Chapter 270 Wind Sea Technique

On the golden stone platform.

Two figures faced each other, vigorous Genesis Qi continuously erupting from their bodies like a storm. Even the sky above seemed to have been affected, turning dark and stormy.

The innumerable gazes in the area converged onto this very location.

Without doubt, the battle here would decide the champion of the peak selection ceremony.

On the Genesis Qi clouds, even the six hegemons and numerous higher echelons of the Cangxuan Sect cast their gazes downwards, stopping on the two young figures.

“Looks like first place really will be decided between these two.” Sect master Qing Yang laughed with interest.

Snow Lotus Peak master Liu Lianyin swept a glance at the Sword Cometh Peak master Ling Jun and remarked, “Having competition is good. If Lu Feng was the only one in the running with no one to fight him, this peak selection ceremony would be boring.”

Over the years, Sword Cometh Peak had constantly used all kinds of means to get their hands on highly talented disciples, making them grow stronger and stronger. Although this was done with sect master Qing Yang’s approval, Liu Lianyi did not feel comfortable about it.

She felt that Ling Jun’s actions were disrupting Cangxuan Sect’s atmosphere.

A face as fair as jade, the youthful looking Ling Jun smiled slightly and said, “Zhou Yuan’s Spirit is not weak, and should have some tricks up his sleeve. However, I’m still more optimistic about Lu Feng’s chances.

“His Genesis Qi cultivation far surpasses his opponent, is from the Lu clan, and he has very stable and solid foundations. He is not to be underestimated.”

His gaze suddenly swept towards Gu Hongyi’s figure as he frowned slightly without anyone noticing. Didn’t Lu Feng admire Gu Hongyi? Wasn’t their relationship supposed to be good? Why had Gu Hongyi chosen to help Zhou Yuan instead?

The attitude she displayed towards Lu Feng did not look as if she had a good opinion of him.

With such thoughts in mind, his gaze looked towards Lu Xuanyin. Cold sweat immediately appeared on the latter’s fair forehead upon sensing his gaze, her pretty face turning rather ugly.

Fortunately, peak master Ling Jun quickly withdrew his gaze, allowing Lu Xuanyin to breathe a sigh of relief. Soon after, she tightly gritted her teeth as she gazed at the golden stone platform.

“Lu Feng, you must properly put this peasant in his place!”

Lu Xuanyin viciously glared at Zhou Yuan’s figure as she muttered in her heart, “As long as you crush him under your foot, Gu Hongyi will naturally understand that a mere peasant can’t even compare to a single hair on your body!”

Subsequently, she looked towards Yaoyao. The latter was currently leisurely seated on a mat, not a single soul daring to even step on the stone platform she was on.

At the sight of Yaoyao’s appearance, Lu Xuanyin grew even angrier. She bit down hard on her teeth and secretly said, “Continue to act! Let’s see if you’ll have the same expression when Zhou Yuan is crushed under Lu Feng’s foot?!”

Under the attention of countless gazes, on the golden stone platform, Lu Feng’s gaze grew increasingly icy as he stared at Zhou Yuan, the former’s glare as sharp as the edge of a blade.

He did not waste his breath speaking, because he could no longer be bothered to say anything. The thing he wanted to do the most now was to crush Zhou Yuan’s face under his foot. Only so would he be able to release the pent up rage in his heart.

“How dare a peasant like you have designs on the woman I’ve taken a fancy to?”

Lu Feng’s five fingers abruptly clenched tightly as dark green Genesis Qi erupted from his body without reservation. Genesis Qi turned into a several hundred feet wide green hurricane that violently raged around him.

The Genesis Qi cultivation displayed by Lu Feng had already reached the peak of the fourth layer Alpha-Origin, far surpassing all the other outer mountain disciples.

Genesis Qi pressure spread, sweeping towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan stared at Lu Feng. He could feel the Genesis Qi pressure pulsing from the latter’s body, causing his expression to turn serious. He had never underestimated Lu Feng before.

The latter was after all a peak fourth layer Alpha-Origin expert.

The Genesis Qi around Lu Feng’s body grew increasingly vigorous, the iciness in his gaze finally peaking as word after word was spat out from his mouth in a chilling voice, 

“Zhou! Yuan!”


The instant the last word was said, Lu Feng’s body seemed to turn into a series of after images as he abruptly shot forth, a fist brutally punching towards Zhou Yuan.

Dark green Genesis Qi swirled around the fist, like a howling tornado that caused even the golden ground below to be crack.

Even a third layer Alpha-Origin practitioner would immediately be heavily injured if hit by this punch.

Lu Feng had clearly made full advantage of his peak fourth layer Alpha-Origin strength.

The fist rapidly enlarged in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. His body shook faintly as mists appeared, while his body fully etherealized.

Ethereal Form!

His figure instantly disappeared from the spot.


Lu Feng’s punch landed on empty air, the empty space rippling due to its power.

Lu Feng’s expression was eerily cold as his body shot forth once again.

A few dozen feet away, Zhou Yuan’s body had just revealed itself when the sharp sound of rushing wind followed like a shadow.

Swish! Swish!

Two figures seemed to teleport on the giant golden stone platform, the piercing sound of rushing wind continuously ringing in the area. They were so quick that several people were dazzled by their speed.

However, from what everyone could see, Lu Feng was fully in control of the battle. His attacks were swift and ferocious like a storm, ceaselessly trying to engulf Zhou Yuan, causing him to retreat time and time again.

Although the Ethereal Form made him extremely fast, Lu Feng’s Genesis Qi was also able to enhance his speed, making him just that tiny bit slower than Zhou Yuan.

There were many instances where Zhou Yuan seemed to narrowly dodge by a hair’s breadth, making the onlookers’ hearts jump in their bodies.

On 9999 stone platforms, some of the disciples whose battles had already ended lifted their heads, their expressions changing as they watched the battle on the golden stone platform.

They would likely not last even ten rounds if they were in Zhou Yuan’s place, before being effortlessly defeated by Lu Feng’s torrent of attacks.


Lu Feng’s punch blasted empty air again, his vigorous Genesis Qi making space itself tremble. A sharp force pierced through space, landing on Zhou Yuan’s body.

However, the latter’s etherealized body merely shook slightly, neutralizing the force.

His figure borrowed its momentum to fly even further away, his nimbleness hitting the extreme.

Lu Feng’s expression was coldly indifferent as he frostily said, “Do you only know how to dodge like a rabbit?”

However, his words had no effect on Zhou Yuan. He was no fool. Speed was his advantage, and though Lu Feng’s attacks were swift and powerful, it would take a toll on his body if he continued.

To abandon one’s advantage after a single provocation from the opponent was something only an idiot would do.

Lu Feng’s eyes hardened when he saw that Zhou Yuan was ignoring him. “It seems that you believe I have no way to deal with that!”

“I’ve said this before, no matter how fast you run, you’re only a rabbit!”

“Your Ethereal Form technique is no threat to me at all!”

“Watch how I break your Ethereal Form!”

Lu Feng’s hands abruptly came together, a mocking smile rose from the corners of his lips as a chilling voice sounded, 

“Little Heaven Genesis technique, Wind Sea technique!”

In that instant, Zhou Yuan suddenly felt all the wind in the area sweep over, covering every inch of the stone platform.

Space rippled faintly as the wind began to take on the shape of countless wind blades. The wind blades came together, forming a sea of blades.

Zhou Yuan’s figure stood at the center of the sea, a slightly grave look appearing on his face.

Lu Feng was capable indeed. This method had directly sealed off his speed advantage.

“Zhou Yuan, I will show you the gap between us!”

Lu Feng’s gaze was akin to the edge of a blade as his hand abruptly clenched.


Countless dark green wind blades vibrated. A split second later, they seemed to cover the entire sky as they shot forward, engulfing Zhou Yuan, who had no place to hide.

Alarm and shock filled every gaze in the area. Lu Feng was indeed a formidable individual.

Lu Xuanyin’s red lips curled slightly, a look of release filling her eyes. To think that a mere peasant dared to compete with Lu Feng. How could a country bumpkin possibly compare to a genius from the Lu clan.

“Make sure to cripple him!”

At this very moment, Zhou Yuan had undoubtedly fallen into the sure kill trap Lu Feng had set for him.

The former had instantly fallen into a precarious situation.

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