Chapter 219 Establishing One’s Might

The enormous Genesis Mountain was blanketed in silence. Numerous gazes were fixed on a certain spot in the air, where Zhou Yuan was still in his punching posture.

The purplish gold scales on the latter’s arms began to recede. There was no change in his expression from start to end, as if the stunning punch earlier did not have anything to do with him.

The silence lasted for a rather long time before it was gradually broken.

Luo Song swallowed multiple times, a trace of fear now present in his eyes when he looked towards Zhou Yuan. Although he was also at the second layer Alpha-Origin, his battle power was weaker than Han Shan’s.

And yet, Han Shan had been crushed by a single punch from Zhou Yuan, 

“This is too frightening…” He mumbled, still unable to believe what had just happened. He truly could not imagine that the second layer Han Shan would not be able to withstand even a single punch from Zhou Yuan.

Han Shan was a Shengzhou genius after all. Although he was only considered average, he was already stronger than many others. Even so, his defeat at Zhou Yuan’s hands had been far too clean.

From this, one could see how overwhelming Zhou Yuan’s battle power was.

Luo Song grinned. He had previously felt that it was rather regretful that Han Shan had managed to take the lead on them, but now, Luo Song was pretty glad for that. Or else, the one who was sent to the foot on the mountain with a single punch would likely be himself.

“Little Yuan bro is still so fierce.” After a brief period of shock, Shen Wanjin and the other Cangmang geniuses breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

They felt honored by Zhou Yuan’s achievement. Especially when they felt the gazes of the other disciples now no longer held any contempt.

“Let’s see who else dares to say our Cangmang geniuses are useless.”

Xiao Tianxuan was silent, though his body relaxed slightly. Although there had been a grudge between him and Zhou Yuan in the Cangmang Continent, at the end of the day, they were both from the same Cangmang Continent. Any setbacks Zhou Yuan faced would not be good news to him either.

Near the peak of Genesis Mountain, one of the Shengzhou first class disciples laughed as he remarked, “Hehe so he does have some skills…”

His gaze contained hints of a toying sensation when he looked towards Zhou Yuan.

“Han Shan turns out to be rather disappointing.” This was the evaluation of the Shengzhou first class disciples, clearly extremely displeased with Han Shan’s performance.

After all, Han Shan had been defeated by a genius from some remote continent, a fact that would undoubtedly affect the superior status of the Shengzhou geniuses.

One of the first class disciples looked towards Lu Feng and asked with a smile, “Lu Feng, what’s your opinion?”

Lu Feng nonchalantly glanced at Zhou Yuan’s figure before withdrawing his gaze. “He’s not bad. The Genesis Qi he cultivates has likely reached grade 6, which is pretty rare. Such a high level Genesis Qi cultivation method is almost never seen in these remote continents. It seems that he had a fortunate encounter.”

“However, his cultivation is too low. The previous punch may seem simple, but it contained the majority of his power. Any of you would have been able to block it.”

“All in all, he’s only a small threat, so there’s no need to make a fuss about it.”

Upon hearing Lu Feng’s evaluation, the other Shengzhou first class disciples chuckled. In contrast to the shock the other disciples felt, their insight was much better and would naturally not react so drastically to Zhou Yuan’s punch.

However, the contempt they had towards Zhou Yuan previously had now waned slightly.

As Shengzhou disciples, they naturally had an air of superiority towards the disciples from the other continents.

Gu Hongyi’s eyes contained a sliver of interest as she stared at Zhou Yuan. It seems that had been wrong. Zhou Yuan may look like a quasi Alpha-Origin on the surface, but his true battle power was pretty much off the charts.

“Looks like his first class disciple status was not fully due to pulling strings.” Mumbled Gu Hongyi to herself, before she slowly withdrew her gazze.

Zhou Yuan’s earlier performance could be said to be perfect. However, it at most made her feel slightly amazed, the complete and utter shock the other disciples felt was evidently not too probably with her.

Under the various gazes all over the mountain, Zhou Yuan slowly pulled back his fist. He gazed at the sorry figure that had tumbled to the bottom of the mountain and suddenly shook his sleeve. A stream of Genesis Qi shot out, lifting a cloth bag from Han Shan’s body.

A tinkling sound was heard as the cloth bag swayed. It was the sound of Genesis jade pieces.


However, just as Zhou Yuan was about to retrieve the bag, another stream of Genesis Qi shot over, grabbing the other end of the bag.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened slightly as he lifted his head, only to see a young man in scarlet robes indifferently looking at him from one of the cultivation platforms near the peak, the latter’s scattered hair hanging behind him.

“My fellow disciple, since you’ve already won, there’s no need to be so overbearing, right?” The young man in scarlet robes revealed a faint smile.

Numerous gazes looked towards him, whispers immediately rising.

“It’s Zhu Feng. I knew he would do something. I heard that he and Han Shan are very close, but most importantly, he is also a Shengzhou disciple.”

Zhou Yuan gazed at the young man in scarlet robes and chuckled. “I am only retrieving what should be mine, that’s not overbearing, right?”

The eyes of the young man narrowed slightly. “Han Shan was indeed reckless earlier, but you’ve already taught him a lesson. Will you leave these Genesis jade pieces behind on my account?”

Although his tone was calm, there was no room for discussion, as if the matter had already been decided.

“If senior brother had stepped forward earlier, today’s matter would not have happened.” Said Zhou Yuan.

“As for now…”

“I’m afraid that it’s already too late.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes hardened as he flicked his finger. Genesis Qi instantly tore open the cloth bag. With a wave of his sleeve, another stream of Genesis Qi flowed out and caught all the falling Genesis jade pieces before returning to him.

If he had lost today, Zhu Feng would not have spoken up for him. Hence, he would naturally not show any courtesy to such a biased person.


Upon seeing Zhou Yuan directly snatch away the Genesis jade pieces, an act that clearly gave no face, Zhu Ying’s eyes also hardened, iciness appearing in his gaze when he looked at Zhou Yuan.

“What an arrogant kid!” Zhu Ying smiled in anger. “Do you really dare to step over all our Shengzhou disciples heads?!”

Zhu Ying’s words were malicious, instantly pitting Zhou Yuan against every Shengzhou disciple, evidently planning on making him face the fury of the crowd.

Some Shengzhou disciples seemed to look over. They were naturally not feeling too good about Han Shan’s miserably defeat, and it was difficult to avoid having opinions about the one who had beaten him.

“Hehe, there seems to be a mistake in brother Zhu’s words. Before the challenge, Han Shan had already agreed to the terms, which every disciple here clearly heard. It is only reasonable for junior brother Zhou Yuan to retrieve his spoils of battle, so why the need to be so overbearing?” A voice sounded all of a sudden. Unexpectedly however, it was speaking up for Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan was somewhat surprised. He turned his head, and found that the one who had spoken was a faintly smiling thin young man.

Zhou Yuan had a faint impression of the former. He was also a first class disciple, and should be called Qiao Xiu. He too was not from the Shengzhou Continent, and was hence pretty popular amongst many non Shengzhou disciples, making him a celebrity of sorts.

After Zhou Yuan had displayed his strength, the opinion that he was someone who went through the back door had changed, and there were now people who were willing to show friendly gestures to him, though he honestly did not mind either way.

Due to his popularity, Qiao Xiu’s words drew a series of verbal support from the non Shengzhou disciples.

Zhu Feng glared at Qiao Xiu when he saw this, but he knew that there was no longer anything he could do to Zhou Yuan today. Hence, Zhu Feng frostily glanced at Zhou Yuan, before retrieving his gaze. However, anyone could see that the former was not going to forget this.

Zhou Yuan paid no attention to Zhu Feng’s gaze, instead turning his head slightly to look at Qiao Xiu, causing the latter to display a friendly smile.

Since it was not appropriate for him to be too cold, Zhou Yuan nodded in response. Subsequently, his gaze swept across the area as he cooly asked, “Is there anyone else who wants to challenge me?”

The entire mountain was silent. Which one of the second class disciples would dare to respond after witnessing Han Shan’s miserable fate? On the other hand, the first class disciples merely watched like bystanders.

Thus, no one responded to Zhou Yuan.

Upon seeing this, he returned to his cultivation platform and lifted his head towards Chen Yuan, who was seated in mid air. “Teacher Chen, may we begin the Genesis Mountain training?”

Only at this moment did Chen Yuan return to his senses. He deeply looked at Zhou Yuan, evidently not expecting such an outcome.

No wonder Mu Wuji was not worried about Zhou Yuan’s first class disciple status being stolen in the blink of an eye. It turns out that this kid was not as simple as he seemed.

However, this kid likely did not know that defeating Han Shan would end up offending the Shengzhou disciples.

There would only be more and more scuffled in the future. Chen Yuan wondered if Zhou Yuan would still be so cool and collected then.

Chen Yuan’s gazes flickered in thought for a moment before withdrawing it. His gaze then swept across the over ten thousand cultivation platforms on Genesis Mountain as he calm voice sounded.

“Activate Genesis Mountain!”

With a wave of his sleeve, a stream of Genesis Qi fell into the volcano like mouth at the peak, seemingly activating a certain Genesis Rune.


The surroundings immediately began to stir. Every disciple lifted their heads in astonishment as they watched the surrounding Genesis Qi flood towards Genesis Mountain like surging mist.

The Heavenly Yuan Flower before them began to sway at this moment, absorbing the Genesis Qi in Genesis Mountain. In the end, its petals gradually opened as boundless Genesis Qi spouted out along with innumerable golden pollen...

On Genesis Mountain, Genesis Qi sprayed from ten thousand flowers, a scene that was spectacular and beautiful.

Zhou Yuan also raised his head as anticipation appeared in his eyes. He was dying to see just how effective the legendary Heavenly Genesis Flower would be...

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