heavenly Yuan Brush grew in his hand. Its snow-white hairs darted forward like a white snake, wrapping around the green sword light.

Clang clang clang!

However, the green sword light was too powerful, scattering the snow-white hairs in a flash.

Zhou Yuan’s body continued to back away as Genesis Qi surged towards the Heavenly Yuan Brush. Countless snow-white hairs transformed into obstruction after obstruction that was flung towards the green sword light one after another.

However, the green sword light continued to press forward, destroying any obstacle in its path.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush was steadily being beaten back.

At the end of the day, the Heavenly Yuan Brush had only awakened its third rune, and was only a mid grade Black Genesis Weapon. It may have once been a Sacred Genesis Weapon, but it was currently akin to a ferocious tiger in deep sleep.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan’s figure continuously retreated.

Lu Feng stood in the air with his arms across his chest, a toying look in his eyes as he watched Zhou Yuan being pushed back step by step. The Genesis Qi in the former’s body streamed endlessly into the green eagle sword , allowing it to maintain its assault.

Zhou Yuan may have been able to tango with Lu Feng earlier, but that was only through the speed of the Ethereal Form and the former’s powerful defences. But now, the green eagle sword was faster than Zhou Yuan, and possessed enough destructive power to penetrate his defences.

Hence, Zhou Yuan was now being completely suppressed.

Gazes that could fill the sky watched the battle on the golden stone platform.

Numerous disciples sighed inside at this scene. As expected, Lu Feng was still the more formidable individual. As someone who was born in the Lu clan, his resources and foundations were far from what any ordinary disciple could match.

A quasi Heaven Genesis Weapon was not something an ordinary disciple would possess.

At a location extremely close to the golden stone platform, Gu Hongyi and Yang Xiu faced each other. They had not fought because Yang Xiu did not plan on becoming Gu Hongyi’s enemy, instead, they were watching the battle between Zhou Yuan and Lu Feng.

As they watched, Yang Xiu chuckled at Gu Hongyi and said, “See, even if you did stop me, he is still not Lu Feng’s match. His defeat will happen sooner or later.”

Gu Hongyi swept an icy glance at the former, but did not reply. However, she sighed regretfully in her heart. Zhou Yuan’s current situation did not look good at all.

Under the numerous watching eyes, Zhou Yuan continued to be pushed back on the golden stone platform, gradually approaching its edge.

However, his gaze had begun to flicker faintly as he continued to retreat.

There was a peculiar look in his eyes as he looked towards the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hands. While being suppressed by the green eagle sword, he could faintly sense a tiny sliver of anger begin stirring within it.

As if the dignity of a king was being challenged.

Rage was slowly brewing in the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

The brush had once been a Sacred Genesis Weapon, and although its grade had now fallen, a king was still ultimately a king. Therefore, the continuous suppression by a mere quasi Heaven Genesis Weapon had now angered the fragment of a spirit that was left inside it.

A king may fall, but that did not mean it may be bullied.

Zhou Yuan’s glowing gaze stared at the mottled body of the brush, where a faint light was gradually emerging in the long slumbering fourth rune under the intense clash. 

For a long time, Zhou Yuan had continued to feed the Heavenly Yuan Brush with Beast Spirits every day. However, the fourth rune had ultimately showed no signs of awakening, a fact that had really weighed down on Zhou Yuan’s heart.

He never imagined that the long silent fourth rune would voluntarily begin to awaken under the continuous assault of the green eagle sword.

The dignity of the brush that was once a Sacred Genesis Weapon made it incapable of tolerating a quasi Heaven Genesis Weapon stepping on its head.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips slowly raised at an angle.

He had not expected the green eagle sword’s suppression to bring about such an outcome. This would save him a lot of effort.

The dim fourth rune on the brush’s mottled body grew brighter and brighter.

It was at this moment that Lu Feng suddenly frowned, faintly feeling that something was wrong. He could sense that the originally scattered and beaten snow-white hairs seemed to be gradually growing more and more concentrated, causing the power of the sword light to drop.

“I cannot delay any further. I’ll slash him off the stage!”

Lu Feng’s eyes hardened as he changed his sword seal. The green eagle sword released an explosive sword cry in response, green light bursting forth as the sword seemed to breath. The light rapidly expanded to a hundred feet and chopped downwards, tearing open a crack in space.

Numerous gasps and cries sounded across the area. Everyone clearly understood that Lu Feng had lost his patience, and was now going to end the battle with this strike.

Even amongst the fourth layer Alpha-Origin, there was likely no one capable of blocking this attack.

Gu Hongyi’s expression changed slightly, worry flashing in her eyes as she tightly clenched her fists.

The green sword light rapidly descended. Just as it was about to hit, Zhou Yuan suddenly raised his head, seemingly endless light surging within his eyes.

His grasped the Heavenly Yuan Brush with both hands and shook it as the snow-white hairs converged into a flower bud like spear tip that spouted a sharp light.

Expressionless, he powerfully swung the Heavenly Yuan Brush overhead as if it was a thousand ton hammer.

“Courting death!” Lu Feng coldy snorted when he saw this.

“Watch how my sword will chop apart that lousy brush of yours!”


Countless gazes gathered on the golden stone platform as the dazzling green sword light abruptly fell, smashing into the vertically swung Heavenly Yuan Brush.

A resonant sound of clashing metal echoed across the area.

The moment the loud sound emerged, however, Lu Feng’s pupils violently shrank as horror appeared on his face.

He had seen the green eagle sword shudder at the moment of impact, as it released a pained wail. The sword light was scattered as the sword was blasted away by the black brush.

It was as if the swing of Zhou Yuan’s brush was accompanied by an endless torrent of power, power terrifying and domineering to the max!

In fact, even the faint cry of a whale could be heard.

“How can this be?!” Countless cries of disbelief rang out across the area.

Even sect master Qing Yang and the rest of the hegemons softly cried out in surprise.

Under countless shocked gazes, Zhou Yuan spat out a long drawn out breath, his gaze burning with excitement as his hand slowly ran across the mottled body of the brush. As his palm passed by, an ancient Genesis Rune began to glow with a mysterious light.

The fourth rune of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, Million Whale.

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