Chapter 233 Unbreakable

Genesis Qi violently swept out from Zhou Yuan's body, rapidly swirling around him like a golden hurricane as his aura steadily rose. 

In front of him, Zhu Feng and gang were first stunned by Zhou Yuan's sudden change, but upon hearing his words, every one of them began to see red. 

"Hehe, you truly are arrogant!" Zhu Feng laughed angrily, his eyes filled with ridicule as he disdainfully said, "Taking us all on alone? Who do you think you are?"

"Do you really believe that defeating Han Shan has given you the qualifications to show such arrogance in the face of real first class disciples like us?"

The faces of Zhu Feng and gang were filled with amusement and contempt, evidently feeling that Zhou Yuan was truly a joke. After all, Zhou Yuan was merely a first layer Alpha-Origin in their eyes. 

Though his feat of defeating Han Shan in a single punch had been pretty shocking, it was really nothing to be proud of to Zhu Feng and the rest. 

Han Shan was only a second class disciple, his strength merely at the second layer Alpha-Origin.

Hence, Zhou Yuan’s current appearance was extremely comical to them, as if they were looking at a clown.

Zhu Feng’s laughter continued for quite some time before finally coming to a halt. He was actually pretty happy that Zhou Yuan had voluntarily jumped out. After all, the former had indeed come here today to cause trouble.

Even if Zhou Yuan had not voluntarily spoken up earlier, Zhu Feng would not easily let the matter rest.

"You can forget all of us ganging up on you, it is far too shameful.” Zhu Feng shook his head, a sliver of iciness rising in his eyes as he looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “Your flowery words are useless against me, so I will be using my fists to reveal your true colors in front of junior sister Hongyi!”

He took a step forward as powerful Genesis Qi abruptly burst out from his body, the full might of the third layer Alpha-Origin undoubtedly on full display. 

By the side, Shen Wanjin was intimidated by Zhu Feng's pressure, causing his expression to change slightly as worry emerged in his eyes. Zhu Feng was after all pretty famous amongst the first class disciples. 

Seeing that a fight was about to break out, Shen Wanjin's gaze kept darting towards the outside of the mountain. 


The sound of rushing wind was suddenly heard at this moment, rapidly approaching the creak as a cold and stern shout rang out, "Zhu Feng, if you plan on taking on junior brother Zhou Yuan, you'll have to first ask for my permission!"

Several figures of light landed, revealing their appearance. The one leading them was naturally Qiao Xiu. 

They had evidently heard the news, and were afraid that Zhou Yuan would be in for a hard time. Hence, they had hurried over to lend their aid. 

Qiao Xiu wore a solemn expression as powerful Genesis Qi pulsed around him. Things had been going pretty well for him over the past half a month, even gaining the title of one of the ten great outer mountain disciples. Although he was only ranked tenth, the fact that he was able to enter the ranks as a non Shengzhou Continent disciple was enough to show his ability.

Zhu Feng frowned when he saw Qiao Xiu, a trace a wariness in his eyes. Qiao Xiu was after all tenth amongst the ten great outer mountain disciples, an individual that was indeed more powerful than himself. 

Even so, there was no fear on Zhu Feng's face as he indifferently said, "Qiao Xiu, this matter does not concern you. It will be best if you do not interfere."

Qiao Xiu responded in a low voice, "Zhu Feng, you are the one who should not be too overbearing. Junior brother Zhou Yuan is not someone who actively stirs up trouble. Why must you provoke him."

Mockery rose from the corners of Zhu Feng's mouth. "We weren’t the ones provoking him, he was the one who just declared that he will take us all on alone."

The others laughed loudly in accompaniment.

Qiao Xiu's expression sunk slightly. "If you insist on making things difficult, don't blame me later on."

Zhu Feng's eyes hardened as he said, "Qiao Xiu, don't think for a second that I am afraid of you. I only said so much earlier to give you some face. There should be some amongst you that are learning the Ethereal Form technique from my elder brother, right?"

The threat in his final few words was already clear as day. 

Qiao Xiu's expression changed a little, evidently not expecting Zhu Feng to so shamelessly use that to threaten him. 

However, he was no coward. Since he had already decided to reveal himself, he would not be so easily frightened off by Zhu Feng. Without further ado, Genesis Qi began to stir as his piercing gaze looked towards Zhu Feng.

Zhu Feng likewise did not expect Qiao Xiu to be so stubborn, causing his expression to turn somewhat ugly. 

"Hehe, Qiao Xiu, it seems that you're pretty fond of sticking your doggy paws into other people's business. Since you're so free, why not exchange a move or two with me." Just as Zhu Feng's expression turned ugly, a bout of laughter suddenly sounded as a figure of light flew over and landed nearby. 

It was a thin man who looked rather monkey like with a pair of deep set eyes. However, the Genesis Qi undulations from his body were in no way weaker than Qiao Xiu’s.

Shen Wanjin could not help but softly gasp at the sight of this person, "It's Sun Jinglei."

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He had heard this name before. It was said that he was ranked ninth amongst the ten great outer mountain disciples, one position higher than Qiao Xiu.

It seems that Zhu Feng had predicted Qiao Xiu’s interference and invited this expert over to help.

The expression in Qiao Xiu’s eyes sunk when he saw the monkey like young man as he sighed inside. It seems that Zhu Feng was not going to let this matter go with words alone.

Zhou Yuan looked over at this moment and smiled at Qiao Xiu. “Senior brother Qiao Xiu, I can handle things here.”

Zhou Yuan was already a little touched that Qiao Xiu had come to his aid so many times.

Qiao Xiu let out a bitter laugh. “Be careful junior brother Zhou Yuan.”

Although he was very optimistic about Zhou Yuan’s future, the latter was currently only at the first layer Alpha-Origin stage. In contrast, Zhu Feng was already a veteren of the third layer Alpha-Origin. In a clash between them, Zhou Yuan would likely be much worse off.

Zhou Yuan smiled in a carefree manner, before lifting his head to look towards Zhu Feng. “I’ll ask you one last time, are you certain all of you aren’t coming together?”

Zhu Feng’s expression darkened as he sneered. “Still talking so big, looks like I’ll have to teach that mouth of yours a lesson.”


Without the slightest shred of hesitation, Genesis Qi violently erupted as his expression turned serious. He immediately took the initiative, his body akin to flash of lightning as he bolted towards Zhou Yuan.

A palm was swung horizontally, creating several palm shadows that homed in on Zhou Yuan’s fatal spots in a flash.

Zhu Feng’s attack was extremely vicious, showing no mercy at all.

Qiao Xiu, Shen Wanjin and the rest watched with anxious eyes.

They had realised that Zhou Yuan was not moving, as if he had no intention of avoiding.

“You dare to display such carelessness before me, do you think that I’m Han Shan?”

Zhu Feng let out an eerie laugh, under the impression that Zhou Yuan was just being foolish. However, the former did not restrain his power, but instead poured even more ferocity into his attack. In the end, several palm shadows landed on Zhou Yuan’s body.

Thud thud!

Muffled thuds continued to sound one after another as the aftershocks wreaked havoc in the surroundings, tearing up the ground around Zhou Yuan.

Every gaze on the mountain was tightly fixed on the fight. 

"Zhou Yuan is really too arrogant. To think that he did not even try to avoid senior brother Zhu Feng's attack? Does he think he's unbreakable?" The group that had come here with Zhu Feng laughed mockingly.

The dust gradually settled. 

In the next instant, the mocking smiles that hung from the corners of their mouths slowly turned rigid. 

Zhou Yuan was still standing there, his figure unmoved from the spot. His expression was one of indifference, and not a single wound could be seen on his body, as the earlier attack had zero effect on him. 

"How can this be?!" Astonished cry after cry rang out. 

"Impossible!" Zhu Feng's pupils violently tightened. He had held nothing back earlier, and every attack had indeed solidly landed on Zhou Yuan's body. But why? Why had every attack seem to sink into his body as if it was a stone being thrown into the vast sea, giving no feedback at all. 

Zhou Yuan's expression did not change, merely frowning slightly as gazed at Zhu Feng and dully ask, "You haven't eaten?"

Zhu Feng's expression filled with embarrassment and anger. With a loud yell, Genesis Qi frantically converged towards his palm as his five fingers tightly clenched. A punch was sent forth, the punch winds rumbling like thunder. 


A punch that had enough power to turn a boulder to dust slammed into Zhou Yuan's chest. 

Under Zhou Yuan's clothes, his chest area had turned incorporeal, while purplish gold Magical Python Scales had emerged. 

The purplish gold Magical Python Scales possessed strong defensive capabilities. Now that there was also the Ethereal Form technique neutralising a portion of the power, Zhu Feng's full power punch was unable to pierce Zhou Yuan's defences. 

Therefore, Zhou Yuan's body merely swayed back a little.

He stared at Zhu Feng and remarked, "Looks like you really have not eaten. Your power is really weak."

The others were stupefied by this sight… 

"His defence is so strong?!" Even the pupils of Qiao Xiu and Sun Jinglei shrank a little. If they were they ones in his place, it would be impossible for them to come out unscathed after taking a direct hit from Zhu Feng's full power punch with their bodies. 

Zhu Feng was shocked and horrified. As he blankly stared at Zhou Yuan's body, he suddenly discovered that the latter's chest area had turned rather incorporeal, and was abruptly struck by a flash of understanding. A piercing voice filled with both terror and astonishment immediately rang out.

"You… you've mastered the first level of the Ethereal Form technique?!"

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