Chapter 271 Card after Card


Green wind blades seemed to form a sea as they engulfed every corner of the golden stone platform. The innumerable vibrating wind blades flickered with an icy light, a sight that made one’s heart shiver inside.

In a brief moment, Lu Feng had displayed an impressive tactic, showing that his title as the number one amongst the ten great outer mountain disciples was not just for show. 

Gazes that could fill the sky converged on the spot where Zhou Yuan had been in the sea of wind blades as everyone wiped sweat off their foreheads. 


A chilling light glowed in Lu Feng's eyes. Without any hesitation, his hand closed as a sky full of wind blades shuddered. With a howl, all of them shot towards Zhou Yuan's location. 

“No matter how fast you are, you can’t escape from the range of my wind blade sea!”

Zhou Yuan also seemed to understand that he would not be able to avoid this. Hence, his body did not move from the stop, merely concentrating on the wind blades that were zooming towards him.

Every wind blade contained deadly Genesis Qi. Let’s not mention the third layer Alpha-Origin, even an ordinary fourth layer Alpha-Origin would be pierced full of holes.

As the one who was trapped deep inside this sea of wind blades, Zhou Yuan’s situation was far from reassuring.

Under the attention of countless gazes, the sea of green wind blades arrived at their destination, drowning Zhou Yuan’s figure in a few brief moments.


A piercing noise stealthily sounded as the golden ground riddled full of holes.

A sea of wind blades swept forth, tirelessly unleashing a torrent of attacks.

It was a long while later before the sea of wind blades finally stopped their assault. Every single gaze in the area immediately looked over, only to see Zhou Yuan’s figure standing on the exact same spot.

A cold smile was revealed on Lu Feng’s face. To forcibly endure his attack, let alone a first layer Alpha-Origin like Zhou Yuan, even a fourth layer Alpha-Origin expert would be gravely injured.

However, just as the smile on his face was widening, it suddenly froze slightly when his gaze looked to the front.

Zhou Yuan stood there, his etherealized body covered in purplish gold scales that protected him.

On the purplish gold scale armor flickered complicated glowing runes that gave off a peculiar power.

It was the power of Genesis Runes.

The purplish gold scale armor was covered in cut marks, and even broken in some places. But as a whole, the sea of wind blades had failed to break through his layers of defences.

An uproar began to spread in the area.

No one had expected Zhou Yuan to so easily withstand the attack that was powerful enough to seriously injure a fourth layer Alpha-Origin... 

On the Genesis Qi clouds, sect master Qing Yang nodded and said, “Not bad, that should be the Ethereal Form technique. Reaching this level in a short three months really shows his talent.”

The Hongya Peak master Gu Tianhong’s voice was akin to a clap of thunder. “Those purplish gold scales seem to be a little similar to the external tempering style. This kid is suited to walk the path of external tempering.”

The miserably looking white brow elder from the Spirit Rune Peak shook his head and said, “Although the purplish gold scales have decent defensive capabilities, the main reason why the kid was able to block Lu Feng’s Wind Sea technique was the grade 4 defensive Genesis Rune he had drawn on the scales.”

“That’s why, I feel that Genesis Rune cultivation is stronger than external tempering techniques. The latter will easily result in the body growing too powerful, making one become stupid.”

Gu Tianhong’s widened in a glare as he angrily said, “Old white, no matter how much bullshit you spout, Genesis Rune cultivation will still be a path one takes when every other option has been exhausted. How can it possibly compare to external tempering?!”

The white brow elder shook his head and sighed. “Like playing the lute to a cow, simpleton.”

The Snow Lotus Peak master Liu Lianyi looked towards Ling Jun and said, “It seems that it will not be so easy for Lu Feng to become champion.”

The Sword Cometh Peak master Ling Jun merely displayed a kindly smile as he replied, “You are mistaken peak master Liu, Lu Feng had merely been probing his opponent earlier. If Zhou Yuan was unable to even deal with such attacks, he would really be a little too weak.”

“Lu Feng has held the initiative from start to end. The fact that Zhou Yuan is able to last so long with his first layer Alpha-Origin strength is already very impressive, but it will be very difficult for him to stop Lu Feng.”

Liu Lianyin smiled faintly and said, “We shall watch and see.”

Beside Ling Jun, Lu Xuanyin did not dare to interject into the conversation between the two peak masters. However, her little red mouth curled slightly.

In her opinion, Lu Feng was sure to win this battle, and Zhou Yuan’s resistance was ultimately akin to a mantis trying to block a cart.

On the golden stone platform.

Lu Feng’s expression darkened slightly as he gazed at Zhou Yuan, who had managed to withstand his wind blades. The former’s eyes grew even colder as he nonchalantly said, “Zhou Yuan, you do have some ability.”

He had originally believed Zhou Yuan would be injured by his technique, but it looks like he had miscalculated.

Evidently, he had still underestimated Zhou Yuan’ strength.

Although the latter was only at the first layer Alpha-Origin, he had numerous tricks up his sleeve, making it hard for anyone to pin down.

The purplish gold scales on Zhou Yuan’s body gleamed. He did not intend to reply, as a similarly icy light flashed in his eyes.


His foot slammed into the ground, and his etherealized body disappeared from the spot. A split second later, he appeared in front of Lu Feng, a fist covered in purplish gold scales blasting towards the latter along with volatile Genesis Qi.

He had begun his counter attack.

“Oh? Finally dare to face me directly?” Mockery rose from the corners of Lu Feng’s mouth when he saw this. He did not back down, a fist also flying forward as Genesis Qi tore through the air.

Thud thud!

The two exchanged dozens of blows in an instant, each attack ruthlessly aimed at the other’s fatal spots.

Although Zhou Yuan’s attacks were ferocious, all of them were blocked by Lu Feng. The advantage of being a fourth layer Alpha-Origin meant that his Genesis Qi was much stronger than Zhou Yuan’s.

Lu Feng mocked through the lightning quick exchange of blows, “Is this all your attacks amount to?”

He swung his palm as he sneered, squarely hitting Zhou Yuan’s fist shadow. The Genesis Qi in Lu Feng’s body flooded out, slapping Zhou Yuan’s fist shadow away.


However, the moment Zhou Yuan’s fist shadow was scattered, his right hand came swinging through, an alarming amount of Genesis Qi suddenly converging towards the center of his palm. The Genesis Qi transformed into a glowing Genesis Qi ball swirling with wind and lightning, berserk undulations violently pulsing outwards.

“Great Wind and Thunder!”

A deep voice echoed in Zhou Yuan’s heart.

Lu Feng’s pupils violently shrank. Zhou Yuan’s true attack had been hidden under his numerous fist shadows, the earlier attacks merely a distraction.

The wind and lightning ball rapidly enlarged in Lu Feng’s eyes.

However, Lu Feng was no ordinary individual after all. At this perilous moment, he suddenly sucked in a deep breath as his cheeks rapidly ballooned, before blowing out a stream of green Qi.

“Green Light Source Needle!”

The green Qi transformed into a thin shadow that shot forth at an alarming speed. In a flash, it smashed into the wind and lightning ball.


A violent shockwave unfurled, sweeping Zhou Yuan and Lu Feng away.

Their feet smeared across the ground, leaving behind long skid marks, while they stabilized their bodies.

Lu Feng’s expression had grown even uglier. He had nearly been caught in Zhou Yuan’s sneaky attack earlier, forcing him to reveal one of his hidden trump cards.

One should know that the Green Light Source Needle was a little Heaven Genesis technique. It was made from condensed Genesis Qi and possessed astonishing power. If used at the right moment, it could even bring about a reversal.

However, it needed to be refined in advance, and had now been forced out by Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly, not because he had failed to injure Lu Feng, but because the latter was still hiding such a card up his sleeve. The green shadow from before was way too quick, and Zhou Yuan would likely be struck if he was not guarding against it.

Fortunately, he was now prepared for it.


Lu Feng’s icy gaze looked towards Zhou Yuan as he suddenly shook his head and said, “It seems that I have underestimated you. As such, don’t blame me for bullying you because of your weak and poor background.”

Zhou Yuan’s brows knitted together as vigilance appeared in his eyes.

Lu Feng let out an icy chuckle. With a deep breath, his hands abruptly began to form a series of seals. Green light immediately dashed into the sky from the top of his head, the earth-shaking cry of a sword ringing from within.

Just like an eagle’s cry.

Countless gazes converged towards the spot, and saw a long green sword within the green light. Piercing rays of light exploded from the sword as an astonishing aura unfurled.

The eyes of innumerable disciples abruptly widened at this moment, as cries of shock and horror began to sound one after another.

“That is… a Heaven Genesis Weapon?!”

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